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The intent of this article, is to hopefully, impart a positive 'light at the end of the tunnel', on life after the SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan).
This Ole Prepper doesn't view life as having problems. I look at life as always having a solution to obstacles!
It is the same with bartering, after the SHTF. There will be solutions to the obstacles bartering may bring, after the SHTF.
The key to success is our mental attitude now on bartering, needs to be a realistic one, before the SHTF!
There will be new obstacles to bartering, after the SHTF. How we prepare ourselves mentally, before the SHTF, may very well determine how long we survive, after the SHTF!
Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about bartering, in the prepper and survival communities.
Bartering goes on every day, even now, before the SHTF. That's great, and it can even be fun, as it is today!
Years ago, a neighbor tasted my homemade bread, baked in a wood cook stove oven. It wasn't hard, after that, to convince the neighbor to take four loaves of my homemade bread in trade, for five laying hens, and one rooster!
Bartering is pretty easy, and simple right now, before the SHTF. Right now, people are fairly agreeable and calm. Questions easy, or rather, how safe, will it be to barter, after the SHTF?
My concerns, in regard to bartering, are not so much about it going on now, as how and when it goes on, after the SHTF! It is something we need to consider now, before the SHTF!
The best time to barter, after the SHTF is when life has settled down somewhat. When you have something that fills a need.
Sadly, some are misguided, on the best time to barter, after the SHTF.
I have heard others say they keep candy bars, and extra MRE's in their bugout bag, to trade, when bugging out.
Seriously?!!!!! Everyone will be in self-preservation mode, when the SHTF, and for awhile afterwards!
Why should someone else give you something for candy bars or MRE's, when they can just take it from you?
Besides, when bugging out, other people should be avoided, like the plague! (That could be a literal plague.)
During, and right after the SHTF, is absolutely NOT a good time to barter!
However, once some semblance of civilized behavior has returned to mankind, it will then be safe to barter!
Those who are ready to bugout, have some idea of a safe haven, or retreat where they are going. It is there, at the final destination, secret, hidden caches of initial bartering items should be kept.
It should also go, without saying, that secret, hidden cache of initial bartering items should known about, outside your group!
Everyone has their own ideas of what to stockpile to barter, me included.
After the SHTF, people will want goodies, as well as essentials.
A good way to approach stocking up for your group's needs, and for bartering, is to think of what items will be the first, to disappear from the grocery store shelves.
This would include anything primarily shipped into the country. There are many things we take for granted right now, but after the SHTF, it will be a different story.

A word of caution.....

After the SHTF, when someone says they would kill for a cup of coffee, they may be serious! That is why you should wait to barter. When you do decide it is safe to barter, here are some suggestions:
Things such as cocoa, coffee, sugar, and tea will be in great demand.
Over-the-counter drugs for pain will be in demand.
What you grow, from heirloom seeds, will be in demand. That is to name, just a few items.
You can pull long lists of suggested items to barter, from the net. My aim is not to tell you what to stockpile for bartering. My aim is to hopefully, help you be safer, after the SHTF, when you do barter!
It would be wise, to present yourself, as the middle man, when bartering, after the SHTF. Say you take some coffee and sugar to barter. You don't want anyone following you home, to get more of where that came from!
Yes, there will come a time, after the SHTF, when things will settle down. However, deprivation will prevail, for most people, for a very long time. There will also be those among us, who prey on others to live.
We cannot save everyone. We cannot trust everyone. I wish it were otherwise, but it won't be.
Our lives will return to days, similar to the conduct of the 1800's, wild west. We will need to be smart. We will need to be cautious. We will need to trust only a few!
Now is a good time, to practice bartering, if you are unfamiliar with it. Learn body language, watch pupil dilation, and changes in skin tone, around the neck and ears. All these things tell you if you will have a deal, or not.
Practice your 'I could care less' face. Always conduct yourself, that presents you, as you being in control. Keep eye contact, when offering your deal. Keep your body in a firm, but nonagressive stance.
Bartering, after the SHTF, may be beneficial to your group, and to others. But, it will be different, than it is today. Use good judgment, after the SHTF, and you can overcome any obstacles bartering may bring.

I hope this helps you, and those you love!


Anonymous Ole Prepper

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