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Become an Author for℠

Do you have expertise in a field that could help rural residents survive whatever may be coming?  Would you like to share what you know to help others?  If so, please continue reading...

We have a "program" for lack of a better word, which mutually benefits both contributing authors as well as the users of℠.  Authors get the satisfaction of being able to publish their works and at the same time advertise their respective services and/or merchandise with no charge whatsoever other that the time it has taken them to write the material submitted to℠

Benefits for℠ Contributing Authors

  • Personal Satisfaction in knowing that you are helping others!
  • Advertise your Services and/or Products on a major web site for free!
  • Drive targeted traffic to your web site!
  • Raise your web site's ranking on many search engines!
  •℠ POP3 or IMAP Email Account

Benefits for℠ Users

  • Useful, fresh educational information available from experts in specific areas of interest!
  • New resources for services and/or products!

Before applying, please be aware of the following:

We genuinely can not afford to be one day publishing materials, submitting same to search engines, managing permanent links, etc., only to have them pulled the next day by a disgruntled contributor.  This quite literally causes our work load to double - it is not as simple as just deleting content without effecting the entire site and it's search engine ranking(s).

It would actually be less costly to all concerned if the work was never submitted for indexing and publication, regardless of the quality of the materials.

Therefore, we most respectfully ask that if you are not adult enough to separate your professional work from pettiness and disagreements with other authors and/or the management of this site, then, we simply ask that you please do not submit your work. 

Contributing Authors and Potential Contributing Authors; Please Continue Reading... as directly taken from

Materials Prohibitions by Policy℠ will not knowingly upload to the server nor offer for download any of the following materials:

  • Pornographic materials of any nature; nor,
  • material that promotes any unlawful action or acts in violation of United States laws and including, but not limited to the constitution for the United States of America; nor,
  • materials that are copyrighted and are not used in accordance with this site's fair use policy notice.

Contributors' Copyright Status

Status Same As Copyright

The works of all contributing authors and guest editorial writers (contributors) are protected by United States and international copyright laws and treaties.  Furthermore, for the purpose of defining the status of contributors' copyrights,℠ views all such works the same as materials for which the copyright is owned by℠.℠ is under no obligation whatsoever to pursue the prosecution of infringement in any greater extent that it may pursue prosecution of infringement for it's own protected materials.  Pursuance of any case of infringement is at the sole discretion of℠; However, contributors that are published upon℠ are under no restriction whatsoever in their efforts, whether jointly or severally, to prosecute any case or cases of infringement resulting from the publication hereupon.

Right to Publish Without Restriction Assumed by Act of Submission℠ considers the right to publish and/or syndicate without restriction is granted by the act of submission of materials to any domain email address, to the mailing address as found upon's lawful address herein stated, or by the hand delivery of written or recorded media of any type. All and any contributors/submitters do certify by his', by hers' or by theirs' submission of materials that:

  1. the material is original; or,
    1. the material is not protected by current copyright; or,
    2. written permission to republish, in whole or in part, is granted by the lawful copyright holder.
  2. That the stipulations set forth herein are accepted in full.
  3. That the materials are submitted in the lawful name of the submitter (pen names are wholly acceptable for by-lines of submitted materials).
  4. That this page has been reviewed for changes, additions and/or deletions before the submission of materials

Attempted Revocation of's℠ Authority to Publish Submitted Materials:

Contributing Authors and Authors of Guest Editorials, may, at their discretion, request that their respective materials be removed from℠.  Publisher is obligated only to review said request, to respond to said request in the same method which said request was received, and, to make a determination to remove or not to remove based on said requests' content and the veracity of said request.'s℠ decision is final and without explanation of it's reasons for such a decision required.
The following categories of materials will not be removed; to wit:
  • Those materials submitted less than ninety calendar prior to said request for removal; and/or,
  • any materials that management deems to be integral to the smooth operation of the site, the site's search engine listing and other indexing programs by any method whatsoever. 

The mechanics of submitting written materials...

Being accepted as, or invited to, become a contributing author:  To be accepted as a contributing author you must be able to provide original material that you own the copyright for, material that is either directly or indirectly related to surviving whatever may be coming - this includes political commentary.  To apply simply go to our contact form and tell us what you have - it's that simple.

After you are approved as a contributing author, you will be:
  • Provided with instructions on how to send us your written material as well as your advertising graphics, if any and;
  • Receive a℠ email address with all data necessary to integrate into your mail reader.
Upon our receipt of your material, it will be spell checked and properly formatted for℠ web pages.  After posting, you will be provided with the complete URL of your article.  It really is that simple!℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)