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Preparing for the Unthinkable

My concerns:
Prognostication for future events nearly always draws on comparisons to previous events.
That said, I'm the first to recognize that there are many unknowns as to what, how, or where, any given event will happen.  
I will summarize my thoughts in this regard.

1.) The Economy:

Dropping like a brick out of a ten-story window. Even George Soros is (at least publicly) at a loss as to how bad this recession/depression will be, for how long.  While I have every reason to know that these events are carefully contrived by the International Banking Cartel, I don't know their timetable, how bad it will get, or,  for how long. I do know how bad it could be, namely a complete economic collapse leading to severe social disruption and civil unrest/food riots etc.
The economy appears to be our most imminent threat.

2.) Earth changes-

Abrupt climate change - Rising ocean levels - Already well underway, earth changes will continue to simmer with ever increasing number and severity of bizarre/dangerous weather related events (which are now shutting down entire regions of the country for weeks/months at a time) and increased number and severity of seismic events and volcanism. I believe we will have some big wake-up calls the next nine months. In 2010 (and for the rest of our lives thereafter) we will see dramatic, real, change/danger/ events.
Oh yes, forget about the Mayan Calendar and 12/20/2012 . That's disinformation that will get you killed. By 2012, these events will be either well under way, or nearly over.

3.) Flu pandemic:

Hovering in the background, this will be a man-made event in which the vector will be the flu vaccine itself.

4.) War/invasion:

One would be foolish to discount the major players ( Russia & China, etc.) on the world stage and their Geo-Political ambitions. There is ample evidence that China has ambitions in the Western Hemisphere that go far beyond being a normal, civilized, trading partner.
When I conduct seminars and address preparedness  on-air, I don't focus on, dwell on, the above scenarios. I focus on:

1.) First and foremost having a strong spiritual foundation.        
2.) Developing skills:
A.) Emergency medical skills
B.) Communication (ham radio) skills
C.) Self-reliance skills in growing, storing, preparing food
D.) The skills of self-defense
  E.) The skills of a fire fighter, farmer, vehicle mechanic, electrician, back-packer, soldier, carpenter, plumber, welder, nutritionist, cook, housekeeper and more.

3.) The Team.

Whether your team is relatives, or friends, they must be committed to coming to each others aid and have a chain-of-command in place. Anything else is folly and a prescription for chaos, confusion and death.
Time? Timing? How much time?....... .......Answer> >>> We have no time. These events are unfolding before our eyes. This is truly the end-game. Every month of normal commerce taking place is a blessing. One would be wise and prudent to prioritize and act on those priorities without delay.
John Moore
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