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Hiding "Stuff"

Anonymous Ole Prepper


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Let me first apologize, for the cryptic nature, of this article. Hiding 'Stuff', is not something, any sane person, would openly talk specifically about, in public. I will not specify 'Stuff' and other related nouns. It is my hope, that you are already savvy enough to identify my generic terms.


Anyone, who is preparing for the SHTF (Stuff Hitting The Fan), is stocking up what is needed, to keep surviving.
This stocked up 'stuff' is made of glass, metal, organic matter, material, plastic, and a lot of other elements. It will show up, as out of the ordinary, when looked for by high-tech equipment!
All this 'stuff', needs to be kept safe, out of sight, and available to use, anywhere, but especially at your bugout, retreat location. Here is another opportunity to find a solution, to obstacles, that can be created by the SHTF!
The problem is, nowadays, there is high tech equipment, that can almost detect a flea on a dog, from far away, with startling accuracy and clarity!
Even in the event of an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) event, 'some' will have this high tech equipment available to use. Never doubt, for a minute, the 'big boys' don't have protected backup equipment!
'Some' may come to your residence with some of this equipment, to confiscate 'certain items', when the SHTF!
As usual, I won't tell you what to do, but I will point you in the direction of educating yourself!
Find out everything you can, about the capabilities of this modern 'snooping' equipment. Find out their limitations and weaknesses. Find out what blocks their ability to 'see'!
A good, simple, example of this, is a space blanket's ability, to hide body heat from high-tech Flir.
A space blanket is really handy, in the bugout bag, if covert foot travel, is necessary! Just keep it in a bugout bag pocket, the furthest from you body heat, for such use. Covered, you, and your bugout bag, will appear to be the same temperature, as your surroundings!
There is, of course, much more that needs to be kept out of sight, from common, bad guy marauders, and undetectable by 'some people', with 'scanners', sent by 'the big boys'.
The other day, my daughter brought up a very good point.
My daughter and I were sharing .PDF files. I had given her some files on hiding places.
I had previously read the files. The only use, I thought they would be to me, was to get the 'creative juices flowing'! They helped me to 'think out of the box'!
My daughter came to the same conclusion, as I did, when I first read the files. However, I had not said anything previously to her. I simply gave her the files, then told her I had given them to her.
When I gave the files to my daughter, she said, "I don't think I want to use any hiding place, that has been written about".
She is absolutely right! 'They', will know exactly where to look, if the hiding methods already published are used!
Your best chance, at keeping 'stuff', especially metal 'stuff' hidden and undetectable, is to first, 'think out of the box'!
For instance, a metal mess, needs to hide metal 'stuff'! And the metal mess needs to be placed, in such a way, that no one will take, more than a passing glance, or 'sweep', of the mess!
I would suggest, downloading everything you can, about creating hiding places.
However, I do not suggest you use any of the methods you read about.
Instead, let the information, in these files, educate you on construction, then find your own, new, creative places for hiding 'stuff'!
Use what you learn about blocking 'snooping equipment', when creating your hiding places.
There are methods of safeguarding your 'stuff', from detection and prying eyes. Always think 'out of the box', trust your instincts, and have faith in your own ability, to come up with the solutions you need.
All we can do, is do our best, for ourselves, and those we love!
I hope this helps you, and those you love!


Anonymous Ole Prepper

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