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Amendment II and it's Context

Mr. SK  O'Neal on 6 October, 2015

Per Dave Hodges' Article [1], below, it is well that we all should be concerned about such things. 
But a constitution, or its champion, is only as good as the peoples' ability and willingness to read it
and to comprehend the context of its meaning in terms of spiritual and sociological invariants as
mankind proceeds through new levels of civilization, both enlightened and dark. 

   Perhaps the student of such matters might now wish to entertain a departure from facile considerations, as the world now hangs in balance.  Personal defense is, as our forefathers knew all too well, still arguably essential to sovereign freedom, but it should be pointed out that now things are not so simple, else-wise nations (and groups?) would not trouble with nuclear explosives, biologics, chemicals, or the long systematic adulterations of a society that Iserbyt [2] and Valerian [3] speak of. Methods of war have become consummate at a planetary level, so it is now incumbent upon us to master the art of civilization with more advanced methods, and in particular, those more ontologically and ecclesiastically precise - unadulterated spiritual codexes mathematically and conceptually more general than human existence on earth or even the current state of physics and galaxies, but no less connected with the complex non-deterministic "aesthetic" domains we loosely describe as "spirit."  Such codes appear to differ greatly from the tenor and measurable results of all major religious institutions of the past number of millennia, despite the apparent residue of spiritual truths in ink, including the special form of religion called atheism, and its adjuncts in existential materialism that dominate the comparably sterile thinking within the supervising global organizations. Indeed, those who seek perfection in a tangible document are arguably, despite all good intentions and shrill pontifications, ultimately and ironically the holders of dead stone, as the Master said it was. 

Countless good intentions have had their day in court. Men have been all too willing to kill over what is written, in books they place resolute faith in, not because they chose them, but because they were simply born into that particular doctrine, subjects of credulity and the comforts of social confirmation.  Real thinkers, and certainly the prophets, do not routinely afford themselves such comforts, nor in reality does any truly free man.  Even Gandhi it is said [9], remedied a Hindu man's crime of murder of a Muslim by prescribing that the man raise his own child as a Muslim - surely not because he supports Islam, but because the man killed in the name of his religion, and that there is a greater context and balance of resolution within which we must address the demeanor of our religions.  

The atheists likewise fail by limiting their algorithms of consciousness to convergent, deterministic functions that do not include the nonlinear dynamics of what we affectionately call "free will," and its non-convergent factors to the equations relating to all forms of existence. They instead remain denatured from the ever elusive event horizon of true aesthetic comprehension and its algoriths that define eternal expansion of consciousness.  What seems universally garner-able from the great teachers is that perfection in general terms is only consummated in our hearts, and their capacity to love in a broader context, not in the material things, however consecrated they may be in the light seen by our eyes. Higher forms of "light" exist, not described in terms of joules of four dimensional energy, but in forms that even the most resolute new-ager yet addresses in elementary terms far insufficient to the required mathematics and disciplined intuition.  Even they who visit from other stars and other elusive places seek something we humans possess within, both genetically as well as perceptively, see footnote and [6],[7].

  Prophets who cry out from their echoing pulpits in the desert, both literally and figuratively, may satisfy their consciences and individual spiritual doctrines, but without corresponding analogues of coalesced materiel and academic discipline to answer physical reality with, the world simply reaffirms the efficacy of those massed resources under any arbitrary doctrine, generally rendered brutally pragmatic and efficient from biases of the material world of our physical bodies. The edifice and forum are necessities, even for the most unwittingly righteous, until such time that extra-planetary factors weigh in.  Qumran and its adjuncts demonstrated what it means to possess centers of learning and esoteric practice with highly refined capabilities that the Vulgate Romans and intellectually inbred Hebrew institutions greatly feared in their day, notably through men such as John and Jesus (and for that matter, the Hebrew prophets of an earlier period [8]), limited by the domains of their own materialistic paragmatisms and natural human weaknesses they forgot to be humble about. The Greeks had their own technological renaissance, casting out all vestiges of spiritual comprehension in favor of new mastery of their material environment, and falling upon their swords as well[4] (this has been referenced in previous discussions).  Of course, we see that the Esennes' thread had specific limits in time that we are only now coming to understand (see an interesting account,[5]). Of course, vicarious dichotomies in this vein already exist - notably The Vatican and The Illuminati for instance, but the total integral of the divergence of their presence in mankind's affairs unambiguously provides the summation of the nefarious character of the cloaked interior, obviating the need to ferret out their occult secrets.  They are but insidious vestiges of a long obsolete paradigm of the few controlling the many, Pharohs and slaves in every permutation, through imposed darkness and false light.  In view of these matters therefore, discussions concerning the urgent need to preserve our firearms and Constitution would benefit more than a little by expanding the spiritual-sociological range of our situation. 

It should also be considered that the technological range of our concerns is far beyond simple strategies of cat and mouse in Western Asia, as nuclear explosives and chemical propulsion have been obsolete for a number of decades now - the customary Armageddon chess game is but a distraction, if not a dangerous act of wishful thinking by some who paraphrase Patmos [10] - not only for an essentially
dis-educated public, but for three star generals and heads of state as well.  Putin and Obama are men of little consequence, as are their political parties, performing routine cosmetic diversions from the real masters of the game, the supernatant Bilderberg councils and our agreements and operations well beyond this planet [11].  If we cannot competently discuss the reality of all of this, how then do we propose in any degree of humility to be so sure we interpret prophesies or God's logic with any precision? Prevailing at war, enslaving whole populations as fodder for factory and field, and the coercions of institutionalized religion do not seem to answer this satisfactorily, as we now hear the branch creaking from the weight of it all.  Without due consideration and action on the basis of such understanding and genuine efforts to improve it, the frontier rifle, albeit millions of them, will be quickly gassed into the past.  The same may be said of the religions, all of them, if they do not evolve with a more refined comprehension of the ethos and laws of consciousness we have heard from the Master and others, consummating themselves and mankind in a most ironic and tragic swirl of hypocrisy. 

So far, they, every time in the name of their God, have become the pluperfect mechanisms for hatred and division, and of course, killing.  It should be remembered that Jesus was very much at odds with the practices of his religion, in a way that all too closely resembles objections of this day.  Know that Christos and anti-Christos differ in the effects of their ethos by a subtle margin of spiritual chirality most humans are not adept at recognising, and so is the great hazard of our day.  Be careful that "Onward Christian Soldiers" does not become its ironic conjugate, equally barbaric and guilty as its Muslim counterpart driven into its own fractal of hatred and fear.  The war against tyranny will be fought above the earth and in the elusive pathways of mens' hearts, and although brutal realitiies of violence do not yet reasonably release us from our powder and steel, we nonetheless are at risk of missing the true nature of our freedom, instead remaining too focused upon our life with the sword, an a fate to die by it.

Travel very carefully with what I have told you here, as it is well to remember - action suggests, reaction reveals.  In any case, to Dave and others defending personal freedom, Godspeed with your work, and consider that a more coherent assembly of rebellion against tyranny will be necessary is the only route to rising above simple talk on these matters.  I shall be approaching the matter with friends mostly through the festival culture of the younger generations, knowing that their perspectives have not yet ossified, though are now scattered asunder in a most chaotic world preparing to converge upon a new metastable state of civilisation. What that is, can be our choice, and so it shall be.


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[5]  Delores Cannnon "Jesus and the Esennes"

[6],[7]  This subject is most considerable and also most veiled by those who hold real power, holding the true key to understaing global strategic doctrines and the algorithms that define the existential materialistic plans for mankind.  It is the view of a certain group of us at least, that despite great intellectual and technological advancement, they who consider themselves "illuminated" are, like many of their extraterrestrial conterparts, quite in the dark about the most high ontological and ecclesiastical forces, and the greater destiny for mankind.  Some interesting discussions per the technology and astrophysical situation may be found with Linda Moulton Howe's lectures (see [6] and with, for instance, [7] Andreja Puharich's "Uri - The Story of Uri Geller."  

These have been referenced in previous articles as well, under similar points of argument.

[8] Of course, from the Old Testament, Jeremiah, Isaiah, et al.
[9] see Gandhi, the movie, Ben Kingsley et al, scene where he  addresses a Hindu man who murdered a
[10] Book of Revelation, John of Patmos
[11]  An introduction to this subject is well presented by William Cooper (see YouTube video of his lecture, "UFO Coverup," length - 1:29:09), and many other as well, including ref [6].℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)