Over 1,150 Titles (5.2GB+) on a very high quality 8GB USB Thumb/Flash Drive for only $59.95

Preparing for the Worst: Your Digital Survival Library Protected & Accessible

As the global economy, weather, and overall quality of life continue to decline more and more households have been researching information on how to survive in the event of a traumatic event. Whether it’s lack of food and water or housing and transportation, people really want to know how they and their families can beat the odds and live through the mayhem. If you are currently collecting information for survival, keeping it protected is by far the most important thing to keep in mind which is why many get this digital survival library.

Information in PDF Files

There is tons of valuable information contained about survival and if you’re going to keep all of this information for future use it is best to retain it in a manner that is easy to retrieve. Printing out all those articles could waste money, paper, ink, and time and could also be lost in the midst of certain emergencies. However, by creating a digital survival library you can easily access all the information you need is stored and can be viewed whenever you need it. View the index here.

Carry it With You

You can easily purchase this USB drive containing your digital survival library that is lightweight and comes with a chain attachment that can be clipped to your personal belongings or wrapped around your neck. This means no scrambling around to find important information as it is all right in front of you for use.

It is sad that people have to plan for the inevitable but resources are low and the quality of life certainly seems to be changing for the worst. If you are spending your days preparing for an emergent event then consider having a digital survival library to provide you with an array of information you might need at a moment’s notice.

Now, you can carry your personal survival library anywhere and  everywhere!

  • fits any device with a USB Port and that also has the proper free software installed to read pdf files.
  • Carry over 1,150 titles taking up more than 5.2GB of storage in your pocket or in your vehicle.  
  • No one will ever suspect that you carry such a vast wealth of information right at you finger-tips.  Get an extra-one for your "bug-out" bag!
  • High-Quality 8GB Flash Drive with extra room to add more documents to your portable library..
    • Bright color to help easily locate the unit
    • Moisture resistant design
    • 7.5GB usable storage capacity, thereby leaving more than 2GB of storage for adding your own personal additions to your Survival Library.
  • Click Here to download and/or to view a complete list of titles, pertinent notices and also technical notes in a pdf document. (This document may index less documents than you may actually receive.)
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Format of Files contained hereupon:

The materials contained hereupon are in “Printable Document Format” (.pdf). The user must have a “pdf reader/viewer” installed upon the reading device (computer, tablet, smart-phone, etc.) to view the materials contained hereupon. The below table provides locations of free downloads for various pdf viewers/readers:


Download Location



Linux (KDE Desktops); or, (GNU, Ubuntu, etc.)




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SanDisk Cruzer Switch, Neon Green

Flash/Thumb Drive,  8GB Capacity, USB 2.0+ Fully Compliant

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All operating systems with proper software.

Most Desktops, Most Laptops, Most Tablets, some video devices such as Televisions with the proper USB Port and software, etc..

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Most materials contained hereupon are written in the English Language. Less about five documents are in other languages such as Spanish and French.

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