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When and How to Bust a Move

 Michael Perelara  | 3 April, 2015  |  Contact

Its hard to tell how or when an apocalyptic event might happen or how you will find out about it when it does. You may see random reports on the television or Youtube. You might read about it in the paper. Your friends or family might mention something they heard. The key is to be able to recognize the cues and get yourself ready before your area is affected, if you can. If things suddenly erupt in your area, you must be prepared to deal with the situation quickly. Those who procrastinate or wait around for more information might just be the ones who end up dead. Most people will wait on the government to deal with the situation and go about their daily lives until it affects them directly and they can no longer live their “Normal” lives. These people will almost surely perish. Look at the victims of hurricane Katrina for example. Waiting around on the government to come and save them, doing nothing to save themselves. Don't be those people! When you start to notice signs of coming cataclysm, get ready to go into survival mode. When others are saying, "Huh, whats that again. What Solar Storm/Financial Collapse/Zombies?"

You should be in your car on the way home to prepare. When others are rushing home you should already be heading to a safe location where you can weather the storm. This is the way to ensure survival. You must be ready to do what it takes without hesitation. The ones who return to the office for their laptop or their iPad will be hopelessly lost. They aren't ready for reality. They are still in regular normal citizen mode. In their minds any inconveniences in life are temporary and will be fixed soon enough by someone else. We all know people like this; dependent on the system and hopelessly trapped by the belief that the world will always be the same. And they always say “When the world falls apart I’m coming to your house!” Negative Ghostrider. You have had the same opportunities to prepare as anyone else. It sucks that you will have to turn others away, sometimes forcefully, but that is the reality you must face if you want to live.

The mainstream media won’t clue you in either. They will make you think that all is well up until the very last minute. They too want to keep the shell game going as long as possible. Don't fall for it. Read the story of Selco (on or to find out how the media will play the people up until the very last moment. It’s a very eye-opening story of survival that will burn itself into your soul. There is something about a true story that fiction can never duplicate. Authenticity, of course.

Look at all the natural disasters that have been occurring more and more frequently these days and you will see that the world is indeed changing before our very eyes. One look at the world financial markets should show you how we are fed lies every single day. How can our stock markets be at record highs while we have record unemployment and record borrowing? Makes no sense to anyone with enough brains to fill a thimble, yet here we sit in that insane situation. If the United States doesn’t borrow billions of dollars every day, we would cease functioning tomorrow. That is a fact. We are on a roller coaster of lies and deceptions, where its headed nobody knows, but change is coming and cataclysm may follow with it. When a cataclysm does happen, most of the survivors will be hungry hordes that want what you have and will do whatever it takes to get it. Will you be prepared to deal with that? Let's hope so.

Once the real news is out, the first few days or so will be chaos. Highways will be packed with people trying to escape the cities or get to relatives or friends who are prepared. If the cataclysm is slow moving, like an infection, stores will be sold out. Gas will be sold out. Common ammunition types will be sold out. If its quick like a meteor strike or earthquake, there may be no time for stores to sell out. Folks may be forced to go into full-on survival mode instantly which means they will be even less prepared and the looting and stealing will be rampant much quicker. With any luck, it will be a relatively slow moving process. In the case of a pathogenic outbreak, it could start slow then snowball once the numbers of infected reach critical proportions. It may take five or six weeks for the first half of a city to be infected, then take two days for the rest to be infected. Timing your escape will be critical. You won't want to get caught in a fifty mile traffic jam, but at the same time you don't want to get stuck in the city once folks start going door to door searching for supplies and resources. This first period will be violent, so be prepared mentally to do what you need to do. You must survive at all costs. Period. That is the name of the game after all.

Choose your route, choose your moment

Choosing the exact time to leave will be more an art than a science and will vary from place to place. You must choose when its right for you. You can take advantage of the initial shock if you are prepared, otherwise you will be stuck in the mob trying to get anywhere but where they are. This could turn ugly if the problem is a virus or pandemic of sorts. That will spread out quick in these condensed situations where there is sure to be bodily fluids and what-not flying about. Avoid them at all costs. If you have to be in one of these areas, stay to the edges of the crowd and always keep an eye on possible escape routes. You have to change how you think and act to survive. Once you have decided its time to bug out, you and the members of your party must do it with precision. Plan your route by scouting it at the times when you intend to use it. Scouting a route during the day and using it at night is a rookie mistake. Think like a hunter. Game trails are very active at night, but dead during the day. That's why hunters use tree-cams and the like to capture images of the game in the area and what times they are there. Some even tell temperatures, moon phases, etc. By the way, tree-cams make good kit. Get one or three if you can. They are great for scouting and perimeter defense, especially the live feed models.

But the point is, scout your route and do it right. If you can't scout the whole route in person scout the route out of the city at least, in most cases there will be an initial area of danger then a line you cross that you will feel safer in. Scout the area of initial danger. Designate rally points, in case you get separated. Plan to meet at a place where you will feel safe and plan alternate routes to that location. Avoid choke-points where you will be boxed in and, perhaps most importantly, move under cover of darkness if you don’t feel safe in daylight. You can even cache supplies along your route ahead of time if you have the ability. Roads probably won’t be the best route of escape unless you get out before things begin happening. Think of alternative routes in and out your area. Rail lines for trains, power line trails, rivers, etc. These will be much safer than a Mad Max themed road trip with the family. They will be less crowded and you will likely have more access to the natural resources that you will need.

Again, if the situation is dangerous, you may want to move at night. Your initial reaction to darkness may be fear, but remember that you may be fighting other survivors, so the less people that see you the better. You might want to leave around sunset, taking advantage of the natural evening light as you make your way out. Depending on the size of your group, you may want to stagger your people, leap-frogging along your route providing cover for others as they move then they can cover or watch over you as you move. Don't move as one huge group if you can help it, send individuals or groups of two or three. In the city, stay along walls or anything that provides cover. Never move in the middle of the street. You have no cover there and you make a great target. If you have older folks with you or injured people, you will need at least two people with each of these to ensure their safety and mobility. Think of it as a chain or snake moving up a road or path, going from cover to cover. This is the best way to travel safely on foot. It reduces your profile and risk while maximizing your chances and firepower if you have any. Use this method until you can find a different or better one that suits you. If a vehicle is available and you have clear roads use it! Survival is ad lib. It’s living in the moment and doing what it takes to live. Things never go exactly as you planned them. You should be able to roll with the punches, so to speak.

If you are prepared to bug out and you have the money to purchase one I highly recommend a bugout vehicle, there are many options for bug out vehicles. The bigger the better is a good rule of thumb on this point. A standard jeep can be modified or armored very easily and would make a great bug out vehicle. However, it might be a bit on the small side, so how about and older Jeep Wagonneer or Blazer? Just as easily armored and both have strong dependable drive trains. You weld some armor plates or even do it the right way with Kevlar sheets on the inside if you can afford that route. You would be surprised the number of armored vehicles on the road today. Nobody would suspect an old Jeep or Blazer of being armored. Add some bullet proof glass or laminates and some run flat tires and now you have something. If you are real adventurous and have a little money to spend you can look up old armored cars on eBay or craigslist. Your bug out vehicle is only limited by how much time and money you want to put into it. Just remember, if you plan to bug out by vehicle, you need to be on point about when you leave. The best bug out vehicle in the world won’t drive through cars. So, if you aren’t going to get out ahead of the crowds, skip the tricked out bugout vehicle and just use whatever vehicle you have if you can.

In addition, it may be too late to use roads in which case you will be on foot. If you end up on foot, think about the weight you intend each person to carry and if they can manage that weight and still make distances. Food and ammunition are heavy. Tools are heavy. You will need to be traveling light.

Some may prefer instead to just wait until the moment comes and grab a freebie vehicle at that time. Not a bad plan, but you will be stuck with what you get. There won’t be time for kevlar and bullet proof glass. Any mods will strictly be a hack job, but who cares about fashion at the last dance right? If you are in this latter group, look for something already tough. Find the address of your nearest armored car company. Is it close enough to go take a look at what they have? Is it safe to travel that far? You have to weigh that against the odds of success and what you think you will need in the way of safety. There's a National Guard Armory in almost every town and they usually have several old metal back hummers sitting out there. Check your local armory next time you roll by. You will be surprised at what is just sitting around. Every volunteer fire department in the country has an ambulance of some sort. Some even have big four-wheel drive types to get into the woods. Look around your neighborhood and see what resources you would use if you had to. Power companies always have four wheel drive vehicles to get to remote sites. How close are you to a utility center that has some of these vehicles? Normally I would not recommend breaking any law and certainly not stealing a car but without rule of law, its just survival.

Again, planning is key and you don't want to be caught with your pants down. Just knowing where things are located and having a plan to get to them is way more than most people have. Being prepared is as much about thinking as it is acting.

If you get separated from your party, once you have made it to your rally point you must do a headcount to be sure that everyone else made it. Be sure to do the head count at every stop. You need to know all your people are there and safe. When it comes time to stop and rest. Make sure you can see in all directions. Seek high ground with high visibility of the surrounding terrain. Stay low and under cover if possible then rest and watch. Hopefully you can make it to your primary location in a night, if not you will need to find safe places to hold up during the day unless you feel like its safe to travel in broad daylight. This will depend on how desperate those around you are. The more dire the situation, the more likely I would be to travel covertly.

When sheltering, make sure your positions are spread out and cover as much of the horizon as you can with fields of fire. When choosing a location to hold up, think about avenues of approach and how you will retreat if attacked. Try to minimize your exposure and maximize cover. Hiding most of your folks in a gully with scouts posted at the rim, is never as good as getting up the hill and having a view of what’s coming. It may seem tempting and comfortable to lay low, but put yourselves in the least likely position, and that's the last place they will look. Seek out hard to access spots and hold them if you can. Temporary shelter is all about serving the current need. Be safe and smart and you can find some pretty creative places to shelter for a night.

Hopefully it won’t take more than a few nights to get to your final destination. Anything more is asking a lot of the very young and very old members in your group. You should at least have a place in mind that is close enough to get to in a few hours under normal driving conditions. This distance may take three weeks to walk to so bear that in mind when and how you do finally bust that move.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)