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Kids and Cops; The Truth Be Told

Timothy B. Spencer for℠
26 February, 2014
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Notice:  If the unvarnished truth offends, if some minor colorful language is a problem, and/or if the reader is genuinely pleased with the course that the United States is now upon,  then please stop at this point in reading...  You certainly will not like what follows.

    Some 50-odd years ago, when I was very young, cops were the good guys – the police “policed” their own – kid's were taught to trust law enforcement officers and to view those officers as “friendly and safe”. My own father was the Police Commissioner for the City of Cocoa Beach, Florida in the early 60s.  No one I ever knew at that young age was literally afraid of the police as so many are now. It was nearly unthinkable in the at large social conscience, at that rather innocent time in Rural America's history, that a law enforcement officer could easily be a rapist, a murderer or a thief. This does not mean that there were none in the middle decades of the last century that both wore a badge and also had felonious streak; most admittedly some did some pretty awful things, but also most certainly,  not in the large numbers that exist today.  It is no longer a shock to learn of a "cop-gone-bad", we simply and quite sadly now accept it as the norm.

    To our collective misfortune at this point in time, the guys and gals wearing the badge are just as likely to be the criminals; from what I am told, in large cities, perhaps much more than likely. Additionally, there are now a few disturbed persons out there impersonating peace officers, though not nearly as many as the number of bad cops routinely and daily acting under the color of law, most every time in direct contravention of their respective State's constitution as well as that of the United States. What is worse, they do so with complete and total impunity for their crimes a majority of the time, up to and including the very public extra judicial killing of citizens.

    Okay – so what's my point.... Simply this. Please teach your children and your grand-children the truth; don't feed them a diet of fairy tales about how kind and nice the world is and that cops or other authority figures or other agents of the "State" are their friends. Here are some things that I taught my children and now my grand-children that may be of help to the reader:

  • Teach your children that they do not need to actually do anything “wrong” to become a target of the authorities.

  • Make sure that your children know that you, as their parent, grand-parent or guardian, have their back as long as they are in the moral right of any given situation.

  • Make sure that the children understand that what goes on at home, stays at home. (Remember this proposed family farm rule?)

  • Teach children to demand a warrant if law enforcement attempts to enter your property. With the very recent SCOTUS ruling, anyone inside a residence may give permission for entry which constitutes consent to search... You can bet this will be construed by law enforcement to mean a barn, shop, green house or any other outbuilding.

  • If someone identifies themselves as a police officer, demand photo ID, not just a badge, anyone can dress up like or say they are a cop.

  • Make sure that children ask the three most important questions if they are detained in any manner whatsoever by any government authority:

    • Am I free to go? (if yes, leave immediately)

    • Am I under arrest? (if yes, say nothing other than their name, and also their parents name and phone number)

    • If I am not free to go than I am in fact under arrest, I want to call my parents – will you let me do so now? (if yes, do so – if no, well that is up to you what to tell your kids to do in that particular happenstance...  Hint, I told my kids to run through the woods in a straight line as turning while running gave the pursuers a cutting of corners advantage, just say'in...)

    It is my opinion, and yes, I am an opinionated old bastard, it is simply morally wrong not to arm children with the truth and facts about life in these formerly-free quasi-United States.  It is better, yet again, in my oft' out-spoken opinion, to engender a healthy but balanced mis-trust of all political authority, particularly in public school systems and it's associated revised to the politically correct curriculum, also concerning the media, and particularly with the criminal justice system.  You as a parent have the ability to learn the "ins and outs" of "the system", your kids likely don't even know what questions to ask yet, much less where to find the answers - help them learn...

    I guess what I am saying here is folks - give your kids the ammunition they need to not become another statistic - give them the educational foundation and knowledge base they need to live life as a human being, vice a soon to be figuratively slaughtered "sheep"!

    I'll leave you with four simple but profound Jeffersonian quotes which I believe says everything and anything that needs to be said further on the subject at hand:

"Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny."

"Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain cool and unruffled under all circumstances."

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.  I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrants will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

“When the people fear the government there is  tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)