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Brett Creamer writes for RS.i℠

Brett Creamer is an award winning graphic designer/photographer with 20 years of experience ( He has a formal education as a classical portrait artist and extensive experience in: marketing, advertising, magazine/newspaper publishing, photography, web design, and technical illustration.  During his career, he has worked as a Creative Director in local government, technology firms, the racing industry, religious institutions and for the U.S. Government (creating web sites for agencies, such as the EPA, DARPA, The Army &The Maritime Administration).

While working as the Creative Director of a Christian mega-church in Florida, he was given the opportunity to oversee a large ministry where he taught verse by verse through the Bible, counseled those in need and organized events and Bible retreats. It was during this time that Brett learned to teach the Word of God and realized how important it is spread the gospel and teach correctly.  In fact, he found that he would have rather worked full time writing and studying the Word of God than designing graphics for the church.

Besides Bretts art and design background, he has also worked as an armed officer for Public Housing Authority for close to 6 years and he also served as an armed plain clothed security officer for his church.

Bretts other hobbies include: spending time with my family, riding motorcycles, auto restoration, camping, shooting, archery, photography and prepping for emergencies.  After living through several hurricanes in Florida, Brett has a desire to train people in emergency preparedness.  You can see his training, tips and tricks videos on YouTube ( 

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