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 Science's Unawareness of Sun Magnetosphere Decay

John DiNardo | 25 November, 2012

Part 1:  Solar Hyperactivity Weakening Earth's Magnetosphere, and Pulling Earth's Inner Core Off Center

I cite my credentials as a high school physics teacher and electronics engineer so that it might merit a prompt immediate public demand for proactive public protective efforts against worsening meteorological and geological disasters, worldwide. I urge readers to herein learn and earn concern, and to then disseminate this report, in a populist grassroots campaign, to awaken the public and the unaware media/science partnership as to the cause-and-effect relationship (based upon principles of electricity and magnetism) between what has been the long-term increase in solar hyperactivity and the drifting and weakening of Earth's magnetosphere, which, in turn, has been creating a radical contortion of Earth's jet streams from their normal smooth and benign east-west flow pattern to an exaggerated undulating, roller coaster-like pattern, a pattern which is the obvious and acknowledged root cause of these persistently violent and often disastrous weather events, worldwide.

I was disappointed to notice that the History Channel's "Countdown to Apocalypse" series, featuring experts such as Lawrence Joseph and Mark Van Stone, exhibits complete ignorance of what I know to be this cause-and-effect relationship between intensifying solar hyperactivity and both the drift and the decay of Earth's magnetosphere, which, in turn, is causing Earth's jet streams to undulate, generating meteorological violence, manifesting in sky-bursting torrential rains, epic flooding, super tornadoes, monstrous expansive hurricanes (on land,no less), softball-size hail storms, 100 mile-an-hour straight line wind storms, epic heat waves, record-breaking frigid spells, house-burying snowfalls (e.g. in China and Alaska), abrupt 40 degree temperature swings, famine-provoking record droughts, frequent half-mile-high dust cloud juggernauts called "haboobs" (e.g. in Arizona, Australia, and China), multi-state-wide regional-size high- velocity straight line windstorms called "derechos", lightning storms that keep the skies constantly lit with thousands of lightning strikes per hour, flash floods which necessitate thousands of water rescues per year, worldwide, even in arid zones, such as in the U.S. southwest . . . and on, and on.

This writing is a treatise on my evidence that Earth's floating solid inner core has been pulled off center by chronic magnetic influences external to our planet, and that this inner core displacement is the direct cause of this past decade's diverse myriad of extreme weather events, and also the cause of all the extraordinary seismic and volcanic disasters.

The prevailing scientific theory is that Earth's core comprises a molten metal outer core, with a smaller solid metal inner core at the very center of Earth. During prior centuries, this solid metal inner core would rotate, but not revolve, at the center of the Earth. The result is like stirring a cup of coffee by spinning the stirring stick between the palms of the hands, while keeping the stick constantly centered. The stick rotates without revolving. If you visualize coffee in a glass cup, you can see, at the sides of the cup, that the level of the swirling liquid remains straight and horizontal, with no wave action. Now, instead of spinning the stirring stick between the palms of the hands, stir the coffee by holding the stick with one hand, keeping the stick off-center. Consequently, viewed from the side, the surface of the coffee rises and falls in a wave as it circulates.

Translating this coffee-stirring model to the reality of Earth's solid inner core stirring the liquid outer core, it will later become clear that the solid inner core must remain at the very center of Earth, otherwise geological and meteorological aberrations will ensue. We have a decade's worth of compelling meteorological documentation, constituting evidence that Earth's molten outer core has been circulating in an increasingly accentuated wavy, or undulating, pattern since 2002. That evidence is the jetstream, as depicted on the daily weather maps, which are on record at the National Weather Service. The question that you may justifiably ask is: What in the heck does the swirling circulation of Earth's molten outer core have to do with the contour of the jetstream? 

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