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A Special Situation

Updated:  Wednesday, 13 September, 2017
Amputation is scheduled for 21 September, 2017

Hi Folks - Though the cause of the need is me, my family (wife, daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren that live and work on the farm also) will benefit from any donations received - my medical bills are actually paid or will be paid; and, I'm thanking the creator daily for this happenstance.

Final skin graft attempt staples have now been removed to reduce pain pending amputation. This skin graft was the second epic fail...

Background: On the morning of 15 March, 2017, I had a diabetic episode (low blood sugar) whereupon I became unconscious and then began to have mild seizures followed by "grand mal" like seizures (this never has happened to me before).  An ambulance was called and I was transported to the local hospital.  Somehow during that transit, my left ankle (trimalleolar fracture) was broken in three places. 

The first repair attempt that rapidly failed.

I was subsequently transported to University of Missouri Health Center in Columbia, Missouri by helicopter.  Upon arrival, it was found that the breaks to my left leg were so severe that an external fixation device was required rather than a cast. 

Currently: The current financial problem is all of the rapidly mounting miscellaneous expenses to my family, such as gas money to get me to medical appointments, most well over two hundred miles round trip, food on the road, food for Laurie as she stays with me in hospital, etc - it amazes me how fast all of the "little things" add up to an insurmountable sum.

Also there is the fact that with my family will again be having to wait on me hand and foot (literally - showers, bathroom, food, drink, getting into and out of bed, etc.) as my two modes of ambulation will again be walker and wheelchair; this, coupled with me no longer being able to contribute in any physical way whatsoever to our family workload, means the farm is suffering - this year we will have to buy fruits and some vegetables vice growing them as we normally do.  We are still absolutely trying to produce what we can though... we NEVER give up!

Healing Progress:  The bone has healed, I can walk with very little pain now - but, we have to start all over again - the skin and flesh has never healed and is now decaying/liquefying, dead and/or dying. As we have long feared, the leg now has to be amputated, this is scheduled for 21 September. (yes, we did get a second opinion which confirmed the first diagnosis)


Post pin & plate surgery which did heal the bone (in-side of leg).

Post pin & plate surgery which did heal the bone. (out-side of leg)

In Conclusion:  We want to let everyone know that any amount contributed would be most appreciated by our entire family, as well as myself, of course.  Additionally, without said financial axe hanging over our collective necks, the stress level will be reduced tremendously.  We are extremely grateful for the donations that we have received thus far.

We want to say "thank you" to all of those that have helped us thus far - both your kind words and also your gifts and prayers are most sincerely appreciated by the entire family!.

Tim and Laurie Spencer
The Rural Survival Show

PS:  Please share this link on social media platforms - this simple act of sharing would be of immense help to the entire family - thank you!

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