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Killer "Bugs"!

Anonymous Ole Prepper


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When someone catches a cold, it is said they 'must have picked up a bug'. The 'bugs' we 'pick up' today, are getting more aggressive in the human body. Death tolls are rising more, every year, from these 'bugs' we 'pick up'!
We live in a world, where man has gotten 'too big for his britches'! It isn't a good feeling to know, man has tinkered with nature, to the extent mankind could be wiped out, with genetically altered bacteria, and viruses!
We now live in a world of super bacteria and viruses that have become killer 'bugs'!
You can do your own scientific research, on the net, about bacteria, fungus, molds, and viruses. I won't spout a bunch of high-minded jargon here.
The only thing I am concerned with, is how to protect my family, and animals, right now, and continuing on into after the SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan)! I also want to help you do the same! It takes educating ourselves to do that!
Through my own research, outside of natural aging, and violence done to the human body, there are only a few things that weaken, and kill us.
Those few things are the killer 'bugs' of amoeba, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, molds, and viruses!
Question is........How do we protect ourselves, and our animals from these killer 'bugs', now, before the SHTF, and protect us after the SHTF?
Can we even protect ourselves?!!!!
The answer is yes! We can protect our animals, ourselves, and those we love!
I know some people go all out with creating protective masks and suits, and have even set up separate isolation room rooms, just in case there is a bacterial or viral pandemic.
That may work, to a certain extent, but I have to tell you.......I don't like that much work! :). I also do not have the space, to create such a place. Plus, what about the safety of beloved pets and livestock, you may depend on, for long-term survival?
Many killer 'bugs' do not easily transfer, and remain viable, between humans and animals. But the ones that do, are devastating to both!
I do not trust 'genetic tinkers' to leave well enough alone! There could be more killer 'bugs' that will cross the animal-human barrier!
It was with all this in mind, that many years ago, I began to search for a 'catch all' solution, to protect myself, and those I love, from killer 'bugs'.
I found the solution, but it was way too expensive for me to buy enough of it, for my purposes! So..... I learned how to make and/or grow my own!
Please keep in mind, we cannot depend on modern technology for ever, after the SHTF. However, I am all about, keeping as much useful technology, as we can, for as long as we can, while teaching future generations to do everything from scratch!
I will tell you the solution, to preventing killer 'bugs', from harming you, and those you love, but first, you need to turn to your paper survival library! (See my other article on the Survival Library)
If you don't have a paper survival library, now is the time to make one! You need the following information, to protect yourself, and those you love, from killer 'bugs', now, before the SHTF, and after the SHTF!
Here is How to Go About Saving Yourself and Those You Love from Killer 'Bugs'!:
Download any and all .PDF's you can find on herbal anti-amoebas, anti-fungals, anti-molds, and anti-viruses.
Download all the .PDF's of actual herbals and herbal materia medicas you can.
Find, bookmark, and also print out all the sources you can, for heirloom herbal seeds.
While you still have the .PDF files on your computer, open to the directory, where you put all these files, use the computer option, at the top of the directory box. One-by-one, do a search for amoeba, fungus, mold, parasite, protazoa, and, virus. Write down the herbs that are used to kill these things.
(Note: you can also use this method, with your favorite search engine, on the net. However, you will want paper printouts, for the time when a computer connection will be a thing of the past!)
With the chosen herbs list in hand, use your seed sources, make provisions for growing those herbs, at some point, then order the seeds you need!
Also download every .PDF file you can find on making your own Collodial Silver!
Yep! This is one of the biggest secrets to keeping yourself, and those you love, safe from killer 'bugs'!
Do your own research, on Collodial Silver, for the scientific information, and dosages.
It may seem like a daunting task, at first, but once you begin gathering information, your excitement level will rise, with the anticipation, of knowing you will be saving lives!
Here is a suggestion on gathering .PDF's and other information, you need from the net:

Go to your favorite search engine. Type in:

  • 'How to make a solar collodial silver machine prep surviv pdf'
  • 'Herbs that kill used for dosage bacteria prep surviv pdf'
  • 'Herbs that kill used for dosage virus prep surviv pdf'
  • 'How to make solar laptop sidewalk light prep surviv pdf'*
  • 'How to make solar water distiller prep surviv pdf'
  • 'Herb herbal materia medica prep surviv pdf'
Typing in search information this way, covers all places on the net, where the information is found, and catches all variables of that subject. You will also be able to find everything you need.
Right now, I use a Collodial machine I made, using rechargeable batteries, but I will also have a solar Collodial Silver machine, I made from cheap $1 each, simple sidewalk solar lights, for making Collodial Silver after the SHTF! Cover all your bases!
There are all sorts of vendors, selling pure silver wire on the net. However, for long-term survival, constant use, and large amounts, I suggest purchasing pure silver bullion bars, from ebay, for making your own Collodial Silver machine. You can purchase enough for several lifetimes!
Don't be scared of killer 'bugs'! They can be killed, as soon as they enter your body! All it takes, is a regular routine of taking Collodial Silver now, and on in to after the SHTF!
Stay well, and safe!
I hope this helps you, and those you love!


Anonymous Ole Prepper

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