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Friday, 30 January, 2015

Susan Moore writes for RS.i℠

Greetings to any person curious enough to read my rather tiny bio!

I am sort of an accidental writer and tickled pink to be asked to contribute to Rural Survival. So that being said, I will try not to bore you while tossing the expected info your way. Having worn lots of hats, makes me well-rounded or someone who has laughed so much merely living life I’m sort of off my rocker, you pick.

I had a decent education and have worked a good bit in and out of the home. Birthed some babies and raised them right, and grown a tomato or two. So don’t expect much, except maybe some of my extra tomatoes. If I can make you smile or chuckle, then I’m happy because laughter does the body good like a medicine should.

Last year my sweetheart and I managed to sell off the last bit of property that anchored us to where we were in Virginia and then quit the employment there that sustained us. The feeling was odd – like a floating latex balloon without a tether or a boat without a rudder, as we moved everything permanently to middle Tennessee and our ideal homestead/hobby farm. No I must be honest- it really wasn’t odd as much as downright scary and I admit it took a toll on us in every way you can think of. We are just setting our place up and have already made a few mistakes. Yes, we had to re-establish our income here, but had some money saved. I would like to say moving was a lark because of a wild hair, but it was actually because of concern for our future well-being and retirement in this crappy economy and the “high strangeness” going on right now. So our move was hasty, but well planned. Are you concerned about the same things?

My sweetheart is a brave, brave man. I am compelled to plan, re-invent and go forward. Friends say I’m a compulsive planner, and therefore as you see, I always have a plan. That’s my super power. Execution, is another subject altogether. Did I mention that my sweetheart is a brave, brave man?

We are trying to discover our own brand of sustainable living, and struggle to manage the frantic effort to “cover our posteriors for all contingencies”. After only eight months in our new place it has been exhausting to say the least – but also really fun. I am all about the next piece of the puzzle. The game is afoot! We have made some missteps, but mostly we’ve done well. We are very glad we made the decision to do it and are enjoying each day.

What can you expect from my writing? As you’ve guessed, I’m going to chatter away, link my arm through yours and share some of our observations along the way.

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