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Lucille Femine writes for RS.i℠

I've been a painter all my life and recently a children's book illustrator. I wrote occasionally but recently I've devoted my time exclusively to writing because I feel it's the fastest, most effective way of getting the word out about what is occurring on this planet. I try not to be negative but, quite honestly, our future is getting darker by the day. The globalist, socialist, Agenda 21 plans are fast becoming way too real. I can't ignore them and I hope you don't either.

My husband and I run a title search business to keep us alive and meanwhile, I write what I feel passionate about and will eventually get back to painting - I cleaned my studio and everything! Looking for another illustrator gig, too. We are also writing a young adult story together which is so much fun.

I just began writing and sharing articles with Rural Survival because Tim is an awesome being with a great purpose and I want to share it. I thank him for allowing me to publish my articles here and I very much appreciate and honor his new policy to not be "politically correct." 

I'm also very interested in ways to survive any disaster that might occur in the future; I'm a blooming prepper.

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