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Practical Common Sense for Survival

Anonymous Ole Prepper


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Note: This article is rated PG, for Parental Goodness. Some paragraphs may be objectionable to some. It is advised to read this with a person of the older generation, who has raised children. :)
I start this article off with a little, light-hearted humor because some of what I write here, may be a hard pill to swallow. A little sugar always helps the medicine go down! :)
Please do not think I am pointing fingers. I am not. I am writing this article because of the heart-wrenching observations I have made, when out and about in public. With that said, here is what I know:

History always repeats itself and human nature never changes. We live in a time when we need to develop new skills to survive.
I have experienced a lot, and have had basic survival skills for many years now. Thankfully, I have never had to use the more desperate skills like eating grubs and worms. However, it is best to know how to provide for yourself and literally live off the land.
For as long as I can, I prefer and will use the more sophisticated homesteading, organizational, common sense, and survival skills, I have developed over the years. Who wouldn't?
There are not many these days who can, or rather are willing, to walk away from our modern way of living, even though they know the SHTF (Stuff Hit The Fan) will happen during their lifetime. Why?
Because for the last eighty years we have been raised, and grown accustomed to modern conveniences, pure and simple.
The general population's parents and grandparents, and great grandparents, have had a child raising philosophy, of giving their children what they never had. These past generations worked themselves to death, and sacrificed to give everything they could to their children. Parents mean well, for their children, and they do, what they do, for their children, out of love. However, dealing with our children in this manner has caused obstacles, to now overcome, if we and our children are to survive the SHTF! It has created an opportunity to train for long-term survival!
I worked hard, to provide for my children too. I gave them some of what they wanted, but only up to a point. Mine didn't get everything they wanted, and they knew better than to throw a fit to get it! A good deal of children are not raised like I raised mine. It is evident, by what I see, out in public. Raising children, and giving them whatever they want, when they want it, has created a huge problem, when it comes to survival!
Look honestly, at the latest generation of children. Are they likely to survive the SHTF? Can they fend for themselves? After the SHTF, will they be oblivious to the dangers around them, or would they be cautious? If they saw bad guys, from cover, would they go screaming at the top of their lungs and end up with a bullet in them?
I am sorry to be so blunt, but I want my grandchildren to live, after the SHTF, even if I am not here! How our children are trained NOW, before the SHTF, literally means life or death for them!
Most of our children in this generation have no real survival skills. You think what I say is out of line? Ok. Try this......
Compare what you know would be the response of a child from this generation, if they saw bad guys in front of their house, pointing guns at them, to a pioneer child in the 1800's who had Indians* shooting at them.
One of the first things parents learned when they went out west, in the old days, was to teach their children not to panic and scream when they saw Indians.* Children were also taught to do exactly what they were told, immediately, and not stand there and question parental authority.
Many of these pioneer children were saved, and lived to tell the tale, if they obeyed as they should. Many even saved siblings lives because of obedience, even though their parents did not live through an attack. Many of the children who did not obey were killed almost instantly. Why? Because a horrible common thread runs through people who are the attackers, that is, kill the kid to shut them up, to stop that screaming alarm. That makes cold chills run down my spine!
It would behoove our modern generation of parents to look at how the pioneers trained their children, and then train this generation of children to survive!
No generation of children has ever immediately responded well to survival training, as it involves curbing their ingrained, instant gratification responses, but here is the rub. Training the child to control and redirect this negative trait, we are all born with, along with training a child to be patient, is a parent's duty!
Sad thing is, most parents don't know how to train their children for survival, because they were not trained! What we have ended up with is the latest generation of parents who themselves won't listen, and who feel entitled to everything! This includes, them feeling entitled to live the so called good life, and their children expect even more!
This has been going on, especially in this country, for over eighty years! Each generation has expected more and more! The sad thing is, these people, including the children, who feel so entitled, will be some of the first to die, when confronted with violent attackers.
All of us, who are parents, love our children. Sometimes though, we get so caught up in the world around us, to just provide for our families, that some very basic needs slip our minds. Disciplining our children can be one of the things that slips through the cracks.
The type of discipline I refer to, is not taking away the video game, until the child cleans up their room. Although, that is an excellent discipline tool! The discipline I am referring to, is survival training!
I do not mean, survival training, where some take the child out in the woods, and force them to eat grubs, that is monstrous! Although, teaching a child where to find grubs to eat, if they ever need to, is good survival training! Believe it or not, you and your child will bond over all the, 'Oh! Gross!', 'Ooooo! Yuck! That's disgusting!', and 'I'm not eating that!'
The first basic survival training, I am talking about is, for the child to learn not to whine, and cry, to get what they want! It is to listen to their parents. This is the foundation, for basic survival training a child. All the other survival skills, can be built upon this foundation, and come in due time.
A child's survival training should begin in the home, by not giving them everything they want. You must say, 'No!', on occasion, and then not let a tantrum, or the 'poor me' act, make you give in! Be consistent with discipline! It will get better, I promise!
The child needs to know when you say, 'Stop!' They will freeze in their tracks! The child needs to know when you say, 'Shush!', they will not keep jabbering. These are very basic, simple disciplines, parents can teach their children.
I feel so sad, when out in public, by what I see, every time I go out! A parent says, 'Stop!'.............The kid gets even more crazy! A parent says, 'Shush!'..............The kid get even louder! My heart breaks for that family!
Good discipline means teaching the child the difference between bribery and reward. Good discipline for children is just practical, common sense! What do I mean? I will illustrate what I mean with two examples:

1st Example: The child has no discipline, you say, 'Shush!', the child won't shush. You tell them they can have some gummy bears if they will shush. Deal! You give gummy bears to the child, right then and there, or buy some right there in the store. The child shushes. Next time the child throws a hissy fit, it is even worse, right? You betcha! Plus, the child has learned a new skill alright.......The child has learned the terrible skill of manipulating others to get what they want!

2nd Example: The child has no discipline, you say, 'Shush!', the child won't shush. You tell them, they can have gummy bears, but they must first shush! The screaming gets louder! You ignore the child's attempt to manipulate you. The screaming continues, but weakens a little. Make your move! Repeat and reinforce. If they 'Shush', they can have gummy bears, if they do not 'Shush', they cannot have gummy bears.

Example two is proper discipline, for a toddler or young child, just learning to make their way in the world. How you, the parent deals, with either discipline or no discipline, is your responsibility. I am not saying it will be easy, if you choose proper discipline. You may have to remove yourself and your child from public, until the tantrum subsides, and the child complies, but proper discipline does work!
The secret to a well trained child, is for the parent to be consistent with their discipline! It is just common sense! Keep it up! You will be successful! The rewards you will receive are a well-behaved child, whose chances for survival, you will have increased by 100%!
The child must be taught there are either consequences or rewards for their behavior! They need to listen to what you say. It will save their life, and probably yours, when the SHTF! It is from this basic start that your child's survival education can continue because NOW they will listen to you!
If you have access to woods, long walks are fun and relaxing for the whole family. Even a park in the city will work! This can be the beginning of practical common sense for survival. This is a real life way to teach the child what it is like to walk out in the woods. Even a city park has trees, and bugs, and dirt. There is no law against showing a child how to tie trap knots, and setting up a trap for catching food, in a city park, as long as you trigger it right there, just to show the child how it works, and immediately dismantle it!
There is no law, against showing your child how to set a trap for pigeons, in the city, so you will know the child can get food, if you aren't around, for some reason. That same child, raised in the city, can be taught how to set rabbit, and other traps, for when they can get out of the city. This is providing for your child's future! With this type of skill set, your child has a better chance at survival, than handing them the keys to a new car, when they turn 16!
It doesn't matter where you live. Survival training for yourself, and your child is imperative!
You can add discipline training to your child's survival skills, as they develop an appreciation for the outdoors. Teach yourself how to survive out on the bugout trail, and you can share these skills with your child!
Teach yourself long-term survival skills, then involve your child in those endeavors. Before long, you will have a well-behaved child. You will have a child who excitedly runs to where you are, "Mommy (or Daddy!)!", the child exclaims, "When we go to the store, can we get some more coloring books, and crayons for the stockup supplies?"
Practical common sense for survival, can not only save your life, it can save your children's life, and their children's lives! Let's be the first generation, the SHTF generation, who breaks the death dealing cycle of not having a good foundation for proper survival skills!

I hope this helps you and your family.


Anonymous Ole Prepper

*(Native Americans is correct term today. I mean no disrespect, by using the term Indian. I use that term only in the vernacular of an older time, to make a point.)

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