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Necessary Junk or Just Crap?

When thinking of long-term survival, it pays to look at what we now consider, merely stuff to throw away, as necessary junk, and not just crap, that will be an eye sore setting around. There are ways to keep a junk pile tastefully hidden! :)
At the very least, we need to consider what might be useful, at some point in time, before we throw it away.
However, in order to know what junk is useful, it takes knowledge on what to do with it. This goes hand-in-hand with my previous articles, about downloading survival .PDF files, and the necessity of a paper survival library!
A lot of grandparents, and great grandparents always thought twice, before throwing anything away. There are very good reasons for following their examples!
Imagine a big pile of junk. The items, in the pile of junk, were carefully and thoughtfully chosen, by someone.
Is this pile necessary junk, or just crap?
No rhyme or reason becomes clearly evident, to the average person, just by looking at the pile.
Most people would be inclined to haul this pile of junk away to the dump.
Now imagine asking well-studied preppers what they see in the pile of junk.
Let's ask a prepper guy* first.
A well-studied prepper man, will be attracted immediately to certain things in the pile.
What he first sees is an old electric, oil radiator heater, becoming part of a gasifier, to run a tractor without gas or diesel. Wood becomes the fuel! The electric power cord, from the old heater, can be used in an alternative DC electric system.
And! He wants that old house fan! He could use that old house fan, add some magnets, and make a DC generator for hydro or wind! The guy takes the housing off the old fan. Oh! Cool! It is a three-speed fan! It will produce 3 Amps of power!
Then this man sees some metal oil drums with lids, and a bicycle pedal with gears. He values these for being able to quickly build his first forge. The bicycle petal and its gear, becomes the handle, and part of the forge blower!
He also sees some cast off, tractor inner tubes, bits of plexiglass, and a big pile of tin cans and metal buckets, of various sizes and shapes. This junk, to him, means he could make some gas masks, and all kinds of tin can toys for his kids. Not to mention a nice, portable rocket stove for hunting trips!
Next, this man spazes out, because he spots a leaf spring, from a vehicle. The little boy in him comes out and wants to play!
He can make some really cool knives and swords, from this leaf spring, with the forge he makes, from the oil drum and bike pedal!
He could maybe trade some of them! He knows town folk value them highly! A simple handmade knife used to sell for $85 before the SHTF (Stuff Hit The Fan)!
Now this guy is really excited! Those other oil drums, along with those rusty hinges, pieces of steel grate, pipes, and big metal cans will make a great double barrel heating and cook stove, with heat exchanger. Spray everything with high heat resistant spray paint, and then show his wife. His wife will be so thrilled! Man! He'll get all the dried apple pie he wants for a month!
Some of that stove pipe will be great to use, when building a smokehouse! And, hey! Some of that old bed frame angle iron, would make a nice frame for a wild hog trap door, with a bit of cutting and welding! Yum! Bacon and ham smoking in the smokehouse!
"Boy! Oh! Boy!", he thinks to himself, "Survival living will be the best living ever!"
Now imagine turning to the well-studied prepper woman*, to see what she sees in the pile of junk.
This gal takes her time. She looks the pile over carefully. Then her mind starts building things!
First, she spots some bike rims, and an old house tea cart. Decisions, decisions! Would a bike rim or a cart wheel make a better spinning wheel, to spin the fur, from her Angora rabbits, into yarn?
She makes her decision. Definitely a tea cart wheel! They are sturdy enough, and they have such pretty turned dowels for spokes!
The bike rims would make a great honey separator, using one of those empty, blue barrels, though!
Or! Ooo! Put some hangers on a bike rim, spray paint it flat black, and it would make a great faux, cast iron pot hanger in the kitchen!
Those empty, plastic milk crates would make great planters, in her greenhouse!
"Oh! Hey! That old aluminum paint brush, extension handle would make a good chicken catcher, if I put a leg hook on the end of it!", She thinks to herself. She is tired of chasing chickens!
This gal's excitement rises, as she spots a big box, filled with saved tin can lids.
"What beautiful holiday ornaments those will make"! She thinks to herself. "Those rich folk, over in the next valley, would probably be willing to pay a pretty penny, for such quaint crafts!"
She also thinks, "Now! If I can just get a hold of them, before one of the guys figures out these tin can lids are also good for patching holes, and hanging around in the fruit orchard to keep birds away!"
When this gal, goes to show her homemade, tin can lid, holiday ornaments, to the rich lady of the house, over in the next valley, she has another idea.
She thinks, "It would be good to take a set, of say, ten of those empty plastic spice shaker bottles, when I take my holiday ornaments over to the next valley. That rich lady might want some of those too. Maybe I could trade the rich lady for some material and thread!"
A well-rounded prepper education creates, not only a Jack of All Trades, it also creates Master Craftsmen (and Craftswomen! :).
Personally, I value a prepper education for myself, and my descendants, much more highly, than anything taught in schools these days!
A Prepper education gives the individual the power to mold their own future, and thrive, when the world around them crumbles.
Educate yourself, and help others to get a well-rounded, common sense, prepper education!
Ok, with that being said, you tell me.... Is this pile of junk, necessary junk, or just crap?
(See my other article entitled, 'SHTF-Poor Man's Survival Library, to build your own survival library, so you too can live life, to its fullest, now and after the SHTF!)
I hope this helps you, and those you love!


Anonymous Ole Prepper

* This is a made-up scenario of a man and a woman, who studied their survival library thoroughly. I have simplified thought processes, to illustrate the difference between useful junk, and crap. The simplified thought processes, are in no way meant as disrespect. The type of people who would approach a junk pile, the way the fictional characters do, in this article, are highly intelligent people with common sense. To me, they have the most valued type of intelligence!

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