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Parent Arrested at School Meeting Over Common Core - Charges Dropped

Parent Arrested at School Meeting Over Common Core-Charges Dropped    |    Lucille Femine
Originally Published in the Las Vegas Guardian Express on 23 September, 2013
Reprinted with written permission of author

Lucille Femine

A video went viral recently, showing a parent, Robert Small, in Baltimore who was arrested for speaking out calmly at a town-hall meeting against the enforcement of the Common Core. He was accused of assault but he states that no such thing occurred and the video of the incident seems to confirm his account. Thankfully, the charges were dropped today, but this incident clearly shows how far things have gone in the wrong direction in this country toward suppression of free speech, to say the least.

At the town meeting, verbal questions were not allowed, only ones written on a piece of paper and submitted. Not all were answered – especially for Robert Small who had the nerve to have an opinion.

The Common Core is a set of country-wide educational standards in Math and Language arts for grades K-12 that has been put together and adopted by 45 states so far. It promises students will be college-ready, but questions have been raised about the plans efficacy, with many parents wondering how educators are certain these goals will be achieved.

The Common Core is presented as voluntary for the states, so why was this man arrested for protesting it or even just questioning it, which he has every right to do? There’s much opposition to this program from professors and educators who speak out against it. Freedom Project Education says many home-school publishers are using this program and warn that it is being funded by The Gates Foundation, the very same foundation that promotes and funds Eugenics.

The oppressive nature of  must-attend, state-run, cookie-cutter education puts a huge damper on enthusiasm to learn anything, not to mention a child’s ability to think creatively. Dr. Milgram and Dr. Stotsky, educational experts who served on the validation committee for this program, refused to sign onto the federally-funded mandate, saying it is subpar; it teaches students what to think, not how to think. Iowa, Indiana and Missouri are also refusing to implement it.

The fast-growing alternative to state-run, compulsory education is home-schooling. There are now two million children being taught outside the school system. People are sensing what’s afoot.

Ron Paul, always at the forefront of liberty and free-thinking, has been very active in creating a home-schooling system, an alternative to the existing state-run school system which children must attend – or else. When the government makes any of our basic needs compulsory, socialism is not too far behind, especially when more and more individuals are being arrested for practicing free speech or, heaven forbid, supporting the constitution.

Besides teaching basics in math, English, history and geography in Dr. Paul’s school, there’s great stress on oral and written communication. Children write their own blogs, make YouTube videos, do web design and participate in Internet marketing. The curriculum is free for grades K-5 and after that only $250 a year, mostly run with PDFs so it saves more money not having to buy books. Dr. Paul uses source material rather than textbooks which have been dumb-downed. The curriculum will also not bend to state regulations which only have the effect of forfeiting parents’ rights to educate their own children. Ron Paul’s viewpoint is, “… children do better when their education is controlled by those who know their unique needs best, rather than by a federal bureaucrat.” He further says, “A common feature of authoritarian regimes is the criminalization of alternatives to government-controlled education.”

With this new, government-created school system having been accepted by 45 states so far, it seems even more urgent we allow parents to educate their own children. It has become an absolute necessity. But people had better move fast because the Common Core is being forced on home-schooling parents as much as the schools.
Sixty-two percent of parents have no idea what the Common Core is and yet it has been implemented in most of the county and behind closed doors – like Obamacare. It is not really known where all the new material for the Common Core came from or who will revise it. There’s been no input from existing educators or schools into the program, no one to approve it or correct anything.

Ben Swann says, “The Common Core program has been heavily scrutinized recently for the fact that its curriculum teaches young children to use emotionally charged language to manipulate others and teaches students how to become community organizers and experts of UN’s Agenda 21.”

The fact that charges were dropped on this parent is a very positive sign that more parents should keep in mind; we can win out in this David vs Goliath scenario called the Common Core and raise children who think freely.

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