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 Jetstream Peril Alert

John DiNardo | 29 October, 2012

Part One

Storm preparations have hindered me from more thoroughly studying the cause of this storm vis-a-vis solar activity, and what I believe is solar activity's impact upon Earth's core. However, I have long surmised that Earth's solid inner core -- normally centered within the molten outer core (like one of those chocolate cordials, with a cherry surrounded by syrup, all within a chocolate outer shell) . . . that cherry, Earth's solid inner core, has been dislodged away from the center of the Earth, and is now wobbling within its surrounding molten outer core. I surmise that when this dislodging of Earth's solid inner core began to gradually occur, about eight years ago, it caused the jetstream's patterns to change from rather smooth, flowing horizontally across the map, to then take on a north-south undulating component, sort of like a capital "W" sliding west to east from the Pacific ocean and across the United States. Over the past eight years, that W-shaped jetstream has enlarged, both latitudinally and longitudinally, so that the jetstream pattern now appears as a vast capital "U" whose trough extends very deeply south into Florida -- with its leading edge swinging, not only sharply northward, but swinging back northwestward, making it look like the profile of an overly rumpled blanket. Now, that same hairpin-like plunge and sharp fold-back rise occurred all of this past summer, and it was that sharp rise that produced one of the longest and most severe droughts in modern U.S. history, from the lower to the upper Midwest. And now, the same vertical hairpin-like north-south undulating plunge of the jetstream into Florida, with its sharp fold-back rise . . . that fold-back rise is what is sucking this hurricane westward from the Atlantic Ocean and into the northeast. It is important to our study to realize that today's hairpin jetstream pattern is repetitive of this summer's drought-generating jetstream, despite the fact that the meteorological effects between this summer's weather in the Midwest and this autumn's weather in the east are quite different. In fact, upon studying the jetstream patterns over this past eight years, you will first see a serpentine jetstream being born, and slowly but consistently growing into a meteorological dragon. It began around 2004, shaped as a letter "W", covering less than half the area of the United States, and it has grown into that same "W", but vastly larger, so that only one of the "U"s of that double-U fits over virtually all of North America. This eight-year growth in both the amplitude and the accentuation of a serpentine jetstream suggests to me that its cause lies within the bowels of the Earth, but that its root cause must be traced back to solar hyperactivity, and then even further back to solar flirtations with incoming electrical plasma-drenched comets from deep space. And that root cause has even deeper roots in what N.A.S.A. knows (but won't alarm us) to be a dwarf star, which N.A.S.A. absolutely knows to be larger than Jupiter (probably equal in mass to around a thousand Earth-masses). How do incoming electrically Sun-flirting comets relate to an incoming dwarf star? Even in theory, let alone in fact, a Sun-drawn passing dwarf star, if it were gravitationally sucked in by our Sun's one-third million Earth-mass force field . . . that indrawn dwarf star would naturally be engulfed by vast swarms of celestial bodies, encountered while in deep space, and many would naturally be comets from the dense cometary Oort Cloud, which this dwarf (giant, actually) star had gravitationally captured, like a powerful magnet sliding on a table covered with iron filings. If this dwarf star were emitting visible light instead of invisible infrared light (it will emit visible light as it nears its electrically exciting solar rendezvous), and if it were not surrounded by a haze of red iron-oxide space dust, amateur astronomers would be able to see and reveal to us what our government feels, for our own peace of mind (or for theirs), should be withheld from us. So, this dwarf star must necessarily be engulfed by swarms of many thousands of electrically plasma-drenched comets, since the entrance to our Solar System, the Oort Cloud of comets, is like a sea of iron filings surrounding a powerful intruding magnet. And it is these electrically plasma-drenched comets, the advance guard to the dwarf star, which, by the phenomenon of electric force field motivation of electric charge, are discharging their electrically positive hydrogen ionic gases (plasma) into the Sun's much less electrically positive surface. Basic physics teaches us that a more electrically positive body of charge will be attracted to a less electrically positive body of charge, by virtue of the electric force field created by that very same polarized pair of bodies. Now, when these incoming electrically exciting comets discharge into the Sun, naturally, there is an electrically explosive reaction, which occurs in the form of solar flares, intense waves of solar flares, and if the incoming electrical discharge is powerful enough, the Sun will even react by blowing out its coronal surface in all directions into three-dimensional space. All surrounding bodies, including Earth, are then lashed by these electrical solar blasts. Now we are beginning to see that this past eight years of solar sneezing onto Earth just might be the cause of all this bizarre and violent weather around the World, with these incoming cometary excitations being a deeper root cause. How could solar blasting over a number of years dislodge Earth's solid inner core away from its normal center point to agitate and undulate the once-smoothly swirling molten outer core? Well, geophysicists believe that Earth's magnetic field is generated by the smooth swirling motion (in normal times) of the molten outer core. This swirling rotational motion of liquid results from the centrifugal (center-fleeing) force caused by Earth's daily rotations. In normal times, the molten outer core swirls smoothly, like a bowl of liquid spinning on a potter's wheel. However, if that potter's rotating platform gets bumped or jostled, the liquid in the bowl sloshes up and down, as well as swirls. Now, visualize the sloshing waves of the liquid in the bowl. The outline of the sloshing wave approximates and describes the outline of the jetstream, both in normal times when the jetstream flows smoothly from east to west, and in the present abnormal time, when the jetstream sloshes up and down as it swirls across the Northern Hemisphere. The reason why the jetstream pattern approximates the swirling pattern of Earth's molten outer core is that that swirling liquid consists of magnetic (not necessarily magnetized, but magnetic) metals whose free electrons (such as freely exist in electrical conductors such as copper and iron) . . . the swirling motion of this molten mass of free electrons within molten metallic elements actually constitutes electric charge flow, or what is known as electric current. Now, it is a well known principle that electric charge in motion actually generates a magnetic field which billows out from and encircles the path of that stream of electric charge, sort of like a chemtrail would billow out from the moving path of an airplane. Another visual analogy would be a fish swimming underwater. All around the traveling fish, a wake of water would be generated by the motion of the fish. The fish is like the flowing electric charge, and the wake of water surrounding the fish is like the encircling magnetic field around the path of the stream of electricity. Now, Earth's surrounding magnetic field is the spawned consequence of the circular hula hoop-like electric charge swirling around within Earth's molten outer core like water in a bowl on a potter's wheel. Someone or some thing has jostled Planet Earth's potter's wheel. I surmise that solar hyperactivity over the past decade (except for about eighteen months of extreme solar quiescence) has injected enough electromagnetic energy into Planet Earth (in physics, released energy is transformed into force applied through a distance) to force Earth's inner core off of its center point. It has been an eight year bombardment of strong waves of solar winds, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections from the Sun, whose own streams of electric charge have been piercing Earth's surrounding magnetosphere like a porcupine shooting its needles at an enemy. As those needle-like streams of solar electricity have been penetrating Earth's rotating birdcage-like globe of vertical bars, those solar electrical streams have generated their own billowing encircling magnetic fields, which have been jousting with, and which continue to joust with, Earth's vertical birdcage-like bars of geo-magnetospheric lines of force. What results from the long term jousting between two magnetic opponents (solar electromagnetic vs. geomagnetic)? To fully understand the answer to that question, let us study the theory of operation of the commonly used electrical transformer. Simplifying its principles by uncoiling the two adjacent wound wires of a transformer, and making these two coils straight adjacent wires, we can see that when a voltage is applied to the straight wire on the left, electric charge flows through that left wire. This charge flow (current) generates an encircling billowing electromagnetic field around the left wire. Now, this encircling billowing electromagnetic field . . . .

John DiNardo [To Be Continued]

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