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Supranational Direction of Domestic Military Assets

SK O'Neal
28 February 2014

    I would like to bring to your attention the current discussion on Dave Hodges site regarding "Internment and Resettlement." These terms were also notably used by the Third Reich. The Army pdf file entitled "US Army - Internment Resettlement" is a link below, along with articles 1 and 2 by Hodges. I have not fully examined the document, but the Preface and Introduction are sufficiently general as to apply on the global level that our military assets were originally intended to be used for. What is functionally undefined at this point is separation of those original duties from the current process of amalgamation of the military with law enforcement and the use of this combined asset against the American population.
Further, any competent examination of advanced weapons systems and tactics shows an inordinate and lengthy investment in technologies and strategies far in excess of those which are economically prudent and necessary for our battle theatres abroad, but are instead perfectly suitable for population control operations not at all necessarily limited to foreign conflicts. These patterns appear to be most consistent with Reich operations, under sanitised political rationalisations, and also are in compatible context with the relationship between Hitler's edicts and the plethora of similar PDD's coming from the White House. This process transcends the Obama Administration, most notably including both Bush tenures, and is arguably consistent with an operation that began with the Bush Sr. role in the CIA and its reasons to neutralise the Kennedy dynasty.
Knowing that there is a certain precarious historical detente between the Vatican and the Masonic branches, exploration of the current status of power brokerage, particularly the post-Reich German groups who control certain technologies and their relationship with the Vatican and the Cold War, and their complex potentials for failure may be the key to understanding the actual risks of destabilisation of the West. Exhaustion of the mechanism of dispensing this advanced technology to East and West, or conversion to a coordinated effort by a supernational global contingent, could be at the root off these operations to control populations, and the apparent transition of forces such as the US Army to eventual use against their domestic populations. Putin and Russia's current status, in the vacuum of the technological balancing effect, plus considerations with China and the overall geographic condensations of power, may yield an entirely new balance of power in which the U.S. has been functionally emasculated by the use of its international military power projection in an essentially auto-immune fashion. 

    The precise nature of the global and domestic situation is not at our disposal, but such considerations may be the level of sophistication of the problem, with the resultant consequences that our government operations are, at an occult level still not apparent to many military and law enforcement, about to perform a viciously ironic function against their own people. Recent behavior by the Commander in Chief to unceremoniously eliminate palpable objections in the Pentagon, even before any consideration of the highly questionable status of the current presidency itself, is a morbid indication, again all too similar to the installation of A. Hitler by Western wealthy families, notably including the Bushs, to enact a philosophy of social engineering that simply performed a diaspora of the German nuclear, directed energy and propulsion advancements and its brain trust, blooming in its most recent foliage as frank globalism and the mastery of using nations' militaries against their own populations under the cryptic orders of a very real supranational body of interests.
    In keeping with such philosophies, the Connecticut Phenomenon, starting with Sandy Hook, is clearly a think tank campaign designed to test the social dynamics of weapon seizure in a small state, to evaluate the efficacy of a generalized policy for the entire nation. It is even arguable that a counter-current effort may be the objective in Connecticut, whose actual purpose is to galvanize the American public. Both the inauguration of the Obama Administration and post-Sandy-Hook policy have resulted in extremely ironic acceleration of public weapons acquisition, and it is doubtful that the minds orchestrating the emasculation of America through the Chicago syndicates were unaware of this likelihood. Multiple forces are inevitably operating, but practical disarmament of the American public seems only reasonably achievable by a massive catastrophe that disables communications, severely prostrating our remarkably vulnerable society, thus inhibiting organization of resistance. We are not without ample evidence of this possibility, and one of the most troubling aspects is the possibility that by virtue of certain policies, most notably the installation of large numbers of Russian military inside the U.S., the Commander-In-Chief and more importantly, his handlers who are the actually controllers of national policy, could conceivably be complicit with the Russian financial syndicates, who inevitably control Putin. Franklin Roosevelt understood his situation quite well, commenting that "nothing happens by accident," and Ron Reagan took his bullet after he took exception to the real hand of power he had to answer to. Of course, Reagan had to pull the Pershing missiles from central Europe and pur flowers on an SS grave, in reality to receive from the occulted German technological center certain critical secrets of chemical laser technology. This was a result of an imbalance between the Soviets and America in directed energy technology that came from the Soviet acquisition in 1945 of the particular German scientists who understood quantum-nuclear and scalar energy.

    Until Americans re-affirm their philosophic identity with our forefathers' wisdom and interpretation of human presence upon this earth, we are just fleas on the merchant's dog, and are equally subject to disposal and exodus. Although those progenitors were primarily Masons, it is notable, for instance, that George Washington lamented the incursion of the recently organised Weishaupt Bavarian Illuminati philosophies into America, as Jordan Maxwell has pointed out in one of his lectures. We do not have time for academic confirmation of these considerations, but must act in weight of concensus by instinct, as true Americans, if that is still possible.

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