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Communal or Village Living?

Anonymous Ole Prepper


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Warning!: This article contains opinionated material. :). It also contains, somewhat cryptic information. My hope is that you are already savvy enough to understand. :). The opinions herein, have been formed, by observing human behavior, and the mess we have made of our world!
Please do not think, just because I prefer to put forth encouraging information that I am not aware of what actions and events will occur, in order to be able to live the life of my opinions.
Since none of us have a choice, other than to prepare, for the SHTF (Stuff Hit The Fan), and for long-term survival, we must contemplate now, how we will do this. Success comes only from maintaining a clear picture, in our minds, of our actions.
Example: Currently, how many young people do you know, who have successfully made their way in the world right now, if they did not have some sort of a previous plan. A successful youth has had education, and mentors. Then the successful young person carried through with their own determination and fortitude, to be successful. Is this not true?
We are the same. We cannot approach the SHTF, like the proverbial 'bull in the china shop'. All that will do, is shorten our lives! We must envision with our minds, obstacles the SHTF will bring, then have the moral fortitude of character, to carry on with determination, to find the solutions. We must envision, how we will live!
What immediately comes to mind, when you hear the term communal living? Old folks retirement community? Cult? Yeah! Me too!
Okay! So we can immediately rule out communal living. But what about rural village living?
That is much more appealing! It also makes more sense, when considering the SHTF!
Most of us, who know the SHTF, will be during our lifetime, are drawn to rural living. This Ole Prepper is a hillbilly, country gal! I have always preferred rural living, to living so close, to another house, I can hear their domestic squabbles!
I have also always preferred living alone, with my family, on a nice piece of rural property. Most people do. Here is the rub though.
We must be adaptable, to first make it through, the SHTF, then strive for long-term survival, after the SHTF! Pre SHTF, the lone wolf life has been ok, up to this point. Post SHTF, the lone wolf cannot survive!
Right now, if you live in the rural countryside, how long does it take, to get help, if someone in your family needs medical attention?
Right now, if you live in a small, rural town, how long does it take, to get help, if someone in your family needs medical attention?
You know, as well as I do, it takes just about as long, to get help, in a small rural town, as it does, to get help, living out in the country! A rural town, might have responders, to get you help, a little faster, but not by much! Real medical help, is still a long way away!
It begs the question. What's wrong with this picture?
We can't live like that, post SHTF! There probably won't be functional hospitals open, for quite some time! Medical attention will be needed, right away!
This is another one of those opportunities, to find a solution, to obstacles that will be caused, by the SHTF! There is always a solution! We simply need, to 'think out of the box!
Since post SHTF, communal living is out, that leaves only post SHTF, village living, as the solution, to getting help right away, when it is direly needed.
Let's look at current village living, to find the solution, to post SHTF village living. There are some issues, to consider.
Should we develop village living, based on today's current small town, and village living?
Absolutely not! Why? Because today's current models of small towns, and villages, are simply another form of the suburbs, of larger cities!
Today's towns and villages, are places where, mostly, the average working classes live. People live there, to raise their children, where it is more quiet, and the crime rate is lower. Most, who live there, drive to the city to work.
Most village, and rural town houses, are crammed together, just like in the city. When the SHTF, could each family survive, long-term, on the small space most have? Of course not!
How many current villages, and rural towns, have all the qualified people needed, for long term survival, living in their community?
Oh! Wait! Did I use the word community? That word is associated with commute, and communal! Most commute themselves out, to work! Most perhaps only share a quick stop, post office, a small grocery store, maybe a hardware store, a bank, if big enough, a small cafe, and at least one, if not several bars, communally!
Currently, town folk work for money, to buy everything they need! Oh! Yes,.... some have gardens, and some tinker in garages, but for the most part, these places will be death traps, when the SHTF! We certainly should not model our post SHTF lives, after current town and village living!
So how do we model our lives, for post SHTF living? To answer that, we need to look, at what our post SHTF village needs will be!
We will need, to have those who have alternative and current medical knowledge. Their house needs to have at least, a small 'hospital' facility built on to it.
Some modern medicines, may be available, for awhile, after the SHTF, if they are stocked up now, pre SHTF, but eventually they will run out. Alternative herbal medicine will eventually be all we have, so the village 'Doc' needs that knowledge!
Today, herbalism is played down, to lower confidence in it, but many drugs are derived from herbs! Yes! The village 'Doc' will be able to use herbal anesthesia for stitches! :).
To find out more, turn to your SHTF Library! Focus on Medica Materia PDF's for this. Medic Materia, is the old way of spelling, use that, to find what you need. (See my article, 'SHTF-Poor Man's Survival Library, and the digital library, this site offers for sale, for obtaining the material you need.)
We need those who are skilled in protection. We won't be able to pick up the phone, and dial 911!
We need those who are skilled in blacksmithing. The local hardware store shelves will be empty!
We need those who are good at mechanics, metal work, and machine fabrication. While we won't be able to buy gasoline any more, current machines, can be converted to run on alternative fuels, such as wood gas! Eventually though, the current machines will break down, beyond use. New ones will need to be built! A good mechanic works on the machines. A good machinist creates the parts, for machines!
We need those who have alternative herbal, and current veterinary medical skills. Our animals will need care.
So we won't have to live, in the dark ages, we need those who are skilled in alternative electric systems, including creating hydro and wind systems, made from scavenged junk. (Yes! It is possible! Believe me!)
We need those who are skilled at building, construction, dentistry, hunting, teaching children, masonry, and other primitive skills. These types of skills, will mean the difference between returning to the dark ages, and being able to continue life, to live life to its fullest!
But most of all, we need those, who have the mindset, of working together, as a group, so all benefit. I know, that sounds like communal living, but it's not. Please read on.
There is no room, post SHTF, to emulate current politics. The village should emulate Native Americans, where by a council of the older, and wise oversee, and make decisions, that benefit all. Everyone would, of course be kept informed, and have a say, but do you want to handle such things as how to get water, to each individual home, and approach those village members, who are best qualified to work on the project? Of course not!
You want to get the wild hog trap finished! You don't have time for such things! The village council will though!
There is no room, for those who have the 'If all else fails, read instructions' attitude! Resources, will be precious! There will be no room for messing up a project because someone thinks they know it all! We all need to continue to learn from mentors, and our SHTF Survival Library!
The SHTF, will leave a lot of orphans. We need to take them into our personal families.
Have I got your head swimming yet? Sorry. We all have a lot of responsibility on us. The pressure is on, to prepare ourselves, by adapting, in a way, we have previously never, even thought of before, if we are to survive, long-term, post SHTF!
Village living, will eventually, become more peaceful, after the SHTF. What we need to do now, is envision, a brighter future, then work toward, that brighter future, as a goal! It will keep us focused, and help us get through the horrors, the SHTF can bring!
If you have not formed a like-minded group, now is the time to do it. Don't be a lone wolf, they don't survive very long!
Someone in your group, may have rural property, they are willing to share, to create a post SHTF village, if the property is large enough.
If no one in your group, has property, perhaps everyone, can pitch in, to purchase property! If this is the case, please keep dominance, childish bickering, and entitlement attitudes out of it, otherwise, it is doomed, from the beginning!
If neither property option above, is available prepare what you must, as a group, but in your individual homes, using post SHTF village values. You will at least be prepared to deal and treat each other, as will be needed in a post SHTF village living. After the SHTF, there will be a lot of abandoned property!
Here are some suggestions, for a post SHTF village, that will keep everyone satisfied with basic needs, give privacy, allow families to live their own, separate lives, and still be close enough to neighbors, to help each other out.
Each family, lives in their own house, on one acre of land. This is enough room, to have small livestock, a greenhouse, with a biogas plant, and have not only the house, but a workshop, and small domestic critter housing.
You never may want to become the village cobbler and make shoes! You will need your own workshop!
One acre is also enough room, for each family, to grow most of their own food! For instance, some will like Rutabagas, and can grow them. Others may not like Rutabagas, so they plant and grow, what they want!
All work together, like the old-fashioned barn raising days, to get houses, and other animal and human structures built.
The village needs central buildings for things, such as a large barn for grain and hay storage, blacksmithing, butchering domestic and wild meat sources, mechanical work, cane and sugar beet syrup processing, grain mill, etc.
The village also needs a central building for meetings, a library, and other village activities. (This is the part, where I was going to tell you, the village central building could also show movies, from the village library, at least to this generation, but you probably wouldn't believe me!). :-).
Currently, second-hand stores, are a good place to get tons of paper books! We also need to stock up on, and preserve the printed word! Even if a post SHTF child reads a ragged copy of 'Huckleberry Finn', they will still be able to get it at the village library!

Example for Field Crop Needs:

The village needs a field, big enough, to plant wheat, for everyone in the village. It takes a 150' x 50' field of wheat, to feed a family of four, for a year. Multiply that, by however many people, live in the post SHTF village. That is the size wheat field, the village needs. All able-bodied men, work the fields, together to process the wheat, and each family takes what is needed, according to the number of people, in their household.

Wheat is not the only field needed. This is one of the reasons why studying your SHTF Survival Library now, is so important! Your group, will have to figure out what village field crops you, and your animals will need, to sustain you for at least one year, two years or more are better, in case of a bad crop year! Acreage is a huge factor!
For years, there has been a very popular book called, 'Five Acres and Independence'. That is a good book, to use, as a guide, to figuring out, how many people, the acreage you have available, will support.
Please keep in mind, the post SHTF orphans, that will be coming into your families lives, and plan according for them also. A family with two biological children, may end up with two more SHTF orphaned children!
All this, is just a basic example, of what we need to seriously be considering, as our new lifestyle, post SHTF. We need to adapt our thinking, and shed any of the remnants we have, of the 'me first', and 'I'm entitled' attitudes, that we are influenced and surrounded by today!
Parents need to look at their children's education, in a different light. Children need to work with mentors, as they are growing up, to become skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, and mentors of the future.
Children need to be taught survival skills. (See my article 'SHTF-Common Sense for Survival'). Children need to respect their elders, and not spout things like, "You're not the boss of me!", when a mentor is teaching them.
Skilled adults need to make themselves available to children as mentors, whether they are blood related or not.
Each post SHTF family, needs to be extended family, to everyone else in the village. Remember, we are not modeling a post SHTF village, by today's standards. The post SHTF village, should not be a place, where each family always lives isolated from their neighbor, as it is today.
We need to treat each other, as people did, in an older time, when people still had barn raisings. (See my article 'SHTF-Old-Fashioned Barn Raising,)
It is only by adapting, and learning to return, to days, when we all respected each other more, that any of us will survive long-term, after the SHTF!
Long before the famous states woman, wrote in her 1996 book, 'It takes a village to raise a child', Africans have been saying that, and living it, for hundreds of years!
It DOES take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village, to raise us all!
I hope this helps you, and those you love.


Anonymous Ole Prepper


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