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The Redemption of Mankind

SK O'Neal  |  16 February 2014

    Today's article about American troops preparing for deployment in American neighborhoods [1] is no surprise at all, of course. But where it has mentionable value is to provide yet another piece of hard physical evidence that our theory of a social catastrophe in America is not simply an abstraction, and to moderate our own natural incredulity as members of a society lulled into complacency by a prosperity extending over several generations. Armed with additional intel about government operations investing heavily for conditions of social breakdown [Video], a truly thinking individual no longer has the luxury of reasonable hope that the financial and social anomalies battering our nation are simply transients to dissipate in a decade or so. Destruction of our nation and its premise of individual sovereignty is clearly be design, and without intervention by a more spiritually sophisticated process, about to be consumed in a decidedly terminal phase.
    Let us consider the consequences and fate of this so-called "illuminated" mentality that quietly regards men as parasites, or at best, cattle, assigning them in their cryptic protocols of foreplay upon the Stones of Georgia. The great unknown factor, in practical terms, is the specific course of world events as intrinsic fatal feedback mechanisms manifest in the plan of the earth-bound minds that created them. The general character of the outcome is, however, much more obtainable - such mentalities are extremely efficient in mobilizing material power and its destructive capacity under the wills of men, but their algorithms are a restricted subset of a greater reality, hence subject to mathematical and logical degeneracies in identical fashion to "genetic inbreeding" that carry the exactly defined code of their termination. This would seem to be precisely the definition of the "death" spoken of in scriptures, and is arguably a suitable description of the paradigm characterizing mankind for at least the last thirteen thousand years, and even longer, if we consider Philos [5]. In essence, all physical processes operating without the influx of the indeterminate factors in our physical equations we commonly refer to as "spirit" and "free will" have finite solutions to their ultimate scope existence. For instance, in the Greber [2] manuscript, we see that degenerate spirits quickening themselves through certain vulnerabilities of man and animal consume the physical vitality of their victim, yet never succeed in assimilating themselves in a more refined state of existence. In terms that expressly avoid ecclesiastical assumptions, a similar concept can be seen with Hudson's considerations relating to Mesmerism and ghost phenomena [6].

    Further, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of wave mechanics is a powerful analytical edifice in the coming evolution of physics that lays the groundwork or a more rigorous understanding of spiritual phenomenas. It may now be reasonable to state therefore, in the context of "eternal life," those global masters defining the sterile pragmatic physical existence for mankind we now see, and all who follow them, carry the fingerprint of death upon their manifestos. What an irony for such apparent intellects to prepare themselves such a bitter harvest, but then again the Master spoke, as I recall, of the use of the heart in preference over the mind alone. Although many would propose that the religions have all stumbled away from their purer source, it can be said that atheism, itself a religion of absolutism of the material world, shall soon have its test as well, perhaps in the pluperfect. What a pity that the answer to that test is already known, and that they are wasting their time and ours. Adorned with its marbled Doric columns, America, and the secret hand that controls her, suffer the same errors of Alexander's Greece, so completely enamored with the power of geometry and mathematics over the algorithms of the material world as to run roughshod over every corner of it with impetuous authority. But in the quiet little places among the oak and hickory are held a few golden equations not limited by the boundary conditions of the physical mind and its world, not altogether unlike those organic logical principles of human attitude and social code spoken by the son of a carpenter, and whose insight shall see the Roman and Greek columns, and the limited world they represent, again fall according to their own weight before the greater power - harmonization of human free will and its more elegant definition of love.

    Is it possible that the great redemption sought for is simply our emancipation from the limitations of the physical world? Greece, in false elopement from its polytheistic roots, lost itself within the beguiling flash of mastery and arrogance of the technological mind-in-vacuo, but ultimately dased itself against the more eccentric and esoteric East [see 3]. Shall America perhaps repeat that error under its compass and square? But how do we reconcile the role of the esoteric and ecclesiastical forces in the world, knowing the historical blood-lust of nearly every religion? Although Christianity has its indisputable share of blood in the name of its crusades, in just one case in point - its relationship with the North American native tribes, we also see in Islam the doctrines of force against its infidels, and the fanning of that aspect by the brokers of world power. When will men finally learn the simplest law of all - that the rate of ascension of one's consciousness into the incalculable wealth and generalization of unlimited life is proportional to an exponential of the degree to which it has relieved itself from control and coercion of all people and things.

    Perhaps the Eastern religions touch upon this most directly with their predilections to evacuate the mind and surrender physical possession. But then we must remember the worlds of Jesus declaring precisely the same. Perhaps the "second coming," or by Hebrew calculations, the first coming, shall be that magnificent creature who adds to our physical equations a little term that bonds spirit to our physical world, ultimately shattering it, but at the same time saving it. Even the affairs of nations are small against such a thing, and every person, even the most wretched and broken, can be availed of this, if only it were wanted. "Ask and you shall receive," and then the protocols of non-interference that would otherwise be violated by the coercion mentioned above, would then be ameliorated. We must bring the forces to bear from within ourselves to birth the only legitimate seeds of change in mankind's condition, that we would be receptive to the higher laws and most importantly to each other as sovereign beings who shall then realize the real meaning and path to the true immortal expression of our persons.

    This process outranks even the extraterrestrial community, our more distant shores yet undiscovered, leaving even the universe our telescopes see but a droplet in a sea of far greater possibilities. How small the ambitions of earthly men become before this. Even a tiny demonstration of the power of this greater world, such as we saw millennia ago in the diadem and the ark, can crush the devices of war. Like the tiny neutron, there are physical manifestations of the esoteric forces whose applications are yet to be expressed. Modern parapsychology has yielded some results,  but the nations and corporations seeking to weaponize such forces will see but a modicum of success, but lack understanding of the nonlinear nature of these forces associated with attitude and purpose - still quite a foreign concept to our science, as it was for the Greeks. As the Stanford revelations about Fatima [4], ambiguity exists in the course of our future, and depends upon evolution in the attitudes of men. In religious terms this is penitence. In scientific terms.... this is penitence as well. Unification of the mathematical disciplines and the intuitive powers of esoteric man will bring forth a world far beyond our current experience, but even this concept was anticipated in inclusion of the heart with the mind. Those who devote their life force to the coercion of other men and set their hearts upon the gold of the earth, shall discover not only that they have imprisoned themselves in its prosaic crystal lattice, but shall so see that they have condemned many others to the same dreadful pedagogy - endlessly in absolute control of two plus two equals four, but so consumed by that to never experience a blooming flower or comprehend the experience of bringing joy to another, simply for the sake of their happiness.

    As regards our nation and its practical future, it is arguably now incumbent upon us who are still free men in spirit to abandon the "dogmas of the past," as well as expectations for our nation as we have known it, but to adopt higher standards for our social and ecclesiastical pursuits, in particular actively rejecting these so-called illuminated men and their institutions who speak of a new world order as if it were new at all, or relevant whatsoever to men who choose to not limit themselves to the dregs of simple stardust. The redemption of man requires a spark, an initiation, intrinsically from within that obscure physically indeterminate place we call the soul, to communicate with a far greater world that, except for universal principles that define consciousness and existence in every reference frame, is untenable from within the logic of the smaller world. We see, however, that certain esoteric phenomena clearly indicate an already existent acquaintance with a far greater domain of awareness, demonstrating that our physical minds are indeed impediments as much as they are useful. The ecclesiastical term "faith" appears to be intimately associated with the process of conquering such limitations. The Eastern religions, despite their emphasis on self enlightenment [7], appear to be closest to mastering elimination of the distraction of the physical mind, but the Western religions hold an important key -- "when two or more gather in my name..." Once non-interference is understood, this latter concept appears to be the key to our future - when two or more sovereign individuals sacrifice for one another, that is, unify their will and open up their worlds to each other at the cost of some freedom of preference, then it can be said that the universe becomes smaller in proportion to the avenues of will surrendered, but increases exponentially by the number of degrees (of thermodynamic freedom) gained by the unification. This is an analytical argument for the greater power of love, as it is defined in terms of one's holding of another in equal importance to self. Such principles are the antithesis of the proponents of our new world order and their objectives for our nation and every other. Their doctrines are painfully obvious - to keep the people in the dark, control them as livestock and use them as beasts of burden, all the while pontificating their own illumination above an enslaved people.

    As mentioned at another time - before kingdoms can change, men must change - meaning men --can-- change. The test of our day is not of God's will, but rather of our will. The men of the new world order are men who rule by fear and who therefore are ruled by fear. This is the algorithm of a world that is axiomatically temporary. I have news. There exist in this world men who are, and shall always be free, and who shall not die with these false kings. The Esennes knew this quite well, and did not even drop their gentle smile when the Romans executed them in 68AD [8]. These residents of Qumran held methods, not to mention a culture quite advanced even for today, measured in terms of esoteric command of the material world, and their own awareness of their higher appointments. Use of these powerful methods requires something that the recent generations of "illuminated" ones have expressly failed to do comprehend and love the true purpose of man upon the earth, and to cherish all life at an intrinsic level.

    The proposal at this time is to not wait for God to do the work, but for us to genuinely adopt the higher methodologies and purposes, and create the conditions in which these false kings shall be vanquished. This can, but not at all necessarily requires, the participation of friends from elsewhere in the galaxy, and there is valid concern at the moment that a false event is in the making along these lines by elite agencies. This brings us to the consideration of practical methodologies. Certainly of self-sufficiency of our organic, material affairs is paramount, as we have physical bodies to support, and these are the affairs of our best whit. But there remains the ancient glow of the ark and its associated principles that are no less valid today. All matters, physical and esoteric alike, obey laws that do not change with time.

    We are today no less franchised to avail these things, or to reap the bitter harvest of their misuse. The opposite of love - fear, and the decomposition of life it renders to mankind is favored in a material world disconnected from the influence of the higher context, and so we see the result on a daily basis. But this is not to be assigned as the inescapable fate of human nature. We are simply lost in this digression as juvenile spirits in these bodies at the moment, and are separated from those divine individuals we have seen and heard about not by any intrinsic difference except the choice to "ask, that we shall receive." For each of us, "the better angels of our nature" [9] are always with us. In simplest terms, as we finish with our next batch of canning and firewood chores, there is much more to talk about. It seems possible that amongst the procedures long attributed to the occult and esoteric work, we see the prohibitions of these by the people of power who secretly know part of the truth - their real power, but lack the humility and capacity for love required to focus them at their greatest potential. What was begun in recent times by the SORRATs and others [10] has the potential to be used now at a greater level of finesse. Some of this work is seen with C. Brown's group [11] in the receiving aspect of the art. The transmitting end has the capabilities of disarming the weapons systems of nations, and this indeed is a matter of interest, along with the development of algorithms to develop a chain reaction in human consciousness that has a component already recognized in mass hysteria and mesmerism (see prior article discussing this), but is instead, in the refined form in which, as I prefer to put it, "that we achieve a condition in which the contagion of love exceeds the contagion of fear." Each of us in our daily lives must naturally contribute to this on an individual basis, but there appears the need for a more coherent effect in the presence of such coordinated efforts by those who wish to hold mankind hostage to the over-ripe paradigm of pharaoh and slave. To this, I would propose that God's contempt for evil is exceeded only by his contempt for weakness before evil. In ecclesiastical terms, inaction in the face of evil is itself the greater evil. But how then does one reconcile the principle of non-interference?

    This dilemma is the lot of earthly man - to struggle with it, never being sure that he has been right. To struggle with this is the actual enlightenment, not the actual perception that one knows. As I say to my religious zealots - to possess the truth is not nearly so great a thing as to want it. The practical key is, to a large extent, to understand the ethical codes of those ancient Esennes - they defended themselves with nonlethal applications of a great force against mindless forces of men, and educated those who wanted to learn, eventually leaving their knowledge for a later generation in caves, knowing that their villages would, from time to time, be retired by nature and the vagaries of empires. A study of Philos work [5] indicated that highly developed leaders occasionally had the ability to drop armies with the simple wave of a hand. Although this seems obtuse against our conventions today, extension of esoteric principles does not preclude this at all, but rather shows, more than anything, how primitive we actually are, air conditioners, lasers and bombs notwithstanding. Geetics, aliens and elongated skulls aside, it is arguable that man is already fully capable of higher existence, but has been the victim of sloth and deception by those who appeal to man's lower instincts. This is a fully escapable condition however.

    Avoiding the well anticipated trap of redemption through a false prophet, it appears that the real path toward a refined civilization is collaboration of groups assembled in procedure, meditation and prayer, as well as intense study of these advanced concepts. This may ultimately achieve both the disabling of military assets and potentiate a chain reaction in the general populace through induction of the invisible instinct to love and harmonize in balance with the individual sovereignty of the soul. In another way, we might recognize that the real "Satan" is the overuse of the power of an individual in his environment at the expense of experiencing the force of others' will in balance; diffusing the center of gravity of this force of will among a number of individuals seems to be a key aspect of what is often referred to as the "Christ Consciousness," with its endpoint in the bonding of all in harmonious purpose, accented by individual perspective. Certain properties of such a process already exist such as Brown's group, the Cayce group [12], and many others, but the emphasis has been on remote viewing and other vehicles of perception. The transmission aspect, to some extent well characterized in the Geller experience, [13], is where great potential exists to defeat the nefarious procedures of this new world order philosophy. Various efforts in transmission are underway, such as telekinesis in American, Russian and Chinese agencies [14], but these are ultimately the vaporisation of these forces, and by the argument made here, doomed to comparatively paltry results due to misapplication of attitude; the analytical basis of this assumption exists in both the argument that these powers are to some extent at the disposal of a more sophisticated intelligence beyond our view, and also from a more mathematically intrinsic argument related to the kernel concepts of harmonization of the forces surrounding consciousness itself. If anything is clear, it is that we are in need of emancipation from the "dogmas of our past," yet not simply falling into another, or casting all away like the Greeks, but rather distilling from every experience of mankind that elusive but simple spiritual geodesic that defines our civilization upon our purpose on this blue stone to discover ourselves through each other and to apportion the wealth of the earth in accordance with the importance of every soul within a body here, and by the far greater treasury within our capacity to love each other.


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