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A Personal Perspective on Inherent Instabilities of our Civilization

A Personal Perspective on Inherent Instabilities of our Civilization  |    SK O'Neal

December, 2013
Republished with written permission of author

Global strategies of social engineering being applied to the United States as a comprehensive spectrum of extrinsic, insidious manipulations of our society appear to be operationally analogous to A. Golitsyn's breakup of the Soviet Union and with the same fundamental objective - retirement of a superpower. In addition to the natural endemic sociological cycles of recent millennia, the familial agents that control the world's wealth design lifespans into nations so that they do not become too powerful and durable against the long entrenched grip of the Law of Water, in particular, against certain secular aspects of the Vatican, and the Royal Corporation of London and their entourages. The Rothschilds, for instance, starting with the carrier pigeon at the battle of Waterloo, developed increasingly sophisticated methods of controlling markets and obtaining ordo ab chao, in which all societies, and their corporate entities we recognize as nations, are limited to their season by powerful technologies and manipulation of the public mind, and with wars orchestrated to resolve economic prostration resulting from the inevitable dilution of currencies. The fountainhead of such philosophies of governing mankind does not logically originate with the creative forces that harmonized to bring us into existence as physical beings, but rather seems to be a contempt for mankind, or resignation of same to the status of regulated livestock, as characterizes the domination of one species over another.

It is my understanding that following the '08 trillion dollar bailout a law was enacted to prohibit any further bank bailouts. The subsequent QE's have employed a comparatively indirect process of currency dilution and an arrangement for the Fed purchase of 45 billion per month of MBSs, with the banks agreeing to remit the money back to the treasury in purchase of treasury bills and allowing the Fed to use the real property collateral gained in acquiring the MBSs to purchase leverage of fifteen to one on the derivatives market, using monies established solely upon currency dilution. This operation is part of a de facto transfer of wealth from the public trust and the sovereign solvency of the United States into the hands of a corporation cloaked in secrecy and is the consummation of a calculated program of monumental debt increase, both public and private, culminating in a crisis demanding a bailout process similar to, but dwarfing, the situation in 2008, after which the existing monetary systems will be inexorably collapsed, and a reflexive collapse of world business will occur. This will rapidly result in the infarction of food and other critical supplies that will then produce a fair portion of the provision of the Georgia Guidestone population reduction mandate, under the implicit objectives of the Cobden Club recommendations to the UN Security Council in 1991. The Patient Affordable Care Act, viciously disingenuous against its stated pretext, is nothing more than a distraction from the great financial menouvres going on, in essence a "legislative 911," to preoccupy public and legislators alike. The sheer magnitude of the dark age we are likely to enter is so difficult to fathom that very few are able to even consider thinking about it or see it as a real physical possibility. But consider the boldness of the crimes committed in our times and the depravity and social duplicity so blatant as to defy gravity against common sense with every turn of the newspage. The decomposition of the US will differ from the Soviet Union's by the substantial resistance a certain segment of the people will present and by the inertia of same from the sensibilities of our Constitution and the residual sentiment of free men not at all characteristic of Russia's sociologies. The derivatives market, the prime mechanism to drive the transition to Novus Ordo Seclorum, is a premeditated runaway financial chain reaction of capital usury designed to overshoot its credible basis by such an extent that the entire global economy will be consumed. The enigmatic predilections of the Fed and of this derivatives debacle is not at all by accident. Our era is no more free of the fall of great empires than any time before, any more than it is free of their corruptions.

I am beginning to understand the mechanisms by which this age old paradigm may be defeated, but this elegantly powerful spiritual equation is, in essence, anticipated by the prophetic statement "before kingdoms can change, men must change." The centre of power of that concept, yet to be understood, is the transformation to the equivalent, "men --can-- change," which is the basis of every esoteric equation defining the future of man, including for instance its equivalent in Blavatsky's root race theorems that the Nazis disastrously misinterpreted and the West secretly financed into the first attempt at Novus Ordo Seclorum, using a much older culture than that of the District of Columbia. We even see this in the extraterrestrial axioms being forwarded governing the concept of DNA manipulation, and as well in its equivalent in the Ray Stanford Fatima revelations in which such will be achieved through the dynamic of radiation modification of the human DNA. Implicit in all of this are the highly sophisticated manipulations associated with spirit energies that can precisely alter the radiation fields and probability distributions to an exact end, albeit under a protocol of ethos of a higher realm. Also implicit is the use of a similar class of procedures of a telepathic nature that has the potential to induce massive spontaneous changes in the collective public mind. Certain individuals have, in the past, attempted this sort of process via the mesmeric arts, but ended tragically because of inferior attitude and ethos. Today, the Illuminati level of involvements are no more elegant and refined than the SS at Wewelsburg, and will produce the same results - a global tragedy.  As yet, nothing has changed. I do wonder if I shall be better to abandon the amelioration of these routes to another lifetime, and allow the fire to burn itself clean once again. So simple is the algorithm that may save man from himself and the world of men made elegant, but by the most sacred of laws such must be realized by induction, not by compulsion, yet this tiny codicil of spirit still eludes mankind. Thus we see that the world of war is lead by the financial, and it in turn is lead by the spiritual, each propagating its imbalances as fatal instabilities.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)