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Mr. Steve Johnson writes for RS.i℠

Scan Data Matrix to record web site and contact information for Mr. Steve JohnsonAs the son of an Army officer and from a family with very deep Military roots and service to our country, I have very strongly held beliefs about the sanctity of the US Constitution and oaths of office sworn by elected and uniformed servants to defend and uphold it. I have family currently serving in combat units abroad.

I have hunted, hiked, camped and studied outdoor survival for many years and consider myself an advanced student of those topics, but always willing to learn more and share what I know. I grow or shoot much of my food. I go to Church and I pray often.
I am a very proficient marksman with rifle and pistol. I reload all my center fire ammunition and I have introduced many people to the shooting sports, reloading, and the survival mentality.
Above all, I am proud to say that I am a PATRIOT!

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Firearms & Ammunition

Reloading, Part 1


Exactly Which Criminals Should be Disarmed?

Firearms & Ammunition

Reloading, Part 2


Razor Sharp!

Gear Review: Edge Pro Apex Sharpening System;

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