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Okay Folks, Let's Get Serious

By Sue Moore
29 January, 2015

Okay folks let us get serious and put on our "thinking caps". Do you think the exponential increase in SINKHOLES around the world is caused by any significant rise in CO2 levels??? (Compound that thought with the rate of volcanoes, increased and alarming animal die off, and extreme weather!) No in my opinion there is probably little to no connection to any perceived fluctuation in carbon dioxide levels, but it's likely due to the earth's crust expanding. Why? Not certain.

Methane gas spewing out of ocean floor vents is probably contributing more to any perceived rise in global CO2 levels than anything man can do. This circles back to earth changes.

Some speculate the sudden increase in sinkholes and volcanoes are due to orbiting bodies coming into our solar system, and the solar cycle, etc. and some say It is building construction, fracking, etc. that does it. I don't think it is constructionif so, why just the exponential increase now?

The diameter of the earth HAS increased, and even to my grasp of reasoning, that smacks of crust instability...just saying. There is no international database taking track of all the sightings. Be wary of fear porn trying to funnel and direct your grasp of reality. We need to really think before we "rent-a-statement" from the regime trying to push the world in to a single all-controlling government before it's too late.

Should you be concerned? YES. In particular if you live in a state with a lot of limestone. Major earth changes have been multiplying and it's been great fodder for promoting fear so that you grasp at the global warming bandwagon for succor. Don't buy it - they haven't got any answers except to tax and control us so far, and I have yet to see a logical plan to implement an increase of taxes to solve any of these problems. It is my opinion that climate change is real, and affected by a number of things, but that global warming is a hoax perpetuated to enslave the masses thought processes.

According to Al Gore, sea ice should have melted by now. Instead sea ice is at an all-time high and deluded global warming scientists got stuck in it last winter I believe. Or perhaps I should not have brought that sore subject up again. Alsoarent these the same scientists who recommended years ago that we reduce global CO2 levels to a state that WOULD KILL ALL PLANT LIFE ON EARTH? Oh, thats rightthey had to heavily revise that proposal when Lord Monkton pointed that out. Not a good track record. Over 30,000 scientists have signed a petition stating for the record they believe Global Warming is a hoaxso the science is anything but settled.

Earth changes and climate change are a fact. The source is in debate. Do your own thinking, examine evidence from a variety of sources and always stay skeptical.

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