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Diane Zirger writes for RS.i℠

Portrait & Data MatrixDiane Zirger resides in Wisconsin with her husband Joe. Together they have five children: three daughters and two sons plus three granddaughters. Diane works full time at Concordia University and never tires of being a strong proponent of organic nutrition, disease prevention and herbal remedies for ailments.
Her education includes an Associate degree in Accounting (1983), a Bachelor degree in Management and Communication (2006), and an MBA concentrating on Management Information Systems (2009). She enlisted in the Wisconsin Air National Guard in 1987 and retired in 2008 with 21.5 years of service focusing on Personnel enlistments, separations, retirements, orderly room administration, Wing education and training, career enhancement, and Personnel Systems Management.

Her hobbies include riding her Vulcan 900, walking and jogging, lifting weights, playing the violin, reading and research, nutrition, cold process soap making, knitting, crocheting, painting still life, food preservation and wild food cultivation.
Diane loves to write and focuses on encouraging students employed in her department at Concordia to pursue a personal education in organic nutrition, with herbal remedies as the first line of defense against the toxic poisoning of our air, water and soil.

Editor's NoteDiane Zirger has graciously consented to provide℠ readers with specific directions for proper canning for long term food storage and also how to find many unexpected but truly wholesome ready-to-eat foods in nature.  From her nature photos, to her easy soap making recipes to her first aid tonics, Diane's materials have something new for everyone to learn...  Diane's "First Aid Remedy"  liniment works as describedThank You, Diane!

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Guest Commentary

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Growing Winter Garlic

Colloidal Silver

Making Colloidal Silver

Food Preservation

Preserving Tomatoes
Jams (Berry)
Pole Beans

First Aid Remedies

A Natural First-Aid Liniment
Making Colloidal Silver

Soap Making

Making moisturizing facial / hand cream
Making Cold Process Soap
Cold Process Soap Addendum

Wild Foods, Forage

A Mid-Spring's Walk (05/13/12)
Harvesting wild Amaranth into flour
Cattails the “Supermarket of the Swamp”
Queen Ann's Lace
World’s Best Pancakes (or Waffles)℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)