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Post SHTF Children's Education

It is my hope, this article, helps to metaphorically show, blue skies for the future, after the dark clouds of the SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan) pass.
Yes......... The paragraph above, was influenced by the long, deeply cold winter here. :). It may be a little cheesy, but heart-felt.
However, more time inside, means more time, to gather and organize something essential for our future. That something is material for educating post SHTF children!

The post SHTF, educational questions we need to deal with are:

What type of curriculum will the post SHTF children need? And..... Where do we get the curriculum, to teach the post SHTF children?

Let's look at each question, keeping in mind, future children, will more than likely, be raised in a world, where skills of years gone by, will be needed. Then, and only then, can we find the solution, for the education of post SHTF children! There is always a solution!
First Question: What type of curriculum will the post SHTF children need?
To answer that, we must first consider what post SHTF children will need, in terms of education.
They will, of course, initially need the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. They will need to be able to spell. They will need a curriculum that will help them develop reasoning skills.
They will also need material, which will fulfill their desire to create! From the time they begin to crawl, children have the desire to create!
Have you ever watched a very young child, set on the floor, stacking building blocks? Even though the child cannot walk, it will crawl over to get more blocks, to keep building. Only that child knows what it is building, but it keeps looking and reaching out, for more building blocks!
We must provide the educational building blocks, for post SHTF children! What they create, will be an amazing world in which to live!
It will take a discerning eye, to identify the creative tendencies of a child, then provide that child with the curriculum, to help that child fulfill their potential.
After the SHTF, our children should be taught, as individuals, with individual talents. They should not be crammed into an educational mold, the way they are now!
Let's look at some examples about the potential of fictional, post SHTF children.
The first student is named Johnny, and his Aunt, whom the students call Miss Mandy, is the teacher.
The teacher, Miss Mandy, is much like the school Marm, of the late 1800's. She notices Johnny uses his free time to doodle designs that include measurements. Miss Mandy is impressed, and knows that Johnny spends a lot of time with the older men, out in the village workshop.
Why, just yesterday, one of the older men, made a new hopper, for the village grain mill. Johnny watched the rebuilding of the grain mill with fascination!
Johnny is old enough, and has studied all the basic curriculum he needs. So,.... Miss Mandy gives him geometry and math primers, along with a beginner's guide to metal working. Johnny is delighted!
Johnny, is well on his way, to fulfilling his creative desires, even though he is still too young to realize it yet! Miss Mandy knows his personality, potential, and tendencies!
Jane, a girl, in Miss Mandy's class, spends as much time as she can, with the animals. Miss Mandy sees Jane's potential to become a veterinarian, so she gives her a math primer, a beginner's guide to herbalism, a guide to growing herbs, and a beginner's guide to herbalism for animals! From there, Jane will later study farm animal anatomy, and veterinary medicine!
Another boy, named Tommy, in Miss Mandy's class, quite often, can be seen, looking at the farm animal's teeth! Curious boy!
Tommy lost interest in the chickens, when he found out, they don't have teeth!
The goats would object quite a bit at first, but Tommy's calm, firm manner soothed them, and they endured, what they felt, was an indignity of having their teeth examined! (My younger daughter, actually had this propensity, to examine the goat's teeth, when she was young! :)
More than one adult, thought they would have a heart attack, watching Tommy open the mule's mouth! The mule, a gentle, little red sorrel, just flips his lips, and tilts his head back, for Tommy to look in his mouth! (And yes! My younger daughter actually did this! And yes! I thought my, then young heart would stop! :)
Can you guess what curriculum Miss Mandy will give to Tommy? Yep! Math books, dentistry books, anatomy of the mouth book, herbalism books, apothecary gardening books, and anesthesia books. Tommy needs to know how to take care of teeth, how to grow and make herbal anesthesia, and then needs to know where to put the correctly measured, herbal nerve deadener! Of course!
Another student, named Sally, in Miss Mandy's class, comes to help anyone who gets sick, and has to take to their bed. Sally listens to the way they breath, and bathes the sick person's head, when they have a fever.
Sally also loves to be in the herb garden, as much as possible.
Quite often, Sally likes to arrange, and organize the many bottles, containers, and jars, her grandmother has saved over the years.
Sally also never forgets to take her daily dose of Collodial Silver. Her teacher, Miss Mandy, taught them in Biology class, how Collodial Silver kills viruses as soon as they get into the body! Sally wants to stay well!
Sally grows up, to become the village apothecary and doctor! Miss Mandy, the school Marm, sees to that!
This is the type of curriculum post SHTF children need!
The children also need a 'Miss Mandy school Marm'!
The average class of post SHTF school children, will be different ages, with different, inherent talents, that need to be nurtured with a varied curriculum, tailored to each child!

Second Question: Where do we get the curriculum, to teach the post SHTF children?

I want to preface the answer to that question, with an observation. I have observed, most children, graduating from current high schools, lack the ability to instinctively analyze and reason. Also, having been a student during the late fifties, to the early seventies, I can state: The present education system, that should encourage and instill a child's ability to analyze and reason, gets more neglected, with each generation!
Older folks, of the last century, were the smartest people, with the most common sense, I have ever known! Their problem solving skills were amazing! They always found a solution, to any obstacle! It is rare today, for someone to be, not only intelligent, but also have a lot of common sense!
The way, the older folk, of the last century were educated, is the way post SHTF children need to be educated! And guess what?............. All the school books, those older folks were once educated with, are online, and free for download!
You can get all the educational books you need, for post SHTF children, and yourself, right now!
Now is the time to get those educational books, and get them printed out, before there is no more internet connection, to get them, and no more grid electricity, to print them out!
(See my other articles on creating your own SHTF Library)
Google books, has every book you need. Here are a few suggestions, to find the educational books you need:
Go to
Use the search option to search for the books you need. Don't use the plural form of words, only the singular form.
Once you find a publication, that is useful to you, copy and paste the author's name, in notepad. Use that author's name, to search again. That will give you all the books by that same author. Notepad will have the author's name, as an anchor, if you start to wander around, in the mountain of printed wealth before you! :) Some authors are a treasure trove of multiple titles, to download!
Example: I went to, for the first time, typed in 'read reader reading spell speller spelling primer'. I ended up with not only all the primary books I needed, for our library, but the complete educational set, of all the primary, basic, advanced, and college subjects, from multiple authors!
One thing, leads to another! Stay focused. Don't let yourself wander. Methodically, download all you need!
Once I had my initial, educational books, which ended up being over a hundred, I opened them up, one-by-one.
Here is what I found:
If you scroll down, to the very end of each book, most of the time, you will find a list of other books, published by that publisher.
If you find more books, in a publishers list, you think you may need, go back to the search box, type in the main words of the title, and the last name of the author, then search.
Be prepared! You will get tons more! Stay focused. Download what you need, then repeat the process!
Also, use your own search words, to find books you need. The search box only needs a word, or two on the subject.
  • Leather
  • Harness
  • Veterinary
  • Medical
  • Medicine
  • Anatomy
  • Dentistry
  • Herb
  • Trap
  • Hunt
  • Knot
  • Farm
  • Water
  • Recipe
  • Canning
  • Steam engine
  • Electricity
  • Tesla
  • Edison
  • Water wheel
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Metal
  • Blacksmith
You get the idea!
That is how you end up with a good, well-rounded, SHTF library, and all the educational material, you need! 
'Miss Mandy, the school Marm', will be well equipped to guide, post SHTF students, to become the experts, and mentors of the future!
It is not only us, that need a survival education, to develop new skills. Our post SHTF children, also need specialized education, to survive, and continue to thrive!

I hope this helps you, and those you love!


Anonymous Ole Prepper
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