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On the Dollar & Monetary System... Take a look at Gold!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Most reading the below note have read similar notes from various sources of varying degrees of veracity (say that fast several times).
Moriarty does not get any more specific in his prediction beyond stating we at risk the Summer of 2009.
Obviously, (to me at least) our money itself is at risk. If you are prepared for a complete economic meltdown leading to civil disorder then (to quote Crocodile Dundee) "No worry mate". If not, then what difference does a date certain make?
His discussion of derivatives of very circumspect. I've read several lengthy articles on same and can say that they (Derivatives) are incredibly convoluted, at the far edge of comprehension/ understanding.
So, what comes after a thousand trillion? Quadrillion, that's 1 followed by 24 zeros! We are pretty well past dollar amounts that human beings can comprehend. The dollar amount of Derivatives is well on it's way to the Quadrillion mark!

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