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Global Warming

SK O'Neal
16 May 2014

This is referred to by Linda Howe on The supplement report contains a plethora of discussions and graphs showing apparent evidence for global warming and its correlation with greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, the missing element is actual ---a legitimate technical basis for causality--. This matter I have not had a chance to Linda, but I suspect that she is unaware of the real intellectual battle underway on this front, and its intended effects upon the public mind. The report pdf is not dated in its content, but references are from this year. In addition to the matters of financial and sociological turbulence of this day, we need a hard-hitting technical discussion of planetary climate dynamics based upon the chief driving factor - changes in the sun, and in the space atmosphere affecting the dynamics of its thermonuclear layer. Of course, McCanney has a good start on this in his publications. Is there a good compilation of the counter arguments to this global warning argument? The supplement insists that warming and ice melt are pronounced and unmistakable. Others insist that the temperature data is flawed and that actual cooling has occurred - this I tend to suspect is correct. Behind all of this is the consideration by McCanney that the sun output has dropped, which would support less energy available for absorption on the earth. Along with this is his observation that the solar weather has quieted as well. Another consideration I might offer is that some places may actually experience increased temperature due to an indirect effect - if the "calm sun" condition leads to less storm activity on earth, then one might find a decrease in convective mixing of the atmosphere, leading to increased stratification and increased surface temperatures.

We need, in addition to preparedness and active efforts to disenfranchise false government, a technical and literary core, aided by physical resources to create technologies and infrastructure for effective resistance to the tyrants who have traditionally always invaded our home through New York and on a world scale, through Johannesburg, for instance, with the aim of finally defeating them with more than just words and dissent. Like the various philosophies such as the "Occupy" movement, Tea Party, and the social upheavals of the sixties and seventies against the causes of the Vietnam War, we are still without the clear statesmanship, intellect, mobilized resources and focused clarity of purpose required to sustain the original purposes of our republic. Interesting, however, would be a bloodless battlefront with millions of Americans withdrawing their deposits from the London-New-York banking system, along with a massive withdrawal of retirement accounts, placing them into more useful and obscure assets, ultimately far more secure in the coming theater of events. Then we might consider placing some of these assets into new scientific and commodity-based resources for a population that actually is on a course towards legitimate human freedom and cultural growth. Of course, the alternative is to resign ourselves to the base, arrested description of human nature, with their false sciences and theologies of disguised slavery of the mind. Pharaohs, kings and false churches have fattened themselves upon this doctrine for some twelve thousand years of relatively quiet geology. But remember that such a doctrine and its premise axiomatically obviates the legitimacy and purposes of all prophets and their master - a premise that we, as a nation, were patently founded to finally dispense with. Perhaps the ground under our feet understands this as well.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)