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A Clearer Picture Developing on Ukraine

SK O'Neal  | 03 March, 2014

    Paul C Roberts has to date given the best discussion of the Ukraine situation, although this is not a surprise. It is interesting to note his position on American interests in the region, and that a genuine conflict of power appears to have been developing between the West and the Russia-China complex. Also very interesting are Roberts' comments about Kerry's lying about an invasion, and the suite of specious language from the West to justify our presence there. We need to defend our national interests - but our military has not been doing that for some time; it has, however, been enforcing global central bank interests at the great expense of American men and assets under the facade of American interests. Such has also been the lot of massive weapons technology that is not really for eradication of errant Afghans, but ultimately the beta testing for the world's general population, certainly including Americans. The real conflict is between and essentially atheistic elite versus those they wish to maintain as slaves for an additional twelve millennia.

     An additional factor in the East-West power balance has been the long historical conflict between the Hun and the Russian tribes to the east. In addition, Anglo-Saxon America has always had a cultural link with the Germanic tribes, although this took a back seat during the timeframe of the Civil War that, according to Winston Churchill, "was the most inevitable war in history," extending a centuries-old conflict of Braveheart ilk to the new continent, and defining the bulk of critical mass of social pressure required to ignite that contest. The slavery issue was the match and the cultural divide was the fuel. To this end, Lincoln struggled with emancipation, but enacted it only after it became the incendiary for moral cause that quickened the Union Army's apathy and exhaustion. It is arguable that the North, culturally linked with its Anglo-Saxon origins, still expresses the same socioeconomic pressures today that brought contention in the ante-bellum South, and that the persistence of this condition now defines the current conflicts between East and West, and equally importantly, between the government, now in a usurped condition, and the legitimate interests of the American people. In more recent times, we saw the rise of Hitler, funded from western families and supported even during the war. Prescott Bush's indictment for trading with the enemy was only the tip of the iceberg. According to C. Hydrick's research, Martin Boorman's escape and redemption was purchased by the diversion of IG Farben's Auschwitz weapons grade uranium from its destination with Japan's secret atom bomb project, to the Jewish atom bomb project in America, with the critical objective to avoid Soviet domination of the post war world, and to allow America to be, among a number of other forces, the preferred seat of growth for post-war Nazi occult interests. The control that this contingent had on Reagan was evident with the withdrawal of Pershing missiles from central Europe, in exchange for technology to balance Soviet advances, and so the Cold War went, in its secret reality controlled by Nazi technology's balancing of world power. Much of the "UFO" disc technology has been a result of this process, and there is a danger that von Braun's prospect of a false-ET event is an intended finale.

    Is it any wonder that the neo-Nazi contingent in Ukraine is supported from America, albeit under the facade of severe duplicities in foreign policy, that Kerry obediently parrots? The man and his cause celebes were bought a long time ago, but this does not, by any measure make him unique. In addition to the fact that Ukraine is in essence Russia's Texas, we have a more subtle and presistent historical-cultural conflict between Russia and its Hun nemesis in the West, leading towards the conclusion that any attempt by the West to abort Russia's acquisition of Ukraine will result in unlimited escalation, as Russia's future hinges entirely upon this critical asset. To favour Russia is one matter, and to see that Americans and their nation are being used as a tool for an agenda they do not understand or would approve of is quite another.

    A further alignment of historical precedent is between the Reich cultural norms and the Muslims, that we see is formed into its current expression in Ukraine, opposing the Russians. This class of bedfellows takes on a deeper context when we consider, for instance, the close relationship between the Bushs and bin Ladens. Further, Roberts' consideration of the historical cultural origins of Ukraine add much to the argument as well. Again, to support and love one's nation and people is one matter - to understand that they are being deceived and led into complicity with evil is another, and these can be concurrent.

    The key element I have been looking for in the last three years is the unambiguous bloom of a genuine bifurcation of world power that would then lead to social dynamic, albeit also likely, war. The final challenge to the current hold on global power may now become volatile. Such a development is ostensibly undesirable until we consider the alternative, at least in conventional thinking, of a quiet transition to a completely policed,  surveilled and controlled planet. "Give me liberty or give me death," comes to mind in this context, not that anyone would ordinarily prefer violence. But we are in extra-ordinary times, and it is refreshing to see that the weather of world politics may allow the possibility of a fresh storm to clear the air. Of course, there is a far more elegant solution if we are willing to open our hearts - an Alt-C cultural phenomenon, if you will, based on our capacity to love and support one another while in these short lifetimes on this little planet, if the formula for its contagion can be found in our era.

     As I soon leave my home behind with the minions of Agenda 21, and find another, these principles will be considered for a new sort of community and philosophy based upon a real effort to love and to cultivate far more nonlinear thought and its graceful manifestations for all the lovely beings that are mankind.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)