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Big Foot Baloney

Colonel Daniel E. Christoff

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This article will give 10 solid reasons why Big Foot doesn't exist.  Most of my research will come from Wikipedia.
All Civilizations throughout history have had a Boogie Man. A made up fable to talk about sitting around the camp fire at night. This is exactly what Big Foot or Sasquatch is, a fable.


10.  The Lewis and Clark expedition never saw a big foot?

  9.  The building of the Alaskan Highway, they never saw a Big Foot?

        NOTE: Both of these events covered thousands of miles thru North America into the Canadian Wilderness. Think about it.

  8.  We have never found a Big Foot's Gorilla skeleton?

  7.  We have no clear photographs or video of Big Foot?

  6.  The Patterson video is fake?

  5.  Primates have a small Achilles tendon so they limp, not walk fluidly like Humans?

  4.  The  daily Calorie intake for a 600 lb Big Foot would be like eating 75 Big Macs per day.

  3.  There isn't sufficient food resources in the Wilderness to support a Big Foot?

  2.  We have never found any Big Foot Excrement? It's gotta be a huge pile?

   1.  Noah never took a breeding pair of Big Foot's on the ARK?

That's right, if they were around on the Earth prior to Genesis, they are gone now.  So all the TV Specials on finding Big Foot are a waste of time and money.  Think about it?  It's just a fable about the Boogie Man!
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