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Quick Fixes & Easy Solutions

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Post SHTF Quick Fixes

Have you noticed, for lack of a better word, a SHTF (Stuff Hit The Fan) awakening? Since it is so late, in the timing of things, it doesn't hurt to know some quick fixes, for every day use, post SHTF.
More and more people, are realizing they need to find other like-minded people, and prepare for the SHTF.
That is wonderful! It is also the only way mankind will survive what is coming!
It may mean nothing, however...... I don't know about you, but I find it disturbing, that 'someone' decided, the world's population should be reduced to, then maintained at 500,000,000! Then these same 'people', had it carved into some large, standing stones in Georgia!
Whether the concept, behind the Georgia Guide Stones is real, or not, it is still disturbing to know there are 'those', who may be bent on bringing that scenario about!
However it starts, like anything else, the SHTF, will come and go. When it does, there will be a lot of people, building new, more primitive lives. Quick fixes, and hunting will be part of that new lifestyle. We had darn well better have some good, post SHTF quick fixes!
Today, some have climate-controlled refrigerators, that talk to them, telling them exactly what to do with the food inside. These science fiction, made reality machines, handle food, to keep it at its optimum freshness.
The only food hunting, a fancy frig owner has to do, is find the yogurt, hidden behind the bing cherries!
Post SHTF, our lives will be nothing like a fancy frig owners life!
The closest we will be able to come to a fancy frig, post SHTF, is to make ice with a solar ice maker, while the power grid is down! Repurpose a junk frig, to become an old-fashioned icebox, and we can keep some of our leftovers and other food. I really don't think we can get that type of frig to talk to us though! (Consult your SHTF Library, for how to make a solar ice maker, without electricity.)
Yes, many are preparing. However, due to personal circumstances, many will not be able to have everything in place, pre SHTF, to live a completely self-sustaining lifestyle. That is one reason I write so much about post SHTF!
If I can help out, even a little, then I feel good, about the small part I play in others surviving the SHTF.
Post SHTF, quick fixes, may just save lives! Over the years, I have developed a lot of quick fixes!
I lived for years, without electricity, running water, a telephone, or even a good vehicle to get help, if needed. I even washed clothes by hand, for my family of four, until Dad brought down an old wringer washer, and an old Briggs and Stratton, horizontal shaft engine!
I mounted the engine, on a heavy board, large enough for the feet of the washing machine to set on firmly. The engine set safely, directly under the washing machine, mounted to the board. Then, after I put a tight belt on the machine and engine pulleys, it ran like a champ!
I went out one day, to wash clothes, and got a real surprise! The washing machine belt, and a half inch wrench were laying on the ground. I immediately knew what had happened. As soon as I saw the dismantled machine, I hollered for my younger daughter. Not surprisingly, there was no answer. You see, my younger daughter had a propensity for taking things apart, just to see if she could! She was a smart one! I was used to having to deal with this kind of, child induced, quick fix.
Yep! My little gal kept me busy! I was always having to think ahead and fix things, back in those days. That was good though! I came up with some pretty quick fixes! Some of my best quick fixes, then, and today are food.
I really hope you are completely set up pre SHTF, to be self-sustaining. If you are not though, you will need to do a lot of hunting, for meat. Some of my quick food fixes may come in handy.
Hunting for meat can mean overnight, or longer trips. After the SHTF, it won't only be humans who are freaked out, the animals will be freaked out too! They will stay as far away from man, as possible! The hunters may need a day or two worth of food, in their backpacks, when hunting.
Below are some of my suggestions, for a quick fix for food, post SHTF. (Ahtttt! No peeking ahead! Keep on reading!) :).
Many of my quick fixes, will be supplies, which will eventually run out, but they just might help get a group through the post SHTF, until a more self-sustaining lifestyle can be started.

To show how these quick fixes may be used, let's look at a fictional post SHTF prepper scenario:

No one in the small, extended family, prepper camp, had heard any drones, helicopters, or planes flying overhead, for a couple of weeks. All they could get, on their solar-powered radio, was static. They had bugged out, from their small city, just in time!
The group had been able to stay in this camp for awhile. There was good tree cover, with a spring-fed creek nearby, but meat was running low. Someone would need to go hunting soon.
It was decided, using guns for hunting, may still not be a good thing. They didn't want to give their position away, so crossbows were a better choice.
Sue, Tom's wife, and Joan, John's wife, packed food in their husband's backpacks, for the hunting trip.
Joan and Sue, had always been on board, with the guy's prepping, before the SHTF. These gals were experts at quick fixes. They had considered just such a scenario, as they were living right now, so they had prepared food accordingly.
Now,...... these two couples, did not have much more money, than to pay the bills, pre SHTF. Their minimum wage jobs wouldn't allow them to completely prepare.
Pre SHTF, the whole group felt hunting guns, crossbows, and camping equipment were a priority to save for and buy, so they did manage that. They didn't have money to buy freeze-dried food, but they found a solution!
They were undaunted, when it came to preparing, pre SHTF, so Joan and Sue picked up as much extras, at the grocery store, as they could. Then they got busy!
Tom and Sue, had a seven month old baby, so Sue bought as much extra powdered goat milk and Sorghum as possible. The baby was allergic to soy formula. An infection had prevented Sue from nursing, so the baby just stayed on powdered goat milk. Tom and Sue, had planned to find some abandoned goats, post SHTF, once they could settle someplace.
The group had used all their regular powdered milk, so Sue put some powdered goat milk in the guy's backpacks.
Joan and Sue dug in to their supplies of food they had dried, pre SHTF, to send with the guys, for their hunting trip.
Out came the coffee cans, filled with delicious dried food! All the guys would need to do, is add water!
Joan and Sue had worked hard, but enjoyed making all this food, pre SHTF. There was gravy hard tack, dried beef stew, dried corned beef and cabbage, dried refried beans, dried pork 'n' beans, dried carrots, dried corn, dried peas, dried whole eggs, dried hash browns, dried apples, dried pumpkin pie leather, and dried pineapple.
Joan and Sue, had also prepared an enormous amount of dried, pureed fruits, meat, and vegetables, for the baby, but the guys didn't want any of that bland stuff! Besides, the baby needed it.
John and Tom went off, on their hunting trip. They did successfully bring home the bacon, quite literally! They bagged a really nice wild hog! They also brought home something else................
Tom and John, were two days out, and about twenty miles from camp. They were keeping to the woods, behind houses, when they heard a cry.
I will skip the gruesome details, of what Tom and John found, when they went into the house, where the crying was coming from. The important thing they found in the house, was a poor little child, about the same age as Tom and Sue's baby.
The poor little thing's lips were all dry and peeling, and it smelled horrible! It was a wonder, the wretched child was still alive!
John and Tom knew it was too dangerous to stay there long. John wrapped the baby in blankets, and grabbed as many of its clothes, as possible. Tom, searched through the kitchen and bathroom, and grabbed what supplies were left, that he could carry. They got out of there, as quickly as possible!
The guys figured, if no one was close enough to hear the baby cry, it would be alright to stop for a bit, to take care of the baby. They went back to a stream they found. Tom lite a fire, and John got the baby fed, with some of the powdered goat milk, in his pack, then cleaned the little one up a bit.
When the guys first heard the baby crying, they had shoved the meat in a tree. Now, they couldn't carry the baby, the supplies, and the meat, so they made a travois, from limbs and their paracords. They dragged the meat and supplies back to camp, but the precious child rode in John's arms, every step of the way!
John and Joan had a new addition to their family! Once back at camp, everyone decided, it was time, to go find some abandoned goats!
The group also decided, where they were camped, was as good a place, as any, to start building more substantial housing. Time would tell, if they could stay permanently. It was also time to pull out some of those stockup heirloom seeds, and put down roots!
This was, of course, a made up scenario, of post SHTF. The need for a quick food fix is real though!

Here are some of the methods I have used, for food quick fixes:
  Dried Goat Milk Baby Formula:
This is not my own recipes, but one that is used, by parents today. Reconstitute milk, according to directions, heat to kill germs, let cool to lukewarm, stir in 1 tablespoon Sorghum, for every gallon of milk. (Since you can't run to the store, to buy liquid baby vitamins, the Sorghum provides natural minerals, and vitamins.)

Dried Gravy Hard Tack:

Preheat oven 375 degrees. Ingredients- 5 cups of flour, 2 cups of water, 1 1/2 cups bacon or sausage fat (saved from cooking bacon or sausage), 1/2 teaspoon pepper.
Mix the pepper, in the flour. Cut the fat into the flour with a fork, add the water, to form a dough. Roll out, to about 1/2 inch thick. Cut into serving size squares. Lay on ungreased baking sheet. Poke holes all over, with a fork. Bake each side for 30 minutes. Turn oven down, to 200 degrees. Dry, until all moisture is gone. Keep in an air-tight container.
Died Meat Stew: Make as you would for a regular meal, except dehydrate it, then break into pieces.

Dried Corned Beef and Cabbage: Cook as for a meal, dehydrate it, then break in pieces.

Dried Cornbread: Make as you would for a regular meal, slice, and dehydrate it.

Dried Hash Browns: Peel potatoes, grate, and put in either citric acid, or Vitamin C powder water. Drain well and dehydrate.

Dried Corn, or any Other Vegetable: Cook as for a meal, salt a little, and dehydrate.

Dried Refried Beans: Cook as for a meal, and dehydrate. Break into crumbly pieces.

Dried Pork 'n' Beans: Either make, can, and dry your own, or dry canned from the store. Make sure to take out the fat pieces first. Break in pieces when dry.

Dried Eggs: Beat eggs well, to mix. Dried at no less than 150 degrees F.

Dried Pumpkin Pie Leather: Make, as for Pumpkin Pie, but leave out the eggs, and instead of milk, use reconstituted creamer, then dehydrate.

Pork Jerky (Basic): Soak meat in a brine of 1/4 cup salt, overnight. Under austere conditions, if wild garlic can be found, this adds a delicious flavor! Drain. Cook over low heat, until all fresh color from meat is gone. Dry with low heat, until leathery.

It is my hope, you can use my food quick fixes, for every day living, now, and post SHTF. But, these quick fixes, just might save your bacon, post SHTF! :)

I hope this helps you, and those you love!


Anonymous Ole Prepper


Gotta Do This Legal Note ;) This article is for informational purposes only. What you do with the information, in this article, is your responsibility. The author is in no way liable for the way this information may be used, and cannot be held liable for any consequences or in-consequences for the use or non use of this information.

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