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Discussion of Ukraine and World War

SK O'Neal
2 March, 2014

Hodges' February 28 article, linked below, is required reading [1]. The traditional strategic picture in the north portion of the Ottoman Empire region is serious enough, without current considerations of Russian troop presence in the US. Economically speaking, some will argue that since it is bad for business the world power structures won't allow something as unsanitary as a major war to intervene, but history differs. Another consideration is whether there may be occurring a shift of power that will manifest in an untidy manner. We can also consider Armstrong's position [2] that gold is only of refuge value when currencies fall into doubt and that the world currencies will take refuge in the dollar as things destabilize. Why then have China, Russia and India acquired so much gold recently? I still suspect that the updraft of the dollar may be transient, and that long term, commodities are the best investment, including some metals to protect supernatant wealth from the dollar's appointment with dilution. Armstrong might agree with this, but where we might differ is the ultimate weakness of the dollar, in step with the developing weakness, or even dissolution, of the US. As Obama's backers are heavily invested in China and no doubt Russian syndicates as well, we must wonder who is actually watching the hen house. Those who are not amateurs at such issues are, of course, not wondering at all. Notice also for instance, as discussed by James McCanney, the move of a multi-billion dollar facility of General Electric to China.

Money is historically tied to war. Some argue that war strengthens economies but this is false economy. Much is destroyed and lives are lost. War improves economies in leverage, boosting those of the victors while laying waste to vast areas in the same way that a ram pump pushes a small amount of water to the top while dropping a tremendous amount to satisfy the reality of physical conservation laws. When we add the Georgia Guidestone precepts, and those of, for instance, the Cobden Club recommendations to the UN Security Council in 1991, we see that peace for mankind is not the real economy of the elite, but rather the peace and prosperity of a few at the terrible expense of the many - this is the paradigm of the last twelve millennia. As large areas of the world are being torn apart, Americans slip further into the illusions created by their relative prosperity, but this appears to be nearing an end.

With the recent commerce between Obama and the Russians regarding troop deployments inside the US, the massive buildup of mechanisms to suppress public unrest, the nepharious nature of the housecleaning in the Pentagon, and two decades of pandering and fiscal prostration to China, one can easily get the impression that our election process, as well as the true role of the Federal Reserve, are a complete farce and that when the critical geographic and economic interests of Russia and China mature, America's populace will finally discover in stark and irrevocable terms that, like Russia and China, their most ruthless and unscrupulous enemies sometimes turn out to be their government representatives. In blatant resolution our nation's forefathers wrote our founding papers entirely upon this refractory asymptote of political reality, and that the demonization of these men by our current politicians is certainly a case of the lady doth protest too much, or more graphically, the pot calling the kettle black. The only question remaining then is whether there is something different about Americans, or else the we too will end up choking on our caviar, and then later, on acorns. It is arguable that this is the time to pull all monies out of the bank and out of dollar instruments, and to genuinely begin to invest in each other. In practical terms at least, we have a long way to go to catch up with the Amish. When shall it be that we define our new paradigm for mankind's affairs? Must we wait for another prophet who we will inevitably fail to listen to once again? When the change comes from within man instead of from without, that mysterious paroxysm of spirit and contagious inspiration that responds to love instead of the whip, I believe the shift will then occur, and the nations and churches of men shall fall away before those of our greater community. These wars and monies and the human constructs they represent will then be a thing of the past, as was the flatness of the earth.

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