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Musings on Survival & Gardening

With economies crashing around the world and job growth stagnant or worse, it only makes sense that our way of life needs to change. We have built our civilization on unlimited, unsustainable growth. Not only have we built it on growth but we have also built it on competition which causes greed and envy and a whole host of other negative issues to many at the middle and bottom of the masses who can't compete. Nothing grows forever.and human nature grows weary in the constant struggle of competition. What can we do to change this into something that we can live with and actually survive?

Something I read many years ago set off a light bulb moment for me and I've never heard much about it since except to the extreme where the NWO groups want to install Communism or full blown Fascism and remove all personal rights and property. To me being a self sufficient and caring individual, that sends chills up and down my spine seeing like many, I've worked hard all my life to get what I have and don't want some government body taking it all away from me to spread the wealth. That so called wealth took me all my life to accumulate doing honest work and still giving to all I could freely. There's got to be a better way. What I read many years ago comes to me once again while pondering the dilemma we all face with our economies and lack of work and for some even worse, their very humanity. I believe it talked of explosions of various kinds affecting the human race. First was the Population explosion, second the Industrial revolution and third the Communication explosion. They went on to say that based on competition, we would eventually run out of resources and most likely annihilate each other unless we transformed into something else. The solution they offered was Cooperation. Give and take so that each of us could survive and work with nature and her resources instead of consuming all she has to give. Renewable energy sources comes to mind and local food production. Bartering and working within communities seems to be the answer and that brings me to another thought process that also hit me recently.

I was watching the excellent movie by Clint Eastwood called "Grand Torino" and although it was a moving and very sad movie for me, it had a series of scenes that really made me think about our world today. If you haven't seen the movie I highly recommend it. The scenes I am referring to involved a neighborhood that was crumbling due to immigration dividing the cultures and the poor economy where the youth especially had a hard time finding work and thus succumbed to unhealthy behavior and crime. The main character played by Eastwood had a beautiful 1972 Grand Torino that was stored in his garage behind his lovely home that he worked hard at maintaining. The neighbor youth broke into his garage one evening trying to steal the car but Eastwood caught him and ran him off his property. The elder neighbor women made the youth come to apologize to Eastwood and Eastwood said he would accept the apology but the deal was the youth had to do some work for him to bring back the family honor. He ran out of work for the young man quickly because he had already kept his property well maintained and looking around the neighborhood decided that the other homes could really use the help. Together they worked in fixing gutters, cleaning up yards, painting and repairing numerous neighbors homes and it brought the whole neighborhood up to a much more favorable level for all who lived there. That was touching and what a message it sent. Why can't this be done in neighborhoods across our country? Why aren't our tax dollars going for things like this? Repairing community homes, renewable energy for everyone, farmers markets and bartering centers.

Governments are made up of people and they are looking at the large numbers of people they govern. Their solution is to take from those who produce and give to those who don't to try to balance things. It has only caused more and more people to fall by the wayside in not being able to produce enough. People are losing their jobs and homes, and we are losing our humanity in the process because there are limited resources and too much competition. The few cannot support the many and the numbers are showing the growth in dependance on the shrinking numbers of producers. 47 million people on food stamps today. This can't keep going without dire consequences for us all or transformations in government institutions and a clamp down on consumerism and competitiveness. I don't believe we have to swing radically from one extreme to another so I personally think it's up to us as individuals to start that transformation into what we want our lives to be like in our own communities based on cooperation and renewable energy sources.

I think we have reached a point where there are more takers then givers and the people who give and have given have become frustrated and feel like their carcasses have been or will be picked clean by the takers. The takers on the other hand have many who have lost hope, who have given in to the massive undying appetite of the system that has brought about this very lack of work and money based on competition and consumerism. Where this all leads will be the climax that many of us dread or look forward to and here I sit wondering what can I do to make this transition easier and better for those I love and care about. I turn my attention back again to growing my gardens and sharing my experiences and knowledge with those who see what I do for our future. We all have to look deeply into our own situations and understand we are either part of the problems or part of the solutions. Once we see where we are we can make changes to balance out our lives and become part of the solution if we're not already.

Speaking of gardening, I have all my garden in and it's doing beautifully right now. I have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather and so far the extremes in wind and rain storms has left my gardens unscathed. The weeding is never ending but it just feels wonderful to be able to get in touch with nature when I work the soil and I'm certainly looking forward to eating peas from the vines as I do every summer. There's never enough to can after but the nutrient rich taste keeps me going while they last. I picked strawberries 4 times so far and might get one or two more pickings before they're done for the season. I've had radishes and lettuce and kale so far. I'm sure you who are south of me have been enjoying more that that already. This brings me to something I found interesting on a board I've been on since it's conception, A video on survival gardening. After watching the video my mind started thinking about how I might try a small patch somewhere like this and see if I can keep the deer away long enough to be able to harvest something. The thought intrigued me anyway and I thought I'd leave the link for those of you like myself that are avid gardeners in good times and in bad. It's 26 minutes of your time. Enjoy!

Survival Garden (This may save you life!) Must see.

I wish you well everyone and I hope we can cooperate into the future without giving up our personal wealth and well being.

Blessings to you all'

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