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Razor Sharp!

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Subject: Gear Review: Edge Pro Apex Sharpening System

There are a great many blade alloys these days that knife builders can pick from when they create a knife to give their design optimum performance. Alloy chemistry has progressed far beyond the mild carbon steel our founding fathers built plow shears, knives and bayonets from. Carbon steel is thought to have been in use since the first century AD but the class of steel known as stainless steel has only been around for about 100 years. An alloy of stainless steel is the best choice for most knife blades, it's hard and can be made to be fully impervious to acids, bases and most chemicals found in the home or on the farm. Regardless of the design parameters, any cutting tool needs to be sharp to perform at optimum levels.

Just as knife materials have evolved and developed, so too have the methods to sharpen them. Sharpening stones and steels are commonly used and found in most shops or kitchens.  They work, but not all that well unless you invest considerable time in developing a technique that insures a correct and consistent angle on the cutting edge, and it's very difficult to impossible to get a fine, smooth edge. I have spent many hours using just such systems, with only fair results, to sharpen kitchen, hunting or tactical blades.

My everyday carry knives are made by Microtech, Kershaw, SOG and others. They range from very good to excellent quality and from affordable to downright expensive. Obviously then, it is important to take care of them and keep them sharp. It may have been Col. Jeff Cooper who coined the phrase “Only accurate rifles are interesting!” Well, the corollary to that is “Only sharp knives are interesting!”

Enter the 'Edge Pro Apex' sharpening system! I learned of this remarkable device watching a YouTube review of it by a person I trust, who tells it like it is and pulls no punches! If you don't already know , take a few minutes and search his channel. With nearly 125 million video views, he must be doing something right. There are video's embedded at Edge Pro's website that are well worth watching and describe the tool in great detail and how best to use it.

I've been using the Apex 4 system for several months and I can only describe the results I get as phenomenal! With this system, the user can accurately set the angle to sharpen on any knife in mere seconds, sharpen small to large knives, straight, curved or tanto blades, recondition abused or badly worn knives and sharpen the edge to a very high level. My personal system, the Apex 4, comes with 120, 220, 400, 600 and1000 grit stones and 2000 and 3000 grit tapes. The Edge Pro is a high value system and worth the price.

It does take a little bit of 'know how' to most effectively use this tool. That bit of 'know how' is easy and (at least for me) fun to learn! In short order you will achieve exceptional results. I took my 8” chef's knife and, starting with the 120 grit, in less than 30 minutes produced a paper shaving polished edge on the knife that is a true pleasure to use. Touching up the knife, now that it's in good shape, takes a couple of minutes. I very enthusiastically recommend this tool to anyone!

As with all high value tools, there is a down side too. The first is this tool is not 'cheap'. The Apex 4, as seen in the picture above, sells for $245. The Apex 1 system sells for $165. It's the last sharpening system I will ever buy and as I noted before, it's a high value system for me and it's definitely worth every penny. The other down side I've discovered is that once your friends and family see your knives, they will bug the daylights out of you to sharpen theirs! One could definitely start a cottage business with this system!

I'm sure Ben Dale, the inventor of the Edge Pro system would be happy to talk to you on the phone or answer an email. Contact info is listed on their web site.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)