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Beauty Products (SHTF)

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Beauty Products

Note: You will see *, **, ***, by some words in this article. These mean there is additional, related information. Scroll to the bottom of the article, before, or after reading, to view that additional information.

After the SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan), there won't be any beauty products left in the stores to buy! However, that doesn't mean you have to go without beauty products, after the SHTF! You just won't be going to town to get what you need. From the SHTF on, you will make whatever you need!
Why even consider now, something so non-essential, as beauty products, when right now, the most concern is for simply surviving the SHTF?
Because this Ole Prepper, deals with not only preparing with surviving the SHTF, but has enough faith in like-minded people to survive and thrive, long after the stores shelves have been ravaged. I have faith in the human spirit, to not only survive, but adapt to a new way of life, and then thrive in that life!

Please read on, you will see! :)

Consider what renewable resources are available, after the SHTF. If you plan well now, and stock up properly, before the SHTF, you will hardly miss a thing afterward! (If you use me, as a prepper example, to aspire to, you better study up on all the ways to create large hidden caches, you can! Then shake a leg to implement those cache plans!) :)
Look at your options now. It will help you be prepared for after the SHTF.
After the SHTF, you will probably have chickens for laying eggs and meat. It would also be good to keep bees. And anyone who knows me, realizes how valuable herbs are, for all sorts of things.
You probably already realize, the multitude of uses for herbs, and that beeswax is used to thicken homemade products. However, you may not know how your chickens can help out with your beauty products!
Most women know that putting an egg yolk on the hair, or in a facial does wonders. But, did you know a chicken has one of the highest collagen contents available?
Collagen is used by the body to build connective tissue, and keep the skin soft. The older we get, the less our bodies make. That is when the wrinkles start!
Beauty products, on store shelves are full of collagen, and readily available nowadays, but after the SHTF, you have to get it from your chickens!
How do you get collagen from chickens? No, it is not from the eggs. You get collagen from the feet! I know. Sorry! I just grossed you out : ).
Chicken feet are actually one of the sources, processed by the cosmetic industry, to extract the collagen. You may have already been rubbing it on your face for years! That is not the only source that is used for collagen extraction, but it has been a source used by the industry, for years. You think 'they' want you to know you have been rubbing chicken feet on your face?!!! Do the research. Find out for yourself! Even at that, chicken collagen is probably the only thing in the chemical anti-wrinkle cream that won't harm you!

Harvest and Use Your Collagen

You will need to butcher chickens, after the SHTF, for food. You will want to save the chicken feet when you do. Wash them well, pack as many in a quart jar, as you can. Cut them up, if need be, to really pack them in tight, to 2 of the lid rim. Cover with water, add 1 tablespoon of salt, for each quart, and process in a pressure canner, on 10 lbs, for 75 minutes.
Once completely cool, the collagen is setting on top of the broth in the jar. Scrape the collagen off the top of the broth.***
Once the collagen has been scraped off the top of the broth, it will need processing again, to purify it.
For collagen from one quart: Put the collagen in 2 cups of fresh water, and add 1 tablespoon of non-iodized salt. Bring to a boil.
Immediately turn the flame on low, and simmer 20 minutes. Let this cool to room temperature. Then put it all in the frig or a cold weather outdoor frig*. Let the collagen get good and hard.
Remove the finished collagen product from the top of the water, after it gets cold.
Now you can keep the collagen in the frig for up to a week, can it, or use it right away, in beauty products you are making.
I prefer to can my finished collagen. I don't multitask, as well as I used to ;).
Now that I am older, I get chicken feet from (a local named store), just for the purpose of canning it. If you want to can collagen now, for later use, it's easy!
Make sure the collagen is dry, with no water on it. This drying can be accomplished by slowly melting the collagen, over a low flame, and letting it simmer in the pan for 10 minutes.
To can the collagen, use small, 1/2 cup canning jars, pack the collagen into the jars, and process in a boiling water bath for 30 minutes. Once canned, it is there, any time you want to make a batch of beauty products.
And Oh! Obviously, you will need to make sure you label and date it.
To use your home canned collagen, in a beauty product recipe, replace part of the oil your recipe calls for, with collagen.
One tablespoon of collagen, in any recipe calling for approximately 120 ounces of oils, is enough.
Re-can what you don't use.
That's it! You have now created your own secret beauty formula!
Just imagine what a valuable barter item this will be, after the SHTF!
All through history, there has been a rich class, and a poor class. The Aztecs had a private, upper class , public courtyard, to keep them separate from the common population. The Greeks and Romans had private bodyguards, to keep the common folk away from them, while out in public. So did the royalty in Europe, all through the middle ages.
Does the same separation of upper and lower class today remind you of those civilizations of old? Seen any convoys yourself, or on television, where the limos roll slowly by, so the common folk lining the streets can get a good look at the upper crust?
It will be the same after the dust settles from the SHTF! The common folk are the ones who have always labored, to keep the beautiful people beautiful! How much do you think your homemade beauty products will be worth to the post SHTF upper crust, when the factories and laboratories are in ruins?
Have I got you wondering, if homemade collagen beauty products, would really be a good barter item? To answer that, let me say this..................Well...........Men might be the dominant rulers in the world, but they gotta keep their ladies happy!
It will be no different, after the SHTF, after the dust settles, and civilization starts to rebuild. Your collagen beauty creams and lotions will sell** in the common market, like the food on the prepper vendors hot pancake wagon, a few stalls down!
You could become a new, Post SHTF Entrepreneur!

Enjoy your silky skin!


Anonymous Ole Prepper

*(For over forty years, I have never lived any place, but what I had, what I call, my cold weather outdoor frig, just outside the kitchen door. It doesn't have to be fancy, it can be a simple box with shelves, and a door that locks, to keep out critters. A cold weather outdoor frig comes in handy when processing products, such as collagen, and when cooking for days, during the holidays!)

**(See my other articles on plastics, and junk. You will need consistent containers, if you barter or sell homemade beauty products, after the SHTF!)

***Note: After canning, you can rinse off the chicken feet, and use them for dog food, if you want. The pressurization makes the bones soft, and harmless to pet stomachs.
But don't give animals the broth. It will be too salty, and can damage your pet's kidneys. Don't put it in your bio-digester, either, as it will slow down the methane process.
Instead, pour the salty broth out on your fenced-in compost pile. The weather will wash the salt out, and dogs can't get to it. (By the way, this is the best compost to use on Asparagus beds, after the last salty water was poured on it a year ago!)

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