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Regarding the realities of terrorism

SK O'Neal
15 January, 2015

The France attack was most likely orchestrated from Western agencies (see Paul C. Roberts most recent discussion [1]), but independent analysts are not completely sure.  Advantage is being taken of the occasion by the West in either case. The best estimate is that Obama did not attend the French rally so as not to draw attention to, and suspicion of, the American involvement in false flags in a process to bring Europe back into alignment against the Palestinians and Sino-Russian influence in the Mid-East.  American authority in the world is eroding very quickly, held in place only by increasingly severe economic sanctions.  This authority is not, in reality, American, but the use of American military and currency positions to maintain the Rothschild dynasty and its Old World counterparts.  911 was an example used to operate upon the psychology of the American people, and potentate laws and PDDs necessary to alter the fabric of our society in keeping with plans not consistent with our constitutional norms that diverged from the Old World order.  They call it "New" with a certain displacing irony.

   ISIS is, barring certain aspects of organic sociological potential, completely a Western functionary just as al Queda is, and likely has its operational direction from Langley.  The unrest in the Muslim world is skillfully manipulated with Western money, using a natural course of suffering and revenge latent in the Middle Eastern world.  Derangement of originating Islamic principles is part of the process, as it has been for every institutionalized religion, but certain regimentations of Islam may be exceptionally reactionary and diverge from organic principles of harmonization characteristic of every benevolent ecclesiastical foundation.  A detailed analysis of millennia of conflict in the Holy Land may alter modern appraisals of Islam and philosophies related to the post-Abraham divergences.  Strategic utilization of the Arab world by the Third Reich is relevant as it evolved into the post-war cooperation between American and occulted Reich components, extending the scope of a long established nemesis to the Russians, and, beyond the facile thinking of most modern authors, formed a major component of the nonconservative basis of American politics.  The so-called liberal side of American politics is significantly aligned with Israel and the more orthodox Jews, but a complex situation exists with the Kassars in the House or Rothschild and other groups, all of which are traditionally opposed to Russian influence.  Attempts by Russia, and China as well, to more equally balance influence in the Arab world is at the root of the conflict now, and certain bellicose features of Islam greatly potentate the mutilation of the Arab world as pawns in the terrorism process.  China's influence in Africa's mineral reserves is also relevant.  The Western plan to encapsulate a string of North African and Mid Eastern regimes, culminating with Syria and then Iran has been on the drawing boards for many decades now, partially manifested several years ago against the anti-dollar regimes and strategic Egypt, and the Ukraine issue is a defacto conflict over Iran, and Russian financial solvency.  Like the Soviet Union, America may spend itself before the conflict is finished, or else appeal to first nuclear strike, a situation Putin is no doubt keeping a close eye upon.    This situation the agencies manipulating the West have also taken copious advantage of, as do all dark forces utilizing fear and the short term directable energies of negative human emotion.  Iran, Libya and others have been issues entirely because of their resistance to the use of the American petrodollar system, and their socio-politics are dramatically misrepresented to the point that they are driven into self-fulfilled prophesies.  An undetermined component of the overall equation is the role of highly advanced weapon systems several generations past nuclear explosives, but this only increases the prospect for a terrible war, as brinkmanship in this arena would itself be catastrophic.  We are also waiting for any indication of Von Braun's prediction of a false ET component, a fals-flag of monumental significance, but anticipated by the psychology of public reaction to the "War of the Worlds" broadcast.  This latter rather extraordinary situation is best not treated with excess incredulity.

    All of this conflict is of monetary root upon a foundation of an elite versus defacto livestock order of sociology, and we will see future terrorism manifest with perfect regularity based upon economic manipulations related to the failing Western hold on world affairs.  A marked exception will be the Sino-Russian attack in response, and this will be known by its scale and technical complexity.  Russia and China are not yet ready to break into their own reserve currency, but it may be close.  Then there is the possibility of catastrophic "terrorism," thermonuclear war and assassinations of heads of state.  These include the possibilities related to technical attacks upon the US infrastructure that will cripple us economically and certainly psychologically as well.  The low oil is a natural cycle process, notably exacerbated by Saudi desire to maintain market position, but is being steered to put pressure on Russia and drain her economic reserves.   Ukraine and its gas are part of this overall equation, and the US has the temerity to interfere with Russia's "Texas."  This oil price situation can only go on for about a year without exhaustion of Russian financial reserves, leaving 2015 as a potential year for escalation of events.  Many do not Borealis that it is also exhausting to US  financial reserves, and a large contingent of derivatives debt is tied up with shale oil venture capital, and this could cause a complex chain reaction in financial markets.  Attacks on oil routes and refinery capacity is a likelihood, and would reverse oil prices instantly. 

    Either there shall enter a great spiritual influence that somehow does not violate the invasive constraints of human will, or else our current vilification will extinguish itself as the vortex of events approaches its asymptotic condition.   Revisiting the ET aspect, there is no shortage of campaigns in the media to insidiously manipulate public thinking into an atheistic state where our pedigree is routinely explained by extraterrestrial design, and that we must eventually genuflect and kneel to that order.  But of course, in whatever degree of legitimacy that origin holds, the ET's themselves must obey the higher spiritual domain that does not trifle with those who place their faith in worlds of lesser dimensions and the gods they appear to have.  Partial truths are a most powerful weapon, especially used upon undisciplined minds, and those dominated by fear.