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The Crushing of a Flower

The Crushing of a Flower  |    SK O'Neal

9 February 2014
Republished with written permission of author

We observe monumental sophistication in the conversion of the "hip-green-occupy-anarchist-environemntal" movements into sub-rosa diversions of original intent. These colorful genres are, in reality, skillfully hijacked social threads just like the hipster experimental sociologies of the sixties, infiltrated and converted into social engineering agenda that ultimately destroy the very freedoms, intent and ways of life enjoyed by those who have, in their naiive innocence, initiated the original noble trends and clever mantras. A generation's predilection to drug induced mind expansion, shabbily replicating the original spiritual arts through hobby shamanism and within the nebulous netherland of new age crystals, granola and conscious expansion without the appropriately sophisticated mathematical edifices, leaves them vulnerable to every seasoned predator. Escape from reality has been the principal outcome, with its new civilization yet an unviable, stillborn prodigy. A major specific consequence of this observation is the realization that the current crop of hipsters are practically no more savvy than their predecessors of the sixties, and equally immuno-compromised under the insidious work of the CFR think tanks.

As we move beyond the home remedy uses of apple cider vinegar, the therapeutic value of chat sociology, and the charming anecdote of sixth-grade research projects, the Internet is in reality an overwhelming deluge of information, only a very small fraction of which is of veritable technical value - and generally restricted, and becomes a deceptive one-way ticket for all but the most astute and scientifically disciplined minds straight into Intellectual Auschwitz.

The real tragedy is that the beautiful flower that has been the hipster intent of overcoming the lies and fears of our preceding social order is quickly trampled by the intellect of the powerful earthly minds who have dominated mankind's affairs for millennia, defining in full color the effect of mind operating without conscience or spirit. So in the final analysis, we see, in a duet of imbalance, that mind decays to wickedness without the spirit of the heart, and the heart withers to muck without the template of the mind. This is the dilemma of humankind, and the Master spoke of such things. As I take my residence among these lovely flowers, I see that the true redemption for mankind is the unification of mind and spirit, that the body then may follow. Of these things perhaps we should speak.

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