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Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

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The Misadventures of Living a Mobile Life – Don’t Blink… Robin & Ed Grant’s new life on the road.


So you think you want to go mobile?  Here are some of the things we have encountered.

Ed and I have made a huge lifestyle change starting in December.  We are now gypsies.   Well, sort of, not really.  We have taken a job as independent sales reps with Blendtec.  We are a team selling their high-end blenders in Costco stores around California and Nevada.  Everything has been a whirlwind with hardly any rest since right after Thanksgiving.  Going to hands-on training in Redding just before Christmas for 10 days, getting home exhausted on Christmas Eve. Then we drove off, one week later, to Orem Utah for corporate training January 1st, 2012 for 1 week, then driving back to Ashland.  This was about a 1600 mile trip. We had one week to prepare to go to our first road show in Citrus Heights – getting stuff into storage, changing our address, Robin getting her Oregon driver’s license, buying a 36 foot RV, preparing for being on the road, servicing the RV, buying chains, running out of propane, having slide out issues on the RV, buying a car dolly to pull the Honda Element, and Ed wanting to take way too much stuff.  I had to keep reminding him that this was an RV and not a house. 
The adventure begins…

First issue:  we hooked up the car dolly to the RV and loaded up the Honda Element, realizing after getting it all hooked up that this was the wrong mechanism to haul the Element as it is a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  After verifying with a Honda dealer we realized that this was not going to work.  That was a $500 purchase that hopefully we can sell.  This meant that Robin had to drive the Element and Ed drive the RV with an empty car dolly in tow.
We then drove from Ashland thru a snow storm, rain, and wind to go 168 miles in 5 hours.  We were exhausted and stopped for the night in a nice RV resort.  We still had not reached our destination which was still another 140 miles down the road which was achieved the next day.  Keep in mind that Ed had only driven this RV three short times – first as our demo drive, driving from where we bought the RV to where we were living, and driving to a repair center and back.
Changing our lifestyle has been a whirlwind of an adventure.   It really started July 2011 when Ed and I moved to Ashland, Oregon.  We spent the next few months trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives.  Finding jobs and fitting into the regular working mold just was not that appealing and I found that most companies don’t want someone that can think on their own and my personality just did not fit into their organizations.

Our new mobile life all started last October 2011.  But, I might add that we actually manifested this about 5 years ago and now it is now come to pass.  We always went to the RV shows and Ed talked a lot about getting and RV but we just never pursued this because we liked having a lot of our stuff around us and we knew that we could not do that with an RV.   Ed saw a demo at a Costco for Blendtec blenders and decided to apply to be one of these roadshow salespersons.  We talked about doing this as a team since he didn’t feel he could do this by himself as it could be grueling work.  We also had applied to be property managers at a mobile home park in Medford, Oregon.   Well, when we heard from Blendtec, Ed decided that he would rather do this than be property managers and he talked me into going along with this.  Sounded quite adventurous and I love adventure.  Little did we know what all this meant.
Our first destination was Citrus Heights, CA for a 10 day roadshow.

Jan. 12-Feb. 13 – Issues encountered for our first road trip:
Black water tank problems
Constantly buying RV items
Still have slide out problems
Hot water electric problems – works sometimes
So many buttons, knobs, switches to learn
No time to rest…

2/2 Ran out of propane – gee, the gauge inside the RV kept registering at ¾ full for a long time, then ½ full & all of a sudden was empty.  Apparently the gauge on the actual tank is much more accurate.  Finally found someone to come out to do a mobile propane service since we couldn’t get the slideout to move in so we really couldn’t drive.
I am sure things will get easier…
Washer seems to stop all hot water – hot water intermittently working

Feb 6 – moving to Woodland, CA.  Had to have help from the park manager & Ed pushing the slideout in so we could get on the road.  I think this RV park is probably glad to see us novices leave, although I think we were quite the entertainment for them.

2/9 service called on slide-out, water heater – Needed 6 new batteries $663!!!!  Also Ed tried to fix the outside light and it ended up not being the bulb.  What then happened the spring mechanism came apart and the wire was loose in the socket when Ed touched the wire which touched the RV frame which elicited a spark (frighteningly unexpected) when the proceeded to blow a fuse which took out all the interior front of the coach lights.  It took hours to find the actual fuse because it was not labeled clearly indicating which it would – ah ha!  It’s under living room fuse.

2/12 – REALLY!!! another toilet issue – Ah, easy fix after getting yet another hose. First hose wouldn’t fit on bathroom faucet.

2/13 – Robin accidently locked us out of the RV, then locked the Honda Element with the key because the electronic door opener was locked in the RV – Gee!  The Element won’t start without it.  Apparently we didn’t know how to disarm the alarm system.

2/15 – One of the front hydraulic jacks miraculously rises all by itself.  Are we still level???
Also, finally think we have the slide out working – after lubing , multiple pushings to get it to go in, unloading any weight on that side.

2/20 – Yeah, the slide worked just fine!  Moved to Pleasanton, CA – oh, so tired!  Finally maybe things are getting under control.
Yet another gadget needed – water filter as the water is very high in lime (well water) and we need a better extension hose for the black water ie the poop shoot.  Ed backed into the RV space for the very first time.
Still stumbling through things…

2/23 – A beautiful day so we put the awning out.  Another RV moved in next door and Ed spent 1 ½ hours trying to get the awning back in because the rivet on the arm mechanism got stuck and wedged.  He needed help from a neighbor, who just happened to be a contractor.  Good thing people in the RV parks are so nice.
Small reprieve of issues.

3/3 – another issue with toilet.  Don’t know why we keep having issues with it stopping up every so often.

3/4/12 - water leak from ice maker – yet another issue to deal with.  Drying out, cleaning carpets, hopefully no damage done.  This was just a washer problem in the line.

3/7 – Funeral services in San Jose for a very close friend – my second mom

3/8 – late start getting over to Carson City for our next show due to the funeral.  Motor home decided to have an issue near Sacramento.  Lost power and had to pull over.  Seems to not be getting gas.  Had to be towed.  Interesting that they had to disassemble the drive shaft to tow the RV.  We had to get over to Carson City to set up for our next show so we loaded up our Honda Element with all our booth gear and headed off to Carson City.  We forgot several things in our hurry to get on the road and did not have room to take much other than our gear for our demo booth and a few clothes.
3/9 Problem with the RV was the fuel pump which is located inside the gas tank.  Good thing we have friends in Carson City to stay with.

3/12 – looks like we missed our window crossing the mountains to go get our RV.   After all it is winter and there are predictions of snow and wind.  Wind is not a good thing with the RV. 

3/20 Drive Element back over to Sacramento to pick up the RV and head to Redding for our next show.  Another $600+ repair for the gas filter.  Good thing we have a Good Sam road assistance policy or it would have been a lot more.

3/23 We start our 5th roadshow at the Redding Costco store.  Looking forward to 11 days off after this show.  Maybe we can actually have some rest and relaxation.

3/28 Honda element in for tow package.  Ed wants me in the RV with him instead of driving the Element behind him.  Not a cheap endeavor - $1600.  Plus a new windshield as it had cracked all the way across while in Carson City.

3/31 – Thunder, hail storm – I thought the roof was caving in at Costco with the loudest thunder clap I think I have ever heard and then the hail started.  Ed was out running an errand and said some of the hail was up to 2 inches.  Thank goodness our new windshield and vehicles did not get any damage.

4/1  a beautiful day after the storm on the Sacramento River

4/2 – found another water leak under the kitchen sink.  So much for being able to relax much today.  Laundry needs to be done, general cleaning of RV and getting ready to move tomorrow.  Looks like it was just a loose connection that Ed tightened and seemed to fix it.

A screw on the vent in the kitchen area came loose and when Ed went up on the roof to fix it he found the vent cover plastic was broken – yet another thing to fix.   Oh, and the microwave/oven door handle broke at the top.   Upon a suggestion, Ed used this JB Weld glue to fix – maybe it will hold.  Also, keep finding screws that have come loose from the frame of the oven. 

Today is not much of a day off with all the laundry of 2 weeks to do, paperwork to catch up on, reorganizing all our booth stuff back into the RV, and fixing various things. Oh, the toilet needed another hosing as it seems to clog up about every 2 weeks.
Wow, what an adventure!!!!  But we are doing fine, working out a lot of bugs, still happily together and can laugh about all our adventures so far.  I can’t believe the last 2 ½ months have gone by so fast.  Our 9th anniversary is coming up in about 3 weeks.

More to report on later…  Part 2…℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)