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Could this be the Reason why they Refuse to call it a War on Islamic Extremism

By Sue Moore
14 January, 2015

In light of the current violence by that particular ideology I find myself wondering why the resistance by our own government to label things correctly.  I could only see one answer.  Did you arrive at this answer too?

You can see the watery one-world religion taking shape - it's a humanistic, non-supernatural mega religion being formed out of the moderate "co-exist" promoting and lukewarm members of all nations and religions.

This administration's refusal to call what is happening violent "Islamic" extremism is similar to atheists refusal to acknowledge supernatural good/evil.  The Godless are attempting to meld everyone together.

They think if they don't name it we can't blame it. Sadly - this tactic only has a "prayer" of succeeding if indeed there was no element of supernatural good/evil. So there you have where the rubber meets the road - I believe this is why they are stubborn about it. Their word salad is the viscose gel with which they hope to bind all religions together. Hence, the one world religion warned of in the back of the Book. Lukewarm is the new goal. Make everyone compliant and lukewarm.

It is painful to watch the great evasive maneuvers this administration takes to avoid adding the word "Islamic" to extremism. It is because they want "extremism" to apply to ANY belief that excludes another and especially their agenda. I am seeing reporters trying to pull the rope so hard and drag them over. But instead they are growing obvious in their attempt to water down all religion and bring it together under this heretic Pope as a WATERY SOUP, VOID of SALT. Do you have ears to hear?

This new "lukewarm Humanistic religion" is the Liberal Godless Left's version of reason and I believe it is not systemic only to THIS administration, but the globalists agenda - it is probably the reason for the French President's accusation that the Paris massacre was the fault of the Illuminati.

They hope to pull all the different ideologies together under this watery title and subdue any future violence this way. If they deny the supernatural component of religion, and interject their Humanistic views which allows for a tepid, toothless "god" they think they can accomplish world subjugation. This is how atheists think, this is how the globalists think. Muslims probably go along with it because they're told it will unite all under one God (their goal to bring all under submission to Allah and deny Christ deity)- because they think Allah and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (which the Jews and Christians revere) are the same. HE IS NOT. Beware of what is going on.

There is more to their refusal to say "Islamic Extremism" than meets the eye, in my humble opinion.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)