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The above are not suggested amounts, they are simply amounts that can be combined to make the donation that you wish to make - for example to contribute $15.00, you would select $5.00 above, and on the next page select a quantity of three.  We can no longer use a "Donate" button pursuant to PayPal policies as we are not (and have no intention of becoming) a "non-profit" corporation pursuant to IRS Code 501(c)(?#)  Therefore, as you can see above there is a drop-down list with various amounts. 

Your continued support is most appreciated and is very much needed to allow us the time it requires to keep this site up and running...

About our operating costs and income...

Much work and time is donated by the content contributors and the Director, as well as family members.  The server space (hosting) and web work is provided at cost by Agri-Host.US℠ because it is owned by this site owners'  daughter who wholeheartedly agrees with the mission of this site.  The most costly part of operating RS.i℠ is the amount of time it takes to maintain.- this time takes away form the time available to work on the farm.

We do bring in an average of $1 a day by people clicking on the banners on the site to purchase something from affiliate vendors; However, the bottom line is that it is hard for us to both keep up with the web site and to make enough to live on and maintain the farm.  If you can help, that would be great.  If you can't, don't worry about it and just enjoy the site. We are also most willing to accept and would be most appreciative of donations of the non-monetary type. We can always use everything from gift-cards, to tools to up-to-date computer parts and equipment.℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)