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Steve Whitman writes for RS.i℠

I was brought up on a farm and the outdoors has always been an important part of my life. In my youth, I acquired the rank of Eagle in Boy Scouting which only reinforced my desire, in coming years, to learn more about the outdoors and the art of survival.

Being an avid gun enthusiast for many years, I am constantly trying to find that ultimate reload combination and often experiment at the range. Hunting, fishing, weightlifting, construction, and just keeping busy have been a great passion in my life and I am very fortunate, during my "retirement" years, to be involved with all of them during my daily routine at Long Lake Camps. We have 26 buildings on site, so there is never a shortage of work!

Steve Whitman's Second Book, "Killer in the Mist" has NOW BEEN PUBLISHED!

This harrowing tale of survival pits man against man and man against nature…deep in the woods of northern Maine.

It's 1948, and Gunner Mason and Tom Holt are working for six dollars a day as hunting guides in Maine. So when a group of businessmen from New York City offer to pay five hundred dollars for every buck over 250 pounds that they take home, Gunner convinces a reluctant Tom that the money will be worth the danger of leading six greenhorn city slickers far into the “big country” to find deer that size—in November.

Meanwhile, Douglas Farraday is being extradited for murder in the first degree on multiple counts in the state of Massachusetts. A highly decorated WWII veteran, he is discharged from the army due to a serious screwup. Upon his return home, he makes a shocking discovery that pushes him over the edge—resulting in a horrific bloodbath that sends him to prison.

But when the plane carrying Farraday crashes in the Maine woods, the killer suddenly finds himself free…and ready for a hunt. Will Gunner and Tom have what it takes to survive the ordeal?

Other Titles by Steve Whitman:

When outdoor enthusiast Steve Whitman buys a sporting camp in the woods of northern Maine after retiring, he unknowingly begins the hardest chapter of his life.

The first few years are full of hard work, adventure, and newfound friends. But things begin to fall apart when one of those friends, Bert, suffers a mental health crisis and adds more and more prescription drugs to his daily regimen. Soon, Bert becomes a walking ghost whose once affable, alert gaze is transformed into a cold, dull stare. And this is just the early stage of the tragedy that is about to overwhelm the two men as well as their families and friends.

Winning Life’s Lottery is a strangely hopeful account of a terribly true story that reads like a suspense novel. While Steve candidly recounts the bewildering events that unfold as Bert’s mental stability declines and the formerly friendly man begins to exhibit mad jealousy and hatred, this dark tale is ultimately an inspiring story of survival and compassion—one you won’t soon forget.

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Of course, I had to make a living as well, and was fortunate enough to be successful in the engineering and land surveying business. My firm conducted hydraulic studies of rivers and lakes, water quality assessments, drafted storm water, sewer, and road designs, performed flood studies, property surveys, and hazardous waste remediation. These were just a few of the projects, along with land development, that I was involved in.

A brief summary of my background is;

  • B.S.C.E. in Civil Engineering - Lowell Technological Institute with graduate work in the environmental sciences
  • Water and Sewer Engineer large town - 3 years
  • Public Works Director/Engineer for a major city - 10 years
  • Owner and President of an Engineering - Land Surveying firm - 17 years
  • Current owner of Long Lake Camps ( Maine sporting lodge business) - 10 years
  • Registered Professional Civil Engineer in 6 states
  • Registered Professional Land Surveyor in 3 states
  • Several registrations pertaining to operation of city utility systems in the water and wastewater treatment industry
  • Registered Master Maine Guide (hunting, fishing and recreation)
  • Attended many tactical shooting and survival training schools
  • Emergency first aid and response training
If someone had told me that I would be an author, I would of told them they were crazy. But, due to the events of last year, my life has changed greatly and I now know, anything can and will happen! I only hope that I can bring some unique and interesting topics to Rural Survival that you will enjoy!

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