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Learning Skills and Basic Survival Needs

Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile. Finally I'm back writing for you and I decided to start out this New Year with some basics for those that are new to becoming self sufficient or not new to it but need a little encouragement. This article is about what I learned, how I started and what I know and have experienced in my quest to take care of myself, my family and my loved ones.

I am and have been a single mother living in a rural area trying to maintain a self sufficient lifestyle for quite some time. I am not completely self sufficient and still use the conventional utitlies that most people depend on. The difference in how I live and what I have accomplished is when coventional utilites fail, I can still maintain some resemblance of a modern lifestyle. I have been in situations where my preparations were tested and I was satisfied with my level of resilience. I still had access to clean water, I can still keep my home warm, I can still cook and feed myself and my family and we can still find ways to entertain ourselves. All was peaceful, especially my mind knowing that I had already prepared for that possibility and I highly recommend everyone to look at your own situation and do what you can to get to that feeling of assurance if and when the time comes to test you and yours.

How did I start?

  • I started by joining a prep board
  • I learned I needed an alternative water source
  • I learned I needed to have a garden and food storage
  • I learned to have an alternative way to heat and cook.
  • I learned I needed to take control of my health
  • I learned to use my skills to help me trade, barter and sell to make enough money to pay bills that I have no control over.
  • I make candles
  • I sew
  • I make music
  • I make herbal products
  • I grow extra food and save seed
  • I make crafts

...and you can do all these things and more!

I will have a website up soon so that you can check out my various crafts and products and I thank RuralSurvival for help with getting this project up and running. Helping each other is what makes this world go round and I so appreciate that help when I need it.

Getting back to what I do... I have learned to make do and do without and it hasn't hurt me one bit. More than that, it has taught me invaluable lessons and I have learned I can do many many things that I never dreamed possible. It taught me to become the little engine who could. Remember that childhood story? I know, I know it's a children's story but sometimes us adults forget the important lessons taught in those stories. Here's a link to the story if you don't know it...

I believe there are many people who are losing their homes, their jobs and their peace of mind and I also believe when one is done with the anger, the depression and the hopelessness, we humans know how to pick ourselves up and find another way to cope and survive. Some of us even thrive. It's a test of what it means to be human. We can pass this test.

There are three groups of people that are all experiencing various stages of testing. When faced with uncertainties and structures slowly crumbling it brings out the very nature of these three groups. The first group is of people that can cope and make the changes needed to survive and even thrive on their own. The second group is of people that need a helping hand but can cope and make the changes needed to survive. The third group is people that are so devastated or physically or mentally incapable of helping themselves that they need someone else to do it for them.

Interesting that these three groups are also front and center in natural healing where I was taught the same applies to the person and the illness they face. It goes as such...

  • If the person is stronger than the illness, no help is needed.
  • If the person and the illness are of the same strength, a healing hand can tip the scales to the inert abilities of the persons strength.
  • If the illness is stronger than the person, no healing hand will help.

I could go on and list many links to various prep boards, various water filtration systems and alternative heat and food sources but there are so many all over the web today that it is easy to search for what may fit your own personal needs. Rural Survival has a boatload of great sources and information. Therefore I'll refrain from doing that and instead would like to just encourage you to start one step at a time if you haven't already and the peace of mind you'll find in taking control of your basic needs will be forever gratifying. I hope you all are blessed with finding what you need and until next time, may you have good health and a properous year and remember the lesson from the "Little engine that could". If you think you can, you will and if you think you can't, you won't. Think you can!


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