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The Crucial Nature of Brexodus


Note these penetrating articles by Martin Armstrong this morning [1], [2], [3].  Most people either don't know about the Brexit vote or don't trouble themselves over it, but in reality, it is the lynchpin for the world's future.  Being Britain, as the keystone to the EU economic matrix, the EU will quickly unravel if she leaves.  This would be the greatest reversal of decades of world power centralization, and perhaps since the American Revolution.  Unfortunately, it is very unlikely to materialize, by virtue of its very importance to the staff of human freedom that is antithetical to the New World Order.  Given the assumption that the Brexit vote will be railroaded, we shall then see a return to business as usual for a time, and many people will not realize what that little bump in the night was - the consummation of a great sinking ship.  America is already lost, and the debate is, in its own corner of reality, simply whether it can be resuscitated or not.  The Trump election is its own equivalent to Brexit, and even in the event of his election, there is the matter of his success and even survival.  Such matters of dashed hopes are not new to the Europeans, and of course, we have Lincoln and Kennedy.     

I recall that my insightful comment in a British news site did not gain entry, as it tied the Orlando shooting to the manipulation of public opinion, and to the importance of Brexit.  Britain is ahead of us in censorship and suppression - something our forefathers understood all too well.  The chief mistake is for the people to believe that simple voting will accomplish accomplish anything in their interest at all.  They wave their flags in the November chill, and on the way to groceries have an orgy of self-satisfied patriotism,as if their appointment with the Diebold voting machine is their sacred franchise, all the time following hoof and tail into the corral made for them by the Old World Order that calls itself the New.

If, by most standards a miracle occurs and Brexit happens, we will see the dominoes fall, as will the EU, as with all chaos that defeats tyranny.  A contagion of freedom and independence from an insidious central world authority will spread, to even bolster either a Trump appeal to American nationalism, or else to regional secession movements.  But as the Scots failed to exit Britain, presumably under the cloud of an older generation that did not want to risk its London pensions, so will America be paralyzed under its false conservatisms and the comfortable illusions of elections, and fall, along with Britain, straight into line toward the stockyard masters' gate.  The purpose of this appraisal is not to be fatalistic - simply accurate.  That said, what remains is the only hope of mankind - the improbable small still voice, that, unlike the other beasts of burden, expresses its strange contagion through the human heart that sets men free under the resolution that we shall drink from but one chalice or another, either a real life, or a real death. 

We must now, in this critical planetary moment, under the blytheful indifference of many, nonetheless witness whether or not the puppetmasters' medications and specious duplicities have denatured the human soul to such an extent that we are no longer, in sufficient numbers, to be addressed, by these self appointed kings, as human beings.  I recall this morning the Native American prophecies, in particular the one that stated that "...the men in robes will bring great injustices to the people."  And so it has begun.  Very soon, as the last glimmer of hope may recede with the unbrainwashed few who are, unfortunately, scattered to the wind - our votes will be, as it was for the aboriginal tribes and now for us to see, taken entirely with our feet.

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