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The Real Meaning of International Banking

SK O'Neal
30 January, 2015

This is a good little cartoon on money and banking, and a reminder of what is really going on[1], and a more lengthy treatment[2], just for starters.  The long term reality is that the dollar will have a day of reckoning, despite the lengthy honeymoon as default currency of choice as the Euro and other currencies fail for a little while longer.  But this is simply the crust upon the cheese.



Relatively few people realize that the Fed and IRS are not government at all, and that their authority of devastating sanction against every individual is passed through the enforcement agencies and Pentagon from the world corporate banks. Funding of war and profit extraction from plunder is how the international banks and their controlling families make the majority of their money, and thus we see the huge involvement with defense, for a nation that has no real need to extend its military presence, despite what is being peddled to the public.  The entire war on terror is a complete fraud designed to dupe the American public and, as we see, the Europeans on occasion, into sanctioning the assignment of huge resources into these wars. The entire Muslim threat, together with the gross exacerbation of certain codicils of religious doctrine, is exquisitely integrated with the Agency activities in foreign governments, to produce Al Queda, ISIS (Al Queda 2.0), and whatever the next phase will be called.  The sociological psi-op is largely centered around a conflict of fear between the Zionist proxy (Christianity in defense of Israel) and Islam, whose constituents have been maintained in a chronic state of fertile strategic turmoil.  

The Pentagon role as mentioned above in particular is precisely its purpose - not the defense of America, although that is the facade and has played that ostensive role.  The psychological displacement of engineered fear among the Americans, and aggravated suppression of the Muslims maintains the illusion that the Pentagon and its overwhelming consumption of our society's resources is being used for defense, when in reality it is being used to maintain chaos and enforcement of the currencies controlled by the most elite of the  global banking family interests.  This is the precise explanation, whether Americans like it or not or realize it or not.   What is coming soon to the American people is the revelation that the US military will be unceremoniously used against them when they no longer serve those interests, as they will become expendable - thus the plethora of FEMA camps, massive underground facilities and the huge investment in highly specialized technology far beyond that necessary to deal with Afghan rebels, to control the American people when the time comes.  The already realized condition in which the bulk of the American populace becomes aged and de-industrialized is the bellwether of their retirement from their conspicuous position of  consumption of world resources.  The carbon and climate campaigns, complete technical farces in reality, are but banner edifices to deceitfully sub-duct the American standard of living.  Maintenance of American labor and demographic balance during this transition of social engineering has required the introduction of a younger, uneducated force for mostly unskilled labor to maintain some degree of order, and this is the entire motivation for the allowance of the Mexican border influx.  Absolutely none of the illegal immigration is related to inability to stop the flow or for any other sociological purpose.  If our government did not want one man to get across our border alive, then it could quickly achieve that condition.  The preposterous, and arguably treasonous federal sanction against states attempting to defend their interests against this diaspora is plenary evidence of the sub rosa intent controlling federal government policy and are, under normal conditions of social intelligence, sufficient cause for secession and civil war.   Like "multiculturalism" for the introduction of Muslims into European and other nations including the US, the purpose is entirely rooted in one or another mechanisms by which cultural dissolution and control of the various populations as fodder for war or labor to the banking interests is maintained, completely divorced from any conceivable prudence in domestic law and fiscal policy. 

The single greatest enemy of the people of the United States is their own refractory ignorance and lethargy.  In simplest terms, slaves are self-made.  To a large extent, this has been carefully engineered as well, through dis-education, deliberate population pacification by fluoridation and psychotropic medication from childhood onward, and exacerbated by continuous conditioning by the television media, who cover up the real financial and social engineering with endless fabrications about terrorism, and feel-good sessions with little doggies and giggling trollops on set.  This is the modern analogue to stiff sanctions for teaching a slave to read.   It cannot be said with enough clarity - the current terrorism parade, its beheadings, school shootings, collapsed buildings, and every coming atrocity that insane minds can conceive, are completely orchestrated from the perverted rationalizations of Western think tanks and their special compartmentalized agencies, and channeled through pseudo-legitimised Islamic Oswalds to produce the consummately real impressions that the origins are with the targeted nations and peoples.  Incredible to any decent person, the motivation for such heinous programs stem from the degree of distorted ethos and occult theologies resident within the long biologically and philosophically inbred banking families, and a collection of secrets that only the most intuitive and researched members of the free public may initially access, but so horrid as to represent a monumental apocalypse in its own right, once the public is finally enlightened.  This information can be supported by a long study of the authors who have researched the "Unseen Hands" behind this arena, but it is arguable that the American populace may already be reduced to a sufficiently distracted false wisdom in their own circles of thought as to be functionally incapable of an effective research and consensus against such a hideous pall now shadowing their future.  The elite families truly regard general humanity as units of livestock, to be utilized, managed, and occasionally culled as if a lower order of species.  The millennial of slavery are the blazing evidence of this philosophy that we have routinely ignored through an insidious sociological reductionism of the masses' preoccupation with bread and circuses.   The true causes for such rationale and attitude, once exposed to daylight, are beyond credulity for most.  But no vestige of decency in human norms with which we are traditionally familiar shall ever be compatible with such philosophies, yet the entire world of men remains stubbornly complicit, serving as its own enforcer against those who attempt to turn over the tables of these merchants who still to this day, defile our holy Temple.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)