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This is not a hard pill to swallow

Colonel Daniel E. Christoff

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After much research, I recommend that you should stock up now, before the SHTF.
After the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident in Japan, do you know what people couldn't get at their local stores?
If the Ameren UE Calloway Nuclear plant has an accident in Missouri, do you know what people won't find on the store shelves? 
If a Terroist would it a Major North American City(s) with a brief case nuclear bomb(s), do you know what you won't find at the Pharmacy?
If North Korea, or China, or Russia sends a Nuke our way, do you know what you won't find at Walmart?


Just go to, just kidding but Wal-mart and Walgreen's and Whatever don't even stock it or have very limited supplies on hand today.
This is the Dietary Supplement you need to avoid Thyroid Cancer from Nuclear Fallout.  On March 11, 2011 when the tsunami hit Japan, the health food and vitamin stores here in the Midwest could not order the pills.  Most were being shipped to Japan.
When the New Madrid Vault goes off, and it will, you better be prepared in case there is a leak at Callaway, and the jetstream carries the fallout towards St. Louis, MO.
What I found was "Tri-Iodine", which contains sodium iodide, potassium iodide, and molecular iodide (from Kelp).  The 12.5 mg is what I suggest for your entire family.   One bottle containing 180 Capsules sells for around $60.00.
I  found a local store near me that can ship this product to you as long as you order over $50.00. and they will give discounts on bulk orders.

O'Fallon Nutrition 
David Gaule & Diana Hess, Owners.

Just mention in your order that Colonel Christoff from sent you.
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