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The Tables of the Merchants

SK O'Neal
18 February, 2015

Sociologies in Play

As I have mentioned elsewhere, the status of natural events, the role of eugenics, and a deeper analysis of Rothschild control inside Russia, India and China are where the most accurate answers are.  It could easily be that the actual future will hinge upon an entirely paroxysmal event that none of these analysts can predict, or else there is a design-basis natural disaster in the works into which the elite informed are calculating a trajectory. The extreme secrecy and urgency (recent ramping up) of the bioengineering program suggests the latter, along with the prima facie value of Wigington's data [2], which must be more closely examined.  The real nature of John Moore's [3] representation of the Navy classified map on new coastlines after a calamity could easily be due to a several year long chain reaction in the methane-hydrate arctic out-gassing event, with a one to two hundred foot rise in ocean levels in that time-frame.  Of course, finance will be be meaningless, and  it is arguable that the world elite contingents have mortgaged every nation to buy resources for their underground (and island) facilities, orders of magnitude greater than the Rockefellers' upstate New York facilities established in the middle of the last century.  It is also notable that the Rockefellers, friends of Fidel Castro, saw benefit in a nuclear confrontation with the Soviets, as they were well prepared, and view the world population as generally parasitic.  This philosophy has continued among the elite families and is expressed formally through the provisions of UN-Agenda-21 policies and the presidential directives (PDD's) that are almost perfect translations of Reich policies of the 1930's [4].  The eugenics philosophies underpinned by M. Blavatsky's continue to quietly dominate world policy.   The Nazis studied Western eugenics programs, such as the sterilization program first instituted in the U.S. in Indiana for the mentally handicapped, and extended to other states and western nations, and this became the template carefully studied and then implemented by the "racial hygiene" bureaucrats of the Reich.  Most people do not realize that such policies began in the West, and that they are active elements of the near future, often disguised as the environmental programs that the eco-green communities are functionally incapable of comprehending. 


Much of the new age "crystals and energies" fads are actually driven by Agency disinformation programs designed to frustrate attempts to embrace the real esoteric methodologies. The new age authors, so concentrated upon the chemistry of the brain and the addition of nebulous un-disciplines regarding crystals and vibrations, completely miss the real power of the twelve gemstones of the Hebrew Diadem and the Ark.  Such methodologies were, however, significantly developed within alternate theories through Blavatsky, Crowley, Eckart, et al, resulting in the root race concepts and genetic-eugenic cleansing Reich policies, but arguably in a spirit of attitude toward mankind foreign and repulsive to Western ethos, and most notably, the Hebrews.  Perhaps the greatest irony is that the first implementation of these eugenic cleansing concepts was in America and Britain.  Paperclip and other naturalization programs for post war Germans sought to preserve the natural alignment of the inner Reich philosophies with the proprietary steering agencies in America, with a natural racial division opposing the Asiatic aspects of Russia.  These divisions continue as quiet and powerful undercurrents in world power today, and are central to the questions of where will the world military-economic structure stand once either the debt structure fails or nature takes her course.  World economics and investment strategies are one thing, and the status of the world population as parasites, or at best, livestock, in the eyes of the Old Money families, is quite another, especially in view of looming global crisis.  Although the Rothschild-complex must certainly hold significant penetration within the Kremlin and in Beijing, there are long standing cultural-racial divisions that greatly increase the prospect for abrupt changes in these relationships.  Any indication of a Stalinesque purging in Moscow, or a similar process in China, will portend precipitous military ultimatum.  It is assumed that Western think tanks are well aware of this situation, but they may not be fully informed regarding the real driving force - mother nature.  The "bar tab on the Titanic" status of Western fiscal policy cannot be the product of foolish Keynesian indulgences at the top levels, but rather a stalling effort to draw resources for the elite families to survive a calamity.  Of course, the children and grandchildren will not, if this situation is true, have to pay the tax bill, as the vast majority of them will be dead, and their nations only memories. 

A technological Codicil

Another issue remains on the periphery - the extraterrestrial question.  Extreme rapid advancement of technology over the last eighty years carries both the implication of E-T involvement and its converse, the drawing of attention by our discovery of nuclear explosives, scalar interferometry and other technologies.  The Roswell issue is being resurrected through some interesting information through Linda M. Howe [5].  Technological advancement, eugenics and planetary environmental issues all reach a certain philosophical nexus under any assumption of E-T involvement, and the evidence for this is most significant. 


Also ranking at the cosmic level is the issue of the blood moons and the Hebrew holidays, especially the final of a series of four on 9-28-15 [6].  Various analysts, apparently completely independent of the religious arguments, are indicating severe economic transition around September of 2015 [7].  Timescales for the methane catastrophe are less exact, but Wigington has suggested a time-frame of ten to twenty years.  Other analysts have suggested that the departure (heating) of the arctic has already begun an exponential departure from the slower and more debatable statistics of general global temperature rise.  Less debatable are Wigington's observations that the bioengineering campaigns over the eastern Pacific and eastern U.S. (aerosol spraying and electromagnetic steering of storm front electrical conductivity) have been greatly accelerated, causing western U.S. heating (and drought) and exacerbating the eastern storms, apparently in part to confuse the American public.  Also indicated is the level of panic in the highest departments, as the bioengineering program is virtually the entire cause of the global climactic emergency now developing.  Wigington's analysis does point out that although local sustained cooling does occur, but the net effect is reduced global rainfall and exacerbation of global warming.  The effects are not primary energy and moisture reserve as McCanney points out [8], but action upon sensitive spatial and parametric boundary conditions yielding an atmospheric effect that may well be an analogue of the amplification effect by the grid of an electron tube or the base region in a semiconductor.   What is not clear at all is whether we have reached a point of no return in the thermal feedback cycle for catastrophic methane release from the floor of the arctic.  Some analyses indicate that no primate has lived on the earth at a mean global temperature of 4 degrees C above current levels, and that the methane inventory is capable of greatly exceeding this level. 

The Ultimate Cause

No further reflection is necessary to point out that ignoring discussion of contingencies for survival and sanity in the next few months to two decades is five-bullet Russian Roulette.  Zen resignations into mental netherland and positivity babbleonium are but opiates and plaudettes beneath a latent avalanche.  The most positive thing possible now is dogged insistence upon the truth and coherent action to produce strategic community efforts completely independent of the defiled corporations and governments pretending to serve our interests as sentient beings who answer to a Creator supernatant to the affairs of the flesh.  The flesh part is our responsibility, regardless of our depth of astral travels.  Even the lowly squirrel puts away acorns and walnuts, but we see a once great nation, now an endless magic mirror of streets and preoccupied peoples, completely unwilling to taste their spinach.  The apocalyptic swarm is now leaving the hive, but will either take the form of an exquisite revelation among men and its turning of the merchants' tables, or it will be the stinging pestilences that leave the dead as the fortunate ones.  The choice among all men of love or its opposite, indifference, is all ours to make, but I dare not speculate, as I quietly prepare my treasures in a more rarefied air, and cast last few drops of this chalice toward the many who will not listen.  

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[8] note James McCanney's arguments regarding weather modification, indicating that the energies and chemicals employed are many orders of magnitude smaller than the bodies of heat and moisture involved.  McCanney makes an important point regarding the electrical nature of weather and the role of ion currents from the sun.  Recent changes in the sun's activity have been a significant factor in climate changes, but due to the slightly reduced solar output, would suggest planetary cooling.  The heating effect from bioengineering may therefore be larger than it appears to be in the data, assuming a static baseline.  Viewing the lower atmosphere as a semiconductor and the upper as a vacuum tube may be an appropriate model when addressing the effects of bioengineering electromagnetic effects, with the aerosol applications as a doping effect.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)