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Philosophical Drivers of Our Society - False Change Versus Real Change


We note today an article by Hodges [1] on hazards posed by new phone internet transmission rates, and immediately find relevant the law enforcement TETRA health issues with transceivers worn over the shoulders, and the severe cancer and heart rhythm issues observed at the base stations (Barry Trower - [2], [3], [4]).  For higher wireless telecommunication transmission rates being prepared (4G at 100 Mhz to 5G at 10GHz - a factor of 100), power must increase, or else proximity of the antennas - all according to the common factor of electromagnetic power density, that must also go up by about a factor of 100.  Of course, the radiation from the "smart meter" devices installed on many homes is already an established concern with specific complaints similar to those for the TETRA system, answered only with a refractory chain of deferment to higher authorities on the matter.  Such technical particularities serve to highlight general implications for humanity that consistently refer to unnervingly remote and nebulous sources of policy [12], and deeper questions regarding the fundamental course of humankind. 

Non vested investigations in behalf of the public interest into global policies, attitudes and operational programes yield candid results that are not at all reassuring, as are the revelations regarding food, water, and every other aspect of policy driven management of the population at large.  The long, brutal pedigrees of world commerce, organized crime and war complicate the perspective through normalization of historical tradition, and find their way into internal national policy.  As with the experimental usury of members of the U.S. military, rendering them guinea pigs in every terrible meaning of the metaphor, we also find that the police, who are principally from the same culturally compliant ethic of blue collar underclass, are being unceremoniously used with similar disregard, and that a comprehensive suite of such policies now in play herald a philosophy patently inconsistent with the egalitarian principles on which our republic was established, or even with the existence of any republic.  The plight of our nation's veterans is entirely emblematic of the true nature of what can only be described as a putrid attitude of global policy makers towards the population generally.  This presumptive class structure is pervasive, scarcely new in the litany of historical castes or in our nation's own past; it now unsentimentally drives our society in exquisitely technical and proprietary ways, capitalizing upon the relative complacency and insidiously degraded intelligence of the general population, and maintaining that condition through "deliberate dumbing down" methodologies [8], [9], particularly through food, water, defilements of education and inurement by cultural icons such as entertainment, and as we also see, through electromagnetic conditioning [6].

A condensed urban environment, which global policies such as Agendas 21/30/50 promote into a new social paradigm, indicate systematic population movement to "stacked" urban domiciles, with the remainder under quiet agenda to be relegated to FEMA, similar to the Reich edict 44/91 in Poland [10].  The operational philosophy is the ultimate federalization of all land and resources, and reduction to tenency
and centralized dependency for all peoples, sparing an exclusive elite component.  An historical precedent for such a structure was the dual stratification of Sparta, with its Homoioi and Krupteia, but this brutal culture epitomized as its societal fruit the prosecution of war.  Martin Armstrong recently issued an article [5] discussing the evolution of empires from the village-agrarian economy ("villa economy") to the urban-industrialized basis, pointing out that this transition is ubiquitous through history and for us, in essence, inevitable.  He also pointed out that human nature does not change, and his computer models base much of their accuracy on this principle.  Of course I disagree at a fundamental ontological level, but concur on a shallower, materialistically pragmatic level that continues with its aged consistency to govern human affairs.

The phenomenon of Brexit and the rise of Trump are a fertile rebellion against a fully ripened cycle of the status quo, but even these are analytically anticipated on a nearly perfect wave of predicted human socioeconomic behavior, as calculated by Armstrong [7]. The stability of the frequencies and predictive figures of merit, including market numbers, is remarkably consistent. Other methods, for instance, linguistic algorithms, can be used to predict events, but evidence for dominant cyclic properties is, at least with the publicly available models [13], not as apparent as are the reactive linear reactive properties commonplace with most financial and sociological analyses, and with the intuitive methods as well.  One might expect that proprietary agency methods will quietly recognize the more cyclic dominance.  Certainly the cruel sanctions employed by the CIA to coerce Armstrong to hand over his algorithms indicate their likely relevance [14], if not at least their recognition that Armstrong's methods are uncommonly accurate.  Many prominent names in the independent press are not yet aware of the power of these models, blaming banking policy for market bloating instead of the real causes - capital flow due to increasing instability of governments and social orders. They miss the true requirements for real changes to be made in socioeconomic philosophies that such understanding implies for benevolent, nondestructive manifestation of our future.  True departure from these cycles is often mistaken within the flurry of the localized emotional apocalypse-apparent of each cycle of revolution.  It is arguable that the reasons that such revolutions are normalisable to a fundamental, stable Fourier series applied to human behaviour, is that the leaders themselves rarely depart from the same human weaknesses that have driven the instabilities to cause their rise in power in the first place - a persistent feedback mechanism.  Such is the mechanism of the beguiling deception of social redemption -- false change.

When will men stop irradiating each other, and rationalizing, in countless little jabs of subliminal murder, their cynical disposals of society?  Of course....when men learn not to force their wills upon each other, or mindlessly emulate earthly little kings who teach such things, to instead love....  which means live and induce change in others through example instead of coercion and its temporary flash of earthly dominance for which "all glory is fleeting"....  this is when real change will occur, spiritual evolution.  Rare individuals come among us to teach this principle, but are often murdered, shuffled under, and, at best, their martyrdom stamped out in trite marble homilies.  They represent in truth the potential for awakening of new modes of human thought and attitude - the possibility that the differential equations that describe human socioeconomic behavior will ultimately bifurcate, the spirit awakening to new purposes of existence.  Whether we must slip into the nuclear and chemical war that Nostradamus and Stormberger saw in their visions, or even worse, endure a systematic global immersion into Gandhi's "worst form of violence," slavery," will depend upon such an awakening or its failure. This is no time for the cynic or existential materialist. Future is both extrapolation of current momentum and the action of will, that neither scripture nor more recent methods can condense to exact answers, until their abstractions are addressed by human will as well [11].  So comfortably we resign ourselves to a future cast in stone when many so quickly forget Jesus' insistence that the words of the Spirit are "not dead stone."  The real answers are indeed more abstract, with both religions and their dry analytical counterparts losing veritas of humanity when filtered by cynical philosophies of an arrested interpretation of human existence.  This knowledge, whether analytical historical account or as scripture, is often mistaken for fate.  But does this make any ecclesiastical sense? Is there is any permanently solvent purpose to a scripture that is not intended to change us --- to not change the future and mode of mankind's existence? That great revolution will be our unification with the deeper meaning of these esoteric gifts from greater worlds - our emancipation from fate and the subtle perversions of scriptures that men are fated and in some cases must be induced to kill to protect their dogmas.  With it comes the ultimate charge of personal responsibilities for our destinies and destiny as a civilization, as it is our wills that are being tested here in this little place, not God's.  

The revolution in vivo, the real change in human existence, will be the understanding that we come to exist in worlds such as this to become more than what we were - that this is what defines being conscious and alive, and as such is a type of real CHANGE, not to resign ourselves to the ground state tendency that humanity does not change, that deterministic prescription immobilized by a god of static existence, the creed taught to slaves.  It is one thing to recognize the social invariants that make us predictable; it is quite another to recognize that some among us carry the seeds of change in the human condition, and that such persons must be dedicated to the inclusive and harmonization of free will, to the
extent that we can understand how it is intended from above, to foster a common, unstratified purpose whos inductions do not originate in the material world.






[6]  see Val Valerian's MATRIX III and other compilations, now unfortunately out of print.

[7]  see Martin Armstrong,   SOCRATES computer modeling.

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the deliberate reprogramming of American society; youtube, various.

[10] An appreciation of this situation can be gained from watching the movie "Schindler's List," in which Gypsies and notably in the movie, the Jews, were assigned to concentrated tenency in the cities.  Such policies can be viewed in a more general sociological sense, and one only has to turn to the Native American reservation system to find an extremely efficient and worrisome American precedent for this.

[11]  It is interesting that remote viewing methods, performed in double blind practises, and yielding remarkably cogent results unmistakably taken from a common reservoir of intuition, nonetheless often find the future quite different from their perceptions.  Of note is the Farsight Institute's work.  This month of August 2016 is predicted with intense consistency, to involve a city struck with a terrible projectile.  We shall see if it manifests or not, and the significance of the results and their conclusions are not a simple matter.

[12]  Any efforts by regulating agencies to ameliorate hazards are already met with many observations to the contrary, and must inaugurate their answers, in case in point, for the patently abysmal dismissals of the Fukushima global radiation threat, with their absurdly arbitrary duplicities regarding acceptable radiation exposure.

[13] see, for instance, the linguistic analyses by Clif High,

[14]  Martin Armstrong, hackmiami conference, spring of 2016 youtube:℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)