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To Be or Not To Be

Anonymous Ole Prepper


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To be social, or to not be social? That is the question! Sorry Mr. Shakespeare, for the hack, but really.........That is the question!

Should we, or shouldn't we be social creatures, now, before the SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan)?

We are social creatures, by nature. It is good to be surrounded by family and friends. Socializing brings us the feeling of being cared about. It makes us feel safe and secure. Being social provides an avenue to share who we are with others. Socializing is fun! But is it the best thing to be a social butterfly in these trying times?

I think you already know the answer to that! With the SHTF so close, it can be detrimental to our well-being, to be who we are! That is, to be the type of like-minded individuals who strive to live a self-sufficient life, if 'the wrong people' find out what we are doing, to be self-sufficient!

Any more, it doesn't seem to matter, or be enough for us to be good people, who live good lives. Those who strive to become self-sufficient, are being targeted by 'the powers that be'!

It is really hard, to 'keep an eye on, and control', those who live outside dependency on the mainstream for their sustenance! Thus, those who strive to become self-sufficient are hindered whenever possible!

So now what? What do we do? Or can we do anything at all?!

The answer is......... You betcha we can do something! We can do a lot!

One thing we can do is keep as a low profile, as possible. It is always better, to keep a low profile, when building a self-sufficient life. Why do I say this? Current events are answering that for me!

Did you hear about the Florida woman, whose self-sufficient garden was destroyed, after she went on local television to share her garden story? (Please do a search for 'Florida woman garden destroyed', for complete details.)

You will find more recent stories like this, which are increasing at an alarming rate!

Nowadays, when socializing, if we are labeled as a prepper or survivalist, by what we say, it can put a bulls eye target on our backs! It puts us in the cross hairs of the 'powers that be"!

The question is, how can we fulfill our need for human companionship and interactment, without putting a target on our backs? Should we be social, or should we not be social?

I feel, we should be social, but use caution, when doing so!

Any more, socializing within our own circle of like-minded people, is about the only way to be safe! Isn't that the way it has always been though? Yes, except now there is a twist! Talking about surviving the SHTF, preparations, etc., should never be spoken of, outside of your group! It can draw unwanted attention from 'the powers that be!"

As an example.........It may be best, when socializing at the local town festival, to keep the conversation to 'Tommy's last baseball game', 'Julie's upcoming school trip', 'Overhauling the old D-17 tractor', and 'Telling the story about the fish that got away!'.

However, if we keep our conversations guarded, outside of our group, that doesn't mean there is no more room, for our group to expand to more like-minded individuals! It simply means, we need to be careful!

What do I mean by this? Well, you might think I am a big talker, because of all I write about, but nothing could be further from the truth! When I am around other people, outside my group, I am mostly a listener! I find a lot of other like-minded people, simply by listening to them!

An example of this is when I was browsing through the meat section at the grocery store. Another lady walked up to the meat display, as I stood there. She kept making soft sucking sounds with her teeth, and slight puffing sounds with her lips, as she turned her head back and forth, scanning the meat display. I could tell she was obviously distressed at the meat prices, so I asked, in a lilting voice "You see anything you can afford?"

We both, immediately and simultaneously burst out laughing!

After that, we stood there talking about the condition of the economy for awhile. She told me she had started to think seriously about taking her son up on his offer to move in with them, on their farm in another state. Her son and daughter-in-law were working hard to become self-sufficient! It ended up, this lady wanted to stay in touch with me. I had made a new, like-minded acquaintance!

We can expand our inner circle of like-minded individuals we are close to, but we need to be cautious about how we do it! We need to listen to others! They will reveal how they view the world around them!

Back in the early '50's, I was born into the land of the free and home of the brave. Now, I live the start of my golden years in the land of the cautious and the home of the brave!

We must all be brave. We must not allow fear to creep in to our hearts. We must do what we must, when we must. If that means becoming cautious about socializing, then that is what we must do.

Remember, from my other articles, I have said people will be different right before, and right after the SHTF? Well........ It is happening right now, and we must adapt, and socialize differently, if are to make it through the SHTF, without drawing the unwanted attention of 'outside interference'!

Yep! It is better to socialize cautiously, than to not socialize! For me, that is no question at all! What about you?...............

I hope this helps you, and those you love!


Anonymous Ole Prepper

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