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Anonymous Ole Prepper writes for RS.i℠

Hi! There!

I am not looking for recognition or fame, so you can call me Anonymous Ole Prepper.
I will be sharing articles with you which I have written for those I love very much. These articles have helped them to deal with the challenging, and ever changing world around them, to be prepared, for whatever may come.
I only use the word 'Prepper', because it is so in vogue today.
Actually, long before I ever heard the word prepper, prepping has been my way of life, since I was twelve years old.
Back in 1965, I lived in a very small town. One day, I met an older lady, named Lula, on my paper route. I ended up doing odd jobs for her, and mowed her yard, on the weekends.
One Saturday, Lula told me that she had a dear friend, named Vida, who lived south of town. Recently Vida had fallen, and while she hadn't broken anything, she was still too sore to mow her own yard.
Lula told me, she had told Vida about me, and could I go out to her house to meet her?
I road my bike, the two and a half miles, to Vida's house, after I finished up work, at Lula's house.
Little did I know, as my bike wheels turned on the country road, that day would also become a turning point in my life.
That day I would meet one of the original Victorian Preppers, who had lived through the Great Depression, of the last century!
Vida was to become my prepper mentor, and a dearly loved, extended family member!
I aspired to grow up to be just like Vida, and I did!
Like Vida, whether I have lived in town, or out in the country, over the years, I have always tried to live a frugal life.
I have endeavored to always be ready for any challenges that may cross my path, as I have traveled through the decades.
From Vida, I learned how to garden, how to make oil from Sunflower seeds, how to save every button and zipper from discarded clothes, how to cook, how to can, how to store food, how to dry food, how to make soap from hardwood ashes, and even how to shoot a shotgun!
Jumping ahead, to 1980, I was living in a handmade, no electricity log cabin (see Bio picture above), with portland/clay floors I poured, cooking on a wood stove, working in the kitchen with cabinets I made from discarded sawmill boards, using running water from a system I created, gardening, hunting to put meat on the table, mushrooming, using herbs to take care of the animals and my children, sewing on a treadle sewing machine, and keeping a milk cow, chickens, goats, a horse, a little red sorrel mule, and rabbits.
During warm weather, I packed a .357 Magnum Blackhawk on one side of my belt, for bears, that would occasionally get into the goats. On the other side of my belt I packed a .22 pistol with snake shot, for the Copperheads that infested our woods.
Back in the day, others dubbed me, 'Cat Balou'. It still makes me chuckle, to this day.
And Yuck! I still jump, a little, when I see a harmless Garter snake out in the garden. And even though it has been 30 years, I still catch myself instinctively reaching for that .22!
It took me over ten years to not think of Copperheads, every time I smelled a cucumber, because that is what Copperheads smell like!Life back then was harder than it should have been, as too much responsibility was put on me. I would never want to live like that again.
However, I do value the experience and wisdom that time gave me.
Back then, I was a greenhorn, doing the best I could with what I had, doing what I thought I was supposed to do. My family was my life.
It wasn't until years later, after we moved from there, that I started learning even more.
I learned that a self-reliant life, does not have to mean working yourself to death, just to provide basic needs!
My hair, now, is not long and a copper auburn. It has turned gray with the years. I can't carry a 90 pound sack of Portland cement, like I used to.
I can't take a chainsaw, cut down a tree, and work up wood, like I used to, but I can still live a self-reliant life.
I can still peel and grate potatoes, dry them, then reconstitute them, and make you some of the best fried hash browns you've ever had!
I can still dry apples, reconstitute them, and make you a slobber drooling apple pie, using Grandma's county fair, blue ribbon winner pie crust!
We might not look like much now, but a lot of us older folk, have life-saving knowledge and secrets locked inside us.
The passing of time has filled the virtual library, in our minds with knowledge and wisdom that can make your life better now, and prepare you to deal with whatever
SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan) scenario comes your way.
Please consider the older folk in your circle, as you go about preparing for the SHTF. Learn from them. They will be more than happy to teach you. Trust me, you will become richer with life-saving wisdom!
As for me, well, this ole mare has a lot of life left in her!
I am doing everything, in my power, to make the transition shock of the SHTF, to be as life-saving as possible for those I love.
They, in turn, appreciate my efforts, my knowledge, and wisdom. I share these experiences, and more, with you in my articles. My articles, have unintentionally become my memoirs, as well as lessons in living a self-reliant life. I hope you find my articles helpful.


Anonymous Ole Prepper

There Was An Ole Prepper

By Anonymous Ole Prepper

There was an Ole Prepper, Who bought a bugout house, That was way too small. She had so much stuff, What would she do with it all?

So she lined her attic with bathroom tissue, As if it were insulation. She stored noodles behind a chalkboard, That would one day teach punctuation! She had searched and searched, For the right mini farm. She found what she needed, It had a large field, And even a barn!

The house would not sleep twenty people, Comfortably at all. So she would stack them in bunks, Like cord wood on a wall!

The Ole Prepper could at least, Do what she now willed. Her family preppers later, Their own houses could build!

The Ole Prepper worked, So none suffered their needs. She stored everything valuable, She even saved seeds!

Her daughter said out of love, "Mom! There is more to talk about, Than all of this! Do you not think, A lot of life you will miss?!"

The Ole Prepper smiled, At her daughter so fare. She enjoys her life, For the first time ever, Her life IS to prepare!

Someday the Ole Prepper knows, Her daughter may see her, As not so boring. Her daughter, at the bugout house, Will safely be snoring!

The Ole Prepper now doubles her effort, To not be so dull. She knows there is that need, During this, Before the Stuff Hits The Fan lull.

The Ole Prepper is finally happy, To be able to live, By her own free will. It brings her peace, To use her years of prepper skill.

There is finally meaning, In the Ole Preppers life. Preparing keeps her heart free, Of death dealing strife!

So regardless of how boring, The Ole Prepper might be. She knows one day others, The reason will see!

The Ole Prepper always, Offers food, Love, kisses, and hugs. She makes for them cider, Put up in jugs!

So the Ole Prepper labors, And diligently sticks to her plan. She will have all as ready as possible, When the Stuff Finally Hits The Fan!

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