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This page was last updated on Friday, 30 January, 2015.

Mr. Timothy B. Spencer, RS.i℠ Founder

Image & Data MatrixMr. Timothy B. Spencer is the founder and also is the current Executive Director of℠.  The incredible rapid success of℠ is mainly attributable to Mr. Spencer's communications skills and the ability to network with a myriad of personality types, political entities and businesses.  Mr. Spencer continues to view℠ as a philanthropic project vice a potential source of income.  He has sacrificed, and continues to sacrifice a  significant portion of his potential income in favor of maintaining, promoting and expanding on the℠ project.

About Mr. Spencer


Besides working on the℠ project, Mr. Spencer is a co-owner of Morning Mist Farm and a technical consultant for Agri-Host.US, both of Dent County Missouri.

Additionally,  he is the Chief Operating Officer for Panthera Limited Company , LLC and is the corporate Emergency Management Officer for the Dent County Commons in Salem, MO.

                    Laurie W. SpencerFamily Life:

Mr. Spencer is married to the former Laurie J. Outten Walker of Altamonte Springs, Florida, an indigenous or native Floridian.  Mrs. Spencer is a co-owner of Morning Mist Farm, serves as the vice-president of the Missouri non-profit corporation, Dent County Fall Festival Association, Inc. and also as the Vice-President of and for Panthera Limited Company, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer have three adult children and five six seven grandchildren. 

Their youngest child, Neekisha Spencer, is the general manger of the Spencer's farm,
Morning Mist Farm, and is the Chief Operating Officer for and of Agri-Host.US.  Neekisha, her husband, Daniel, and their two sons and one daughter live on the farm.

Sgt. Kelly Spencer, the youngest Spencer son, a highly decorated Combat Veteran (Afghanistan) and continues to serve in the U.S. Army, is currently stationed in Georgia, USA.  Kelly lives with his wife, Kate, and their two children in Rome, GA.  Sgt. Spencer is also the President of Panthera Limited Company , LLC

The Spencer's oldest son, David, has recently returned from the State of Florida with his wife, Jeanette, and their daughter, Ella.  David is working on the farm to help out and Jeanette is working at a local restaurant to help out with bills.

Biography in Brief

Mr. Spencer joined the U.S. Navy in 1980 and served on board the USS NATHAN HALE (SSBN 623)(BLUE),  SUBMARINE SQUADRON EIGHTEEN, The Enlisted Personnel Management Center, New Orleans, LA, SUBMARINE GROUP SIX, and as a temporary NCO Section Leader at Naval Station Brig, Charleston, SC. while pending medical discharge.   Mr. Spencer was given an involuntary Honorable/Medical Discharge from the U.S. Navy in late November, 1990.

Upon discharge from the Navy, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer retired to Dent County, Missouri where they purchased 47.9 acres that was soon to become "Morning Mist Farm".  Additionally, Mr. Spencer worked for approximately two and one half years at the Salem Police Department as a dispatcher and as the city's code enforcement officer.

In 1993, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer opened two businesses with the intent of building successful businesses and then to sell the businesses.  They did this and used the proceeds to build a new home for their family.

After the expenditure of saved funds that built their new home, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer each took jobs in the community.  Mr. Spencer worked both at a local fish farm and at a steel fabrication firm; Mrs. Spencer worked at a home for troubled youth.

Between mid 1999 and early 2000 Mr. Spencer's health began to deteriorate significantly and he was awarded 100% permanent disability through the Veterans Administration.  Finding himself without the burden of working constantly to provide for his family, Mr. Spencer began to work with various charitable organizations, particularly Native American and local community organizations.

While recovering from various bouts of injury and illness, Mr. Spencer successfully completed the following Federal Emergency Management Courses of Instruction for an additional 10.6 credit units of continuing education:

Radiological Emergency Management
Animals in Disasters, Awareness and Preparedness
Animals in Disaster, Community Planning
Livestock in Disaster
Introduction to Community Emergency Response Team
Decision Making and Problem Solving
Emergency Planning
Leadership and Influence
Effective Communication
Exercise Design
Principles of Emergency Management
Tribal Government Liaison

Plans for the Future

Currently being unable to fully and efficiently complete his many philanthropic and business endeavors, Mr. Spencer is slowly but steadily whittling down his many activities.  He plans to reduce his workload to only Panthera Limited Company, LLC,  and his farm by mid 2016 at the latest.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Spencer are looking forward to a slower paced life-style in the very near future.

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