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Victoria Columbus writes for RS.i℠

Portrait & Data MatrixGood day everyone!

I'm thrilled to be an author for RuralSurvival and hope to bring some very useful knowledge as well as a spirit of revolutionary change with people actually helping one another, not for the
dollar but for the joy and fulfillment from helping other human beings.  May we all benefit in some way and spread the cheer.  Let me start off by telling you a bit about myself and how it came to be a life's calling to get back in touch with nature and all the gifts bestowed on each and everyone of us whether we realize what's beneath our feet or not.

I have been a very intuitive soul all of my life and found if I listened to that still small voice inside of me my life seemed to go very smoothly. If I tuned it out and went with the crowd or the latest fads, I often ended up miserable or unfulfilled in many ways. I wasn't in sync with nature. It was as simple as that. Luckily for me while browsing at a local health food store, I came across a small ad in a newsletter that offered classes on herbology and homeopathy back about 1999 and it peaked my intuition. I called the number on the ad and the lady on the other end claimed it was a very long trip for me to take classes from her although she would love to but instead thinking of me, she said I might better find someone more locally if I was interested in learning traditional folk medicine and the various old fashioned ways of doing things. She also said something that later rang very true. She said "when the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear". "You'll know when you find the right person".

Being a novice wide eyed student became my reality and I searched for someone like her locally only to be disappointed so I returned a call to her once again and decided to start with an individual class and see how it went. It was a grueling 2 hour drive one way for me and after meeting her in person I knew she was the teacher I needed. I spent the next 4 years driving back and forth weekly and it was the most refreshing, informative time of my whole life.

She taught me what was growing and useful right under my feet, all around me and she opened my eyes to the knowledge that had been lost throughout generations. Whether this had happened intentionally or not is not for me to decide but I certainly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn.  Not only did I learn how to heal a headache within minutes by chewing on a few plant leaves or removing the sting of an insect bite but pumicing a leaf in my mouth for a few seconds and applying it to the bite, I learned so much more about the world we live in.

After the first two to three years of learning herbs and their uses, I was very leery of learning Homeopathy as I knew some of the ingredients used were often cited as poisonous and I am a very sensitive person not wanting to harm anyone or anything. I bit the bullet and in my quest for more knowledge decided to take the Homeopathic course as well and it rounded out my knowledge just enough to see a much bigger picture. Homeopathy is often taunted as a placebo or sugar pills and I couldn't tell you how many times I've been ridiculed for suggesting such a "ridiculous" way of treating complaints. I know better and have had some remarkable provings using it.

Rule of thumb for me is using Herbs on a regular basis is long lasting therapy and food for the body. Homeopathy is a much quicker fix although it's harder to pinpoint the necessary remedy to bring about the healing needed. Focus is the key when working with Homeopathy. Herbs grow all around us and most often the herbs growing around us are the herbs we need for optimum health. The best way to learn herbs is starting with what is available to you in your own backyard. Get familiar with the plants and they will teach you.

An interesting thing about Homeopathy is throughout history the rich, famous and especially noble aristocrats use Homeopathy regularly and even exclusively. That should tell you something about it's effectiveness. Here's a link for you to check out to see for yourself some of the famous people who used it and are using it. and another...

Well this is all I have for now since it's a beautiful spring day and my gardens are calling me. I will be back with more information for you and until then, may I suggest you pick one herb growing in your yard and find out it's properties and find out how it was used traditionally. If you don't have a yard then pick a spice from your cupboard and find out it's medicinal qualities. You are taking the first step in a brand new world. One that may have been hidden from you but alas, "when the student is ready, the teacher appears".

Blessings to all!


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Fruit and Veggie Benefits Chart

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